Choosing Between Curtains And Blinds

Choosing window furnishings can be a tricky task when designing the interior of your home. How you choose to dress your windows can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Usually, homeowners start by deciding on colours and patterns, however a decision between the type of window furnishings should be made first. Typically, curtains or blinds are chosen to pair with windows. Common factors of consideration when picking between the two include aesthetics, functional practicalities, privacy, flexibility and maintenance. 

To start, curtains and blinds tend to lend a different feel to your home. Curtains provide a traditional and elegant appearance to your home, even giving it a touch of luxury and warmth. The soft flowing finish of curtains offer the illusion of a layered effect, when combined with its cascading and gathering on the floor, depth is created. In contrast, blinds look more chic and modern, thus providing a simpler feel to the space. Instead of giving a perception of large space occupation, blinds feel like a thin layer in front of your windows. In addition, blinds now have a variety of designs and patterned options that can help to achieve similar effects to that of curtains. 

Secondly, the ease of cleaning should be factored into your consideration. As you might already suspect, blinds are easier and thus cheaper to clean than curtains, with exceptions depending on the type of fabric chosen. Most curtain fabrics need to be professionally dry-cleaned while most blinds can be cleaned within your own home. In fact, more often than not, blinds merely require dusting with a soft cloth to prevent dust build up. Nonetheless, there are certain curtain materials that can be washed at home. 

Thirdly, you need to visualize the amount of light that needs to be blocked out. Bedrooms are commonly found with curtains as they block out more light, allowing users to have a good undisturbed rest when needed. If you are looking for more control, nowadays blinds with slants or motorized versions allow you to open sections as required. This thus allows you to control the amount of sunlight and glare in the room. 

A fourth factor that is often overlooked is that of the soundproof properties of each. In general, curtains trap sound better than blinds due to their texture and shape. As such, similar to the example above, they are preferred in the bedroom where noise filtering is at a premium. Blinds are no slouch either in this department. Depending on the materials and layers used, blinds can offer adequate sound cancelling, thus giving you peace in your own home.

Interested in having professional input on your space? Contact a curtains and blinds Singapore supplier today. Inform them of your considerations and needs, then let them provide a customized solution that fits your home.