French love: An Antique Makeover To Your Home

Turning your home into a dream French cottage is not as hard as you think it is. There are only a few steps that you need to take to get the results that you want, and each of those steps can be taken at any time. You could do the whole makeover at one time, or you could do little things here and there that will make your home look a little more French. Use the steps below to turn your home in a dreamscape that you could not get any other way.

  1. The Floors

You must make sure that you have nice floors in your home that people will take notice of the moment that they come into the house. This is a very good way to make the house look bigger, and you could bring in hardwoods that look like they were cut just outside Paris. You need something that is dark and rich. You need hardwood floors that are ways to take care of, and you must have them installed by a professional.

  1. Softer Light

Your French cottage should get some nice sunlight during the day, but you also need recessed lights that make the house look that much more exciting. Lighting & interior design is one of the most important things in any house. Because of this, you need to be sure that you have lights hidden around the house where they are not so obvious. You must find a lighting contractor who will install the lights in ways that they are not obvious at all. The technician can create new locations for fixtures, and they can hide all the wires for these lights.

  1. Paint

You must paint your home in soft colours that people will take notice of when they come through. Most people who are trying to make their home more beautiful should turn to the pastel colours that they might have imagined in a French landscape. You could paint every room a different, and you will find that the house looks much nicer when you are using colours that make you think of the Impressionist period.

  1. Furniture

The furniture that you put in the house can give you an air of elegance that you will not get in any other place. The majority of people who pick furniture will find that they need to go for the most rustic pieces they can think of. Most people who are trying to have a good time when making their home into a French cottage should not only focus on the furniture that is meant for the French style. Anything that is rustic will look good in a house like this, and you should also consider what you can do to make it feel warmer.

  1. The Kitchen

You should create a much more rustic kitchen that includes tone and appliances that have the facade of the old days. People who live in these old cottages often have old appliances, and you could choose new appliances that are made in the colours from long ago. You could make the fridge look like an icebox, and you might make the sink look like the farmer’s sink that you would have gotten long ago. All these little things make your home look much more attractive while making the kitchen more fun to use.

  1. Conclusion

The best thing that you can do is find a decorator who knows how to bring all these pieces together in a home that will reflect your love for the French countryside. You are looking for a relaxed and rustic style that will stun all your guests.