Edna White Garden Celebrates Sunday Garden Walk with Friday Show

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The Edna White Community Garden will host local musical artists “A Week Back” – a.k.a. Chuck & John – Friday evening at 7:30.

This is another entry in Lizzie Benner’s Mixology musical series.

Friday’s event draws further attention to Sunday’s inaugural Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk, featuring 10 residential gardens, as well as novel gardens at schools, churches and landmark stops on the tour.

Edna White Garden is the first stop on Sunday’s tour – one of the city’s largest community gardens. The award-winning prairie-style community garden features multiple vegetable beds, active beehives, a walk-up food pantry, butterfly harvesting and a yoga space, which will host a class at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

The garden serves as a “sneak peak” into beautiful, historic Beverly/Morgan Park, a community of green thumbs with lush, vibrant residential gardens and adopted green spaces adjacent to train stations, schools and areas in need of attention.

Edna White Garden Executive Director Kathy Figel hopes everyone’s efforts will help lure more visitors into the community for a safe afternoon of fresh air, leisurely walks and social distancing.

“We’re thrilled the Beverly Area Planning Association has created this event that will take on annual significance in the community,” said Figel.

“The many volunteers for Edna Community Garden take great pride in knowing people from the community and outside visitors will get so visit our special space on 111th Street.”

A Week Back enjoys a loyal following in the community due to their many appearances and the hundreds of musical students Chuck Murphy and John Ciciora they’ve guided over the years at The Music School. Donations are encouraged for the band’s effort.

The duo has an unlimited musical repertoire they call “popular songs from a lot of different genres.”

Attendees are reminded to bring their PPE masks.

The garden’s spacious grounds allow for safe distancing but facial coverings are still in order.

The “mixology” theme continues to feature garden bed offerings. Lawn chairs and small coolers are encouraged.

The Edna White Garden is located at 1850 West Monterey Avenue (111th and Esmond).

The Chicago Excellence in Gardening Awards committee honored Morgan Park’s Edna White Memorial Garden in 2017 at the Chicago Cultural Center along with gardens from 26 additional wards around the city. Figel accepted the CEGA award for the Edna White Memorial Garden. She has served as executive director for the 19th Ward volunteer garden since the early 1990s.

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