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Unique Bathroom Lighting

Your unique sense of taste can make all the difference in creating a stunning bathroom with beautiful lighting! Bathroom light fixtures come in a few main styles, including vanity lights, bath sconces, and bathroom ceiling lights. Within these categories, you’ll find a wide range of interesting design textures, shapes, and color combinations. Before shopping our collection of popular bathroom light fixtures consider these bath light elements that may influence your choice: 

Bathroom Vanity Lighting: is an important design consideration as it needs to provide task lighting and compliment your style. See our vanity lights category for more information.

Bath Sconces: are wall mounted bathroom light fixtures that you will likely find on either side of your bathroom mirror. As such, you should think about the style and size of your bathroom mirror when selecting bath sconces.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights: While bathroom lights around the mirror may be the first to come to mind, bathroom ceiling lights provide additional illumination. Consider placement and lumens count in combination with any bathroom vanity lighting.

Number of Bathroom Lights: The number of bulbs in a bathroom light fixture can vary from 1-6 depending on the length of the vanity and the level of light needed.

Bath Light Covers: Some bathroom lights will have bulbs exposed, while others will feature bulb covers or shades. Bath light shade materials can vary from frosted to clear glass, fabric, or even sparkling crystals. Consider which shade might work well with the colors and textures already in your bath decor.

When you know the basics of bathroom lighting, you can let your creativity flow to make a unique statement with your bathroom style! 

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