Bathroom Sizes: Sq. Ft. for Small, Medium and Large (Plus Most Common Size)

This article sets out the typical square footage for small, medium and large bathrooms as well as provides statistics on what’s the most common size.

In interior design, the terms small, medium, large and huge are used a great deal.

But what do those terms actually mean for each room in terms of sq. ft. Obviously, the square footage for each size category will vary room-to-room. A small kitchen is larger than a small bathroom. In fact, a small kitchen would be as big as a large or huge bathroom.

This article sets out to actually define exactly what the different bathroom sizes are in square footage. We then set out what size is the most popular based on frequency. This information is hopefully helpful with your bathroom remodelling project.

Bathroom Sizes by Sq. Ft. Defined

Under 40 square feet

SMALL: A small bathroom is typically around 35-40 square feet.

While space is definitely at a premium in a small bathroom, decorating this area can be a valuable and exciting interior decorating lesson in maximizing space and utilizing color to liven up the room, but also to visually enlarge it.

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41-110 square feet

MEDIUM: At 41-110 square feet, a medium sized bathroom offers just enough room to create a comfortable space.

Roomy enough for a full-sized tub, sink, shower, and toilet, this sized bathroom can be turned into a relaxing haven for you to unwind in after the stress from a busy day. Large enough to meet the needs of your family on a daily basis, this sized bathroom will serve you well.

=> Click for medium-sized primary bathroom photos.

110-210 square feet

LARGE: At 110 to 210 sq. ft., large bathrooms offer copious amounts of space.

Uncommon design elements not typically found in smaller bathrooms are found in larger bathrooms, such as custom bookcases and shelving, large bay windows, and wide expanses of marble or granite flooring.

It is not uncommon to see large bathrooms with bidets, vanity benches, and steam showers.

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>210 square feet

EXPANSIVE: For many people, an expansive bathroom is the holy grail of primary bathrooms. These bathrooms exceed 210 square feet.

Designed with huge amounts of space, these bathrooms are often bigger than many bedrooms. Common design elements include wall to wall mirroring, personal saunas, separate dressing and powder rooms and more.

With this level of luxury, the sky is truly the limit regarding customization.

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Bathroom Size Frequency

What size is the most common?

We wanted to find out.

We analyzed 184,903 primary bathrooms specifically for sizing and determined that large bathrooms are the most common followed by medium, then expansive and finally small. Please keep in mind this analysis pertained to primary bathrooms and not powder rooms. Powder rooms are subset type of bathroom which are generally small or tiny.

Chart setting out bathroom size by frequency

Bathroom Size Frequency/Popularity Rate
Small 8,670
Medium 64,873
Large 85,729
Expansive 25,631
Total Number of Bathrooms Surveyed 184,903

Charts illustrating percentage of bathrooms for each size

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