Can You Spot the Ring Hiding in the Garden?

This field of carrots and hungry bunnies is no place for a valuable diamond ring!

There are few feelings more irritating than knowing you’ve lost something valuable, especially when you have no idea where it is—say, your wedding ring. But when it’s just a hypothetical situation—say, a visual brain teaser—it can become a bit of fun!

That’s the purpose of this tricky visual puzzle from jewelry company William May. It challenges you to find the lost diamond ring in this garden. According to William May, the average amount of time it took people to spot the bling was 93 seconds—though it took one eagle-eyed participant only 20 seconds. See how long it takes you! Once you’ve found it, see if you can spot the single bear without a bow tie.

Note: This puzzle is not to scale. Also, for a little help, the ring’s band is yellow in color and has a pretty good-sized white diamond!

If you need a hint, this anecdote that inspired William May should help you narrow down your search. A woman in Canada once lost her ring—only to find it 13 years later in her garden, stuck around an overgrown carrot! (True story!)

Ready for the answer?

find the ring in the garden answer

Courtesy William May

Sure enough, it’s sitting right on top of a carrot toward the middle right of the image! It seriously blends in, doesn’t it?! Now, if only you could get a “solution image” for things you’ve lost in real life. If you’re ready to tackle another challenge, see if you can spot the difference in these 10 pictures.



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