Editorial: We recommend Jarvis Johnson for Texas House District 139

District 139, which encompasses a largely Black and Hispanic area in northwest Houston, has a good representative in Jarvis Johnson. Voters should continue showing their support.

If Democrats manage to take control of the Texas House this election, Johnson said he is ready to lead by example and continue working with his fellow legislators, regardless of the letter next to their name.

Running for his fourth term, Johnson has been willing to listen to those with different points of view. He may not agree, he said, but it’s his obligation to pay attention.

“We have to make sure that we govern for all Texans. This idea of no compromise and no negotiation, that’s what’s hurting our state,” he told the editorial board. “It’s what’s hurting our nation.”

If re-elected, Johnson, 48, said his priority is to expand Medicaid, as too many needy Texans are without health insurance. Finding revenue to cover the shortfall left by the economic impact of the pandemic will also be at the top of his list. While raising the sales tax is off the table, he said the state should see legalizing and taxing marijuana as an opportunity.

On specific challenges to his district, he will continue to focus on air quality concerns, including trying to regulate or keep out concrete batch plants from areas such as Acres Homes.

He will also work to pass the George Floyd Act, introduced by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus last month, which would ban chokeholds by police and require officers to intervene if another officer is using excessive force.

Running against Johnson is R. Grizzle Trojacek, who was also his opponent in 2018. According to his unfinished website, the libertarian wants to lower taxes and give more control to parents over their children’s education. He did not meet with the board.

Johnson has proven he can do a good job for his constituents and has earned our recommendation.

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