Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Hack Turns Everyday Kitchen Tool Into a Miracle Worker

If you’ve ever wondering if marketing works, have you ever even considered using a dish wand in the bathroom? Probably not, because after all, what dishes are you doing while taking a bath? Well, apparently this tool isn’t just for the kitchen. In fact, it looks like it can take care of a pretty huge problem in the bathroom. 

Alyssa’s Deep Cleaning Company on TikTok shared this nugget of wisdom recently to their 195k followers and it is so simple, we’re sure all of them (including us) are totally going to start trying it. 


Adding a bit of vinegar to the dish soap wand, along with your favorite brand of dish soap and keeping it in the shower can help reduce hard water build up and soap scum. All you have to do is while you’re doing a facemask or conditioning your hair, rub this mix and wand all over the the walls and shower door. Of course, you can always do this after you’re done showering too, but make sure to squeegee it off after rinsing it and finishing up.

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