Chapter II Digital Through Customer Service”

Minister of Interior presides at PWA Technical Affairs Day: “PWA : Chapter II Digital Through Customer Service”

In response to the PWA 4.0 policy to cultivate digitisation, the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) launched Technical Affairs Day 20 under the theme, “PWA : Chapter II Digital Through Customer Service”. With the aim to boost the organisation’s learning culture, the discussion forum took place 11 September 2020 at PWA head office.

Dr Songsak Thongsri, Deputy Interior Minister explained that, “PWA is a state-owned organisation, governed by the Ministry of Interior, responsible for basic water infrastructure provision for the public in 74 provinces across the country, so not including Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakarn. ‘PWA : Chapter II Digital Through Customer Service’ is part of ongoing efforts to create and support a sustainable learning organisation by providing all staff in our central and regional offices as well as the public and private sectors opportunities to acquire and implement information technologies and innovations, upgrade customer services, and so on.”

“PWA: Chapter II Digital Through Customer Service provides a platform to support PWA human resources development. It enables staff to apply new knowledge to improve operational performance. This leads to providing higher quality services to the public. It also drives PWA to forge ahead with digital transformation while maintaining its status as a major national infrastructure provider in compliance with the national strategic plan.”

Kritsada Sunkhamani, Deputy Governor (Technical Affairs) and Acting Governor, added that, “PWA’s three-year strategic plan involves focusing on creating learning culture, customer-centric service provision, and quality of works. Technical Affairs Day conforms to social distancing measures to safeguard participants’ health. This involves utilising channels such as Facebook Live broadcasts as an online forum, for example: ‘PWA by New Normal’ led by Cee Chatpawee Trichachawanwong (Cee Chatpawee); ‘Quality Water Works delivered to your home’ led by Atichart Chumnanon (Aum Atichart); and ‘PWA Direction amid New Normal’ led by Asst Prof Dr Buppa Lapawattanaphun, Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Arts, University of Thai Chamber of Commerce.”

“The initiatives thereby build knowledge and comprehension of PWA waterworks production standards among the public while PWA employees’ performance and efficiency is enhanced in terms of water quality and services as prescribed by PWA mission and vision, all for the benefit of consumers.”

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