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It’s been a hectic few weeks here, which is a lot of the reason new posts have been slim this month. But several projects have been happening behind-the-scenes, and I’m excited to finally catch you up on everything!

One big project I wanted to tackle this month is organizing my disaster of a bathroom closet. We are a one-bathroom house, and it’s not a very large one for all of us to share. I do have a nice big closet in the bathroom though, and over the years I’ve made a few mediocre attempts at organizing it. This closet was due for a major overhaul, and I’ve spent the last week painting, purging, and purchasing organizers to whip this space into shape.

… ready for a super satisfying before and after?

Our bathroom closet BEFORE

Our bathroom closet AFTER

Huge improvement, right? Here is a video of the closet makeover & all the organizers I used (sometimes videos do better justice than photos!), and below I will go into more detail on what I did and where I found everything:


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hair tool organizer | 360 rotating cosmetic organizer | 2-tier organizer with pull-out shelves
bath towel set | 3 piece apothecary jar set | toothbrush holder
silicone heat resistant hair tool mat | 3 drawer organizer | large stackable drawer
white plastic storage bins | reusable makeup removing pads with bamboo holder



I tackled this project using the same method I used for our pantry makeover:

  • empty the entire closet – get rid of anything you don’t use or need
  • clean & repaint walls & shelves
  • categorize everything you want to keep
  • find storage containers to make the best use of your space

Since this is a bathroom closet that tends to trap a lot of moisture towards the ceiling, I wiped all the walls down really well with diluted bleach and used a mold and mildew-proof interior paint

I tried to find organizers that maximized both the height and depth of each shelf, starting with simple white/clear storage drawers on the bottom shelf. I wanted to keep drawers on the lower half of the closet to easily see inside them, and I was able to fit:

  • nail products – nail files, polish, nail trimmers, cuticle oil
  • stuff for “eyes” – glasses, contact case, extra boxes of contacts, contact solution, eye drops
  • stuff for “mouth” – extra toothpaste, floss, lip balm/scrub, bands for braces, retainer case, teeth whitening strips
  • feminine products
  • extra razor blades
  • hair accessories
  • sunscreen, bug spray, body lotion

On the next shelf up I added:

  • a 360 degree rotating cosmetic organizer for all my skin care: moisturizers, toners, serums, masks, makeup remover, etc. 
  • two 2-tier organizers with pull-out shelves, one for me & one for the boys’ deodorant, cologne, skin care, etc. 
  • a large white plastic bin for bottles of mouthwash, a toothbrush holder, my retainer cleaning cup, and clear jars that hold q-tips and retainer cleaning tablets

The next two shelves have:

I’m still working on staining a beautiful oak bifold door to hang in the closet and keep everything hidden, but already this closet organization has made SUCH a difference in the way our bathroom functions. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this!


How many bathrooms do you have in your home, and currently how organized are they?

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