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The mirror you’re looking at every day is a big deal!Good bathroom mirror not only shows clear, reflect true, service life is long, return not easy bad. A stylish, clear bathroom mirror will make you feel better. So, what kind of mirror should the bathroom choose? Following the bathroom mirror factory to understand:

Bathroom mirror selection:

Framed or unframed bathroom mirror who is better

Will tell from the convenience that use and maintain, the bathroom mirror without a frame is better than the design that has frame, because the inside of the bathroom often is in wet condition, material of frame such as woodiness, leather uses time after long easy occurrence changes; and tell from beautiful angle, the bathroom mirror that has a frame has an advantage over rimless mirror again, but the moistureproof quality that has taller requirement to the material of frame, the plating film circumstance that should notice frame when buying.

Anti-fog bathroom mirror is it necessary to buy:

Special antifogging bathroom mirror, the price is expensive and the practical to the bathroom is not big, do not have the necessity that buys commonly, the mirror of high grade has basic antifogging antirust function commonly.

If the bathroom environment is too much water vapor, you can choose and buy an anti-fog film flat paste in the bath mirror;We can also be dishwashing liquid or soapy water daub on the mirror, can effectively prevent water vapor in the mirror condensation, play the role of anti-fog.

On the discrimination of two-sided mirror:

The perspective direction of the double-sided mirror is determined by the intensity of the light.At night, when the indoor lights are turned on, the outdoor can see the indoor, and the indoor can’t see the outdoor. Some people like to do floor mirror in the bathroom, also can use this kind of mirror.

Distinguish bathroom mirror is double sided mirror to have very simple and effective method, stick small make up mirror to go up to this mirror contrastive the face that sees oneself (or same object), the word of double face mirror image can compare small make up mirror brightness is much darker.

Bathroom mirror size:

Install the mirror in toilet had better choose dimension as far as possible big dot, because if people are in when looking in the mirror, the upper part of the head has very big space if, mean career piece is bright. But also should not be too large, too much space will easily make people in daydreaming. Absolutely cannot choose the kind of mirror that can see a face only, it is very disadvantageous to the development of the career of reside. From geomantic say, go up, on certain level, the mirror in toilet is bigger, the more good luck to the person that reside.

Shape of bathroom mirror:

The mirror in toilet suggests everybody had better choose square most appropriate, this is because the thing of square represents balance and orderly. Remember not to use a mirror with sharp edges, such as a diamond or polygon mirror. If say square mirror and round wash one’s hands stage collocation go up appropriate lamplight, say to achieve a kind of balance on geomantic, in addition, the mirror that USES circular mirror and elliptic in toilet is ok.

Size of bathroom mirror:

When decorating the mirror in toilet, what need to notice is, had better use complete big mirror, can take a clear image is best.Do not choose that kind of the image that reflects is ambiguous the mirror that a bit is fragmental even, often the word that reflects this kind of mirror can affect the health of the user easily, still bring about easily uneasy, luck also can drop thereby.

The above is the introduction of what kind of mirror to choose for the bathroom. We are a bathroom mirror supplier in China. Our products include: led lights bathroom mirror, led bathroom mirror with clock, led wall bathroom mirror, etc.

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