Bratt Decor Chelsea Crib – Are Lifetime Cribs All They're Cracked Up To Be?

Have you seen cribs like the Bratt Decor Chelsea Lifetime Crib? This baby bed is fairly amazing.

It is astonishingly beautiful to look at and that's only the beginning. As a "lifetime" crib, it is designed to do just that – grow into a full-sized bed as your child grows – meaning that you won't ever need to buy another bed for your child.


Interesting idea, to be sure. But lifetime beds do come with a substantial cost attached and that's the real key to this idea. Are they worth their price tag?

Let's look at the concept of lifetime cribs from the eye of a parent. I've raised four children and have seen plenty of beds come and go through our home. Here are some things you'll want to consider – both pro and con – before jumping on Bratt cribs' – or any other manufacturer's – lifetime baby bed bandwagon.

The good news first.

– Yes, lifetime cribs make good sense. They're high on the value scale. First a baby bed and then, with a full-size mattress and box springs addition, a complete adult bed.

– If you concentrate on quality when shopping, you'll be happier down the road. Trust me, this is a bed that will need to take abuse for many years.

Chances are high your child (and her friends) will jump on, kick, dance and dramatically throw themselves on this bed. So it goes without saying that it needs to be sturdy. Check for quality and look for other parents' comments on the durability of the bed you choose. Bratt Decor, for example, has a reputation of building quality baby cribs; This is something you can check out easily enough by visiting some parenting forums and asking questions.

– Are you planning on having more than one baby? Then a drop-dead beautiful and sturdy lifetime crib can make a lot of sense because you'll be needing a crib over and over.

– As I mentioned before, this particular brand of baby crib is gorgeous and frankly, I'm sure that's a huge selling point for this company. Some lifetime cribs come in plainer versions which may appeal more to you and may bring the price point down, as well.

Remember that a bed usually is the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, which means you will want one you enjoy looking at for years. Such a consideration is a smart choice for both your eyes and your pocketbook.

And the bad news?

– Cost. Lifetime cribs often cost more than their counterparts and that's no surprise. After all, you're getting more bed. But be careful because the quality of baby cribs varies widely.

Go to a store where you can actually put your hands on these cribs and give them a shake (do make sure the demo cribs are completely assembled first for an accurate test). Sometimes the lower cost versions are quite wiggly; you can tell they are not going to stand up to much usage.

On the other hand, you can pay the equivalent of a cheap used car for some lifetime cribs. If you actually use that crib for the next eighteen plus years and never have to refinish or replace it, you may have just got yourself a deal.

– Let's be clear here; the crib is lifetime. The mattress is not. You will have to buy the mattress and box springs to convert these cribs into full-sized beds. But you'd have to purchase mattresses no matter what bed route you choose, so that cost is a wash in this discussion. Still, you need to keep it in mind.

– Some folks love heirloom furniture. Some like to redecorate on a shoestring every few years. A lifetime baby bed like the Bratt Decor Chelsea crib is for the former folks. If you are in the latter camp, then having a gorgeous bed that you are sick and tired of is definitely a point against this type of purchase.

When you add it all up, lifetime cribs make a lot of practical sense. Whether or not you decide to go with an upscale model like the Bratt Decor Chelsea Lifetime crib or a simpler baby bed really depends upon how much quality you want to pay for and if it will make you happy to be passing this crib onto your grandchildren some day.

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