Five Easy Home Remedies To Combat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Under Control

Home Remedies for PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is quite common these days, it is a condition where women develop small cysts in their ovaries. PCOS is not really a harmful condition, but it can lead to many hormonal changes in women. To cure the condition or to keep it under control, women often make lifestyle changes by either cleaning up their diets, adding exercise to their routine, or taking medications. But what if there are home remedies to keep a tab on the condition? Also Read – Benefits of Ginger in COVID-19: Fight Lung Infection By Adding Ginger in Kadha or Tea

We have got the list of tried-and-tested kitchen ingredients which will help you keep PCOS under control. Just add them to your daily diet and let them cure you. Also Read – Benefits of Cinnamon in COVID-19: How it Fights Lung Infections And Boosts Immunity

  1. Methi Dana or Fenugreek

It is one of the potent remedies to get PCOS under control. Fenugreek has properties that can reduce cyst size and facilitate the consumption of normal menstrual cycle in women suffering from PCOS. Also Read – This Rare Indian Mushroom Costs Rs 30,000 Per Kg And is Grown in The Himalayas – Know Everything

How to have it- Soak the Fenugreek overnight or for 5-6 hours in water and have it thrice a day. If not, one can also try cooked methi leaves.

  1. Cinnamon and Honey

Research has proven that cinnamon can help in regulating the menstrual cycle and is an effective treatment for PCOS.

How to have it: 1 teaspoon Cinnamon and 1 teaspoon Honey, combine the two-ingredient and ingest it. Have this once every day.

  1. Flaxseeds

These seeds are rich in fibre, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids and lignans, it is a protein which helps in reducing the testosterone in women’s body.

How to have it: Have it with water or add it to your breakfast.

  1. Bitter Gourd

This veggie brings insulin and glucose level under check. Karela or Bitter Gourd also helps in weight loss.

How to have it: Beat the Karela and have it in the form of a juice or eat it as a veggie (sabzi) with a chappati.

  1. Amla

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and has antioxidants which not just control blood sugar levels but also improve fertility in women.

How to have it: Have it in the form of juice or consume it with a yogurt

It worked for us, let us know if it works for you?

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