Franklin interior designer creates backyard offices

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Williamson County interior designer has come up with a unique way to get you out of the house as you continue working from home.

Anna Palumbo of Red Triangle Interior Design in Franklin believes she has solved the problem of separating work life from home life. She has designed backyard offices.

They are small structures designed to fit in your yard.

She said she knew something had to be done when she began having to share a work-from-home space with her husband earlier this year.

“It’s tough being in the same office or same home the whole time with your spouse,” Palumbo said. “I was kicked out of the office and was working from the dining room table.”

She hopes the idea of walking to this separate space each day will help people focus on work, and lead to fewer distractions.

“You’d still have a commute. So you’d have that differentiation between your home life and your work life,” Palumbo explained.”Then you can be productive, do what you need for work. Take a lunch, leave that space, go back home.”

She said being more productive during work hours ultimately could give families more time for other things later, like walking the dog or helping your child with school work.

Palumbo said her designs have already gotten interest from people as far away as Los Angeles.

If you’re curious about the cost, she said just buying the design will cost $1,500. But, if you want it built for you here in Middle Tennessee, the cost can go as high as $35,000.

She said she takes every person into consideration when designing office space.

“I like to sit down with a person and really understand them, ask how they work, ask what makes them most productive and then put that together with good design,” she said.

Palumbo said the structures are useful even if you go back to working at an office. It can easily be turned into a man cave, she-shed, recording studio, or anything else you’d like it to be.

Palumbo owns Red Triangle Interior Designs in Franklin. She said the name of her business goes hand-in-hand with how she wants her customers to feel. Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, her father built a red pyramid barn for her to stand under while waiting for the bus. She said when she would see it every day, it would bring her comfort and make her feel welcomed home. That’s what she said she hopes to bring to customers.

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