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School. It’s started. And how! Zoom school, home school, schoology, e-learning, virtual school, in-person school. Whew!

Those days are well in the past for lots of us but we have grandtots who are in the scholarly stratosphere from pre-K to grad school and we feel the emotions of the roller coaster that students, parents and teachers are now on regarding school.

I looked for recipes today that I thought would be appealing and easy to make — not on a busy weekday morning, but sometime where there is breathing room to be in the kitchen for a few minutes.

The standard for monkey bread is to layer several stacks of biscuit dough into a tube pan, covered with a syrupy sauce. I was never certain any of the inner pieces were baking through.

Baking in a single layer somewhat eliminates that pull-and-peek motion you have to employ for the bundt pan version to see if the inside is still “doughy.”

Chili mac is a time-honored dish to set before picky palates. French’s makes it easy with just a few ingredients and their seasoning packet. There isn’t any standing over a pot or simmering for hours. A mixing of ingredients and 20 minutes is all you need.

The ground beef can be ground turkey, ground chicken, a soy meat crumble or substituted with chopped squash, mushrooms or more beans. Whatever your family likes.

The pepperoni bites are best served hot from the oven. You might remember them, not only as an after-school snack but also as an appetizer or party food when you are able to have a gathering. I won’t tell if you make them just for yourself alone — no crowd.

They are unassuming, just another way of having a pepperoni pizza, but with a couple of twists: individual servings, made with puff pastry. You will look like a fancy cook and delight everyone when they bite into the crisp and flaky pastry.

You don’t have to stick with pepperoni. Crumbled cooked Italian sausage would work well. Or you could just go for cheese and sauce alone.

The keep-it-simple recipes today may give you some ideas if you are at a “what to make” impasse.

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