Do You Meditate In Your Bathroom?

Your Bathroom

There is no doubt that the bathroom can be used for a wide variety of activities. I don’t think it is necessary to start trying to list all of them here.

If your bathroom is just functional without any additives then probably there is little discussion about what you do there or why. However, the bathroom has become more and more an area of invention, imagination and activity.

Bathroom Sauna

If you have a sauna in your bathroom then you have created a special space where all sorts of things can take place. It depends on its size and the various things that you have available there.

Social Sauna

If you sauna is large enough to entertain in then it can serve several functions. It can be a source of socializing. It can also be a family retreat or it can be a solo experience.

The temptation here is to talk about all the things that are possible to do in and with a sauna, but I am going to resist and get back to the topic of this article.

Meditation in the Bathroom

If you meditate daily, as I hope you do, there are so many choices open to you. Many meditate while still in bed. This has certain advantages but also is in a way a cop out. I like to lie in sometimes, but I don’t call it meditating.

If you have a regular spot in your home for your daily meditation then that is where you are going to be most comfortable and profitable while doing it.

However, I would like to put forward an idea which I have found most interesting and at times useful.

I most often do my morning meditation in the bathroom. I don’t’ try to do it in the shower because I think that having a proper shower and meditating at the same time is really just an attempt to do two things at once and probably results in doing neither properly.

I don’t think that meditating sitting on the toilet is the best way to begin the day either. I do think that the morning toilet break is an essential to good health, but I am not sure it is conducive to good use of meditation.

So, I suggest that the two places in my bathroom that I find meditating not only possible but absolutely wonderful are the bathtub with a hefty solution of sea salt or the sauna on my own. There are times when I enjoy a double dose of my meditations by doing both. However, usually I choose one or the other.

In the sauna on my own without clothes I find that I can lie down and meditate quite easily because of the peace and tranquility that is there. I would certainly recommend it to any and all.

When I feel like a good sea salt soak I find lying back and covering myself in the hot water with the sea salt penetrating my poor body I can enter into a wonderful state of meditation that is indeed very invigorating and satisfying.


Join me in meditating in your bathroom in whatever situation suits you best. You will be glad you did.