Bulletproof $350,000 SUV blends military looks with a lavish interior

  • Meet the Inkas Sentry Civilian, the bulletproof SUV that’s SWAT on the outside and upscale limo on the inside. 
  • The vehicle is a civilian-grade version of Inkas’ Sentry APC, an armored personnel carrier. 
  • The tough-looking SUV features a lavish interior complete with leather seats and an entertainment system. 
  • The Sentry Civilian starts at $350,000 and is made to order. 
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Lots of VIPs cruise around in low-key armored vehicles that are nearly indistinguishable from an ordinary Cadillac, Lincoln, or Mercedes-Benz. But others prefer to throw modesty out the window and hit the streets in something a bit flashier. 

That’s where Canadian firm Inkas comes in. The Toronto-based company sells all manner of discreet bullet-resistant cars, but also offers the Sentry Civilian — a military-style, ultra-high-end SUV that puts any Hummer, Jeep, or G-Wagen to shame. 

The Sentry Civilian boasts a private jet-like cabin complete with leather captain’s chairs, an entertainment system, and a long list of optional luxury features. But you’d never know that looking at the vehicle’s exterior — on the outside, the SUV gets bullet-resistant glass, run-flat tires, and an armored passenger compartment. 

So, one could call the truck inconspicuous, in its own weird way. 

Keep scrolling to take a tour of the Inkas Sentry Civilian.

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