DesignerInc Technology Platform and Marketplace For The Interior Design Trade Commences Fall MKT

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DesignerInc MKT is a biannual Market event showcasing the industry’s leading manufacturers to DesignerInc’s growing audience of interior designers. Fall MKT commences 14 September and runs through 30 November. 

DesignerInc MKT emulates the activities and marketing opportunities traditionally offered offline and in-person. Each month of MKT, DesignerInc hosts a virtual Communication Week where we open up the floor to our manufacturers who will be sharing their experiences, updates and information about their newest creations with a special eye toward artisanal craftsmanship, production processes and the inspiration behind their collections. We often feature special, back-of-house facility tours and other unique experiences!

Please join your community during the week of September 15 – 18 for a series of lively discussions with leading manufacturers. Our September lineup features interviews and presentations with leadership from The Rug Company, Currey & Company, Theodore Alexander and Hellman-Chang, including a special tour of Hellman-Chang’s new 32,000 square foot production facility in Georgia with Co-founders Daniel Hellman and Eric Chang!

Register here to save your spot:

We are also expanding our coverage of the Fall Market season by offering DesignerInc MKT for the full, 90-day Spring and Fall seasons. Our vendor partners set up special promotions just as they normally would, and reach designers while they shop online!

Launching concurrent with Fall MKT is our Gilded Circle Loyalty Program – a tech-infused loyalty program created for the new era of design where designers and manufacturers can supercharge productivity in our increasingly tech-enabled industry. Our Gilded Circle VIP Preview for September is Hellman-Chang’s Quick Ship program!

Designers and vendors currently not partnered with DesignerInc are encouraged to register and experience DesignerInc for themselves by visiting

We will continue to work with our vendor partners to help them reach designers online. We believe in the power of design to bring communities together in challenging times, and we encourage feedback from our partners, designers, and the broader trade community on how DesignerInc can support all of you during such a pivotal transition phase for the design trade.

For more information or images, you can reach the DesignerInc team any time via [email protected].

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