Editorial: We recommend Gene Wu for Texas House District 137

State Rep. Gene Wu’s understanding that “budget is policy” will come in handy next year as the pandemic’s strain on the economy will demand creative thinking from lawmakers in finding new sources of revenue and to ensure vital services are protected.

“Education cuts are off limits — period,” Wu told the editorial board. “It took us twenty-something years to even get to this point where we can say education is at least somewhat well-funded. We don’t want to go backward.”

The Democrat’s experience last session as a member of the powerful House appropriations committee is just one more reason why voters in Texas House District 137 should send Wu back to Austin for another term.

“I believe in Texas, I believe in this country and I believe the people deserve to be represented by someone who is both knowledgeable and passionate about making people’s lives better,” Wu says.

So far, he is holding up his end of the bargain for the district, which includes Gulfton and Sharpstown.

Elected in 2012, the 42-year-old former prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office hit the ground running. He has introduced and fought for a variety of bills, many of them focused on battling human trafficking, juvenile and adult criminal justice reform, and protecting children from abuse, including an overhaul of Child Protective Services that received widespread bipartisan support.

His opponent, Libertarian Lee Sharp, ran against Wu in 2018. He is an energetic advocate for bringing reform to low-income housing and we urge him to continue to be involved in his community.

Wu has been an effective representative for his district and has been a vocal supporter for police reform in Houston. He continues to be the best choice for Texas House District 137.

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