Cowboy Kitchen in Dhaka | The Daily Star

The word ‘cowboy’ evokes images of a group of boys herding longhorns over a prairie, led by a man on a horse, with a rifle in his hand, and a bundle of ropes in his saddle. Sitting in Dhaka, you can also enjoy that same cowboy experience by visiting the Cowboy Kitchen.

The restaurant was inaugurated on 28 August, on Hatkhola Road in Tikatuli, Dhaka, for food lovers.

In addition to hanging out in a beautiful environment, the restaurant has delicious fast food arrangements. Notable meals include pizzas, burgers, pasta, French fries, rice meals, salads, Chow mein, soups, drinks, desserts, and coffee.

Hossain Limon Mokaram, the founder of the restaurant, said, “The restaurant was created from the love of cooking. The food is served at affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality.”


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