County to request noxious weeds assistance from Trump’s secretary of interior | News

Grant County Court voted Aug. 26 to write a letter to President Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt to request assistance to mitigate invasive plant species and noxious weeds.

Grant County Judge Scott Myers said the noxious weeds, mainly medusa head, grow back after wildfires and have to be removed manually.

“You can’t burn it away,” he said. “It comes back, eventually.”

Myers said, if the county continues to receive Secure Rural Schools Act funding, money the federal government sets aside for schools, roads, and other municipal services, then the ranchers can address the noxious weeds problem through that program. Especially through Title II funding, that money is set aside for projects on federal lands.

“Title II projects would be just perfect for that,” he said.

In other county news:

• Grant County Planning Commissioner Shannon Springer updated the court on the planning commission’s proposed flood ordinance. She said the proposed amendments are not changes in intent related to requirements, but instead changes to the wording.

She said the county must ensure that its flood management practices comply with federal guidelines in the national flood insurance program.

She said the bulk of the wording was changed to mirror the federal government. Springer said the planning commission reviewed the ordinance and recommended approval.

She said the Federal Emergency Management Agency is slated to complete its remapping of the Silvies watershed by the end of September. It would make more sense, Springer said, to approve the flood ordinance in October. The court approved Springer’s request to push out voting on the ordinance.

• The court moved to update Safety and Risk Manager Ryan Palmer’s job description. According to Myers, the update would work out to a $3 per hour raise.

• The court approved Grant County Regional Airport Manager Haley Walker’s request of $4,478 in rent that the airport was owed by the Emergency Operations Center.

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