Chest Refrigerators for the Crowded Kitchen

In a fast-paced commercial kitchen or a tightly-packed concession stand, upright refrigerators with doors that swing outward and block employees' paths are simply not a workable option. The solution is a chest refrigerator, which opens from the top. Chest refrigerators are a great option for facilities that need a commercially approved refrigerator for business purposes.

Chest refrigerators are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs. This means chest refrigerators can have the same space as the upright refrigerators found in household kitchens, the larger storage volume of commercial refrigerators, or less refrigerator space to reduce the refrigerator's footprint in your business. Standard sizes include those from 5 to 24 cubic feet of refrigerated storage.

When purchasing any refrigerator, it's important that it cools items evenly and remains frost-free. Look for a chest refrigerator with a fan inside to ensure even cooling to keep your items looking and tasting fresh when defrosted to room temperature. The quality of the defrosting system will impact the quality of your food and the volume of storage space available. A strong system that keeps your chest refrigerator frost-free will protect your food from reaching a too-low temperature and keep your chest refrigerator spacious. A frost-free refrigerator is also easier to clean!

Chest refrigerators also come with several practical features. Just as upright refrigerators rely on shelving systems to better organize the food within, chest refrigerators should have baskets to aid in organization within the refrigerator. Often these baskets slide or can be removed to ensure easy access to the food stored below. Chest refrigerators will also often have counter-balanced tops so that the door to the refrigerator will not stand open letting cool air escape, and they should also have a lock so that the door latches when closed.

If a refrigerator door is standing in the way of smooth operation of your kitchen, concession, or medical office, a quality chest refrigerator is the perfect solution for you.

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