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Buyers’ Guide to Bathroom Furniture

How to choose bathroom furniture

Before looking at any products, consider what amount of storage you need for what type of items. Do you need space for enough towels for the whole family, or your extensive cosmetics collection … or both? It could be a mistake to underestimate your storage requirements, so a little planning here will be hugely beneficial.

You will need to take into account the size of your bathroom, it’s layout, the structure and materials of the walls, and plumbing requirements. Smaller but still essential details such as which way cupboard or drawers will open should be planned in. On top of this, work out your budget.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

Freestanding bathroom furniture is easier to install and move than wall hung units. Items can be upgraded piece by piece and you can mix and match colours and styles for eclectic character. It can give a retro/classic look to any room and offers more flexibility.

Vanity units, storage cupboards and toilet units can be freestanding. Be aware that freestanding units can make a room look smaller than when using wall hung furniture. So, if space is an issue this is a consideration. Safety needs to be ensured so ensure any tall cabinets cannot be tipped over.

We recommend Vitra, Imperial and Burlington for period styled free standing furniture. For more modern designs look at Roca, Roper Rhodes, Crosswater and Keuco. 

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

image example of wall hung bathroom furniture

Traditionally, most bathroom storage cabinets and mirrors were wall hung but now the term applies to vanity units too. Taking bathroom furniture off the floor will make the bathroom look larger, more modern and streamlined, so wall hung items are a great choice to maximise space. Cleaning underneath is an easier task too.

For vanity units the positioning of plumbing inlets and drains is a consideration. Also important for wall hung units is the wall type and material. Consult an experienced builder if walls need to be strengthened.

There are a lot of wall hung choices in the bathroom furniture offered by Origins, Crosswater, Vitra, Laufen and Villeroy & Boch.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture 

image example of fitted bathroom furniture

Taking the lead from kitchens, fitted bathroom furniture brought new style to bathroom fashions. An excellent way of optimising space, fitted units incorporate a toilet unit, vanity and other storage and can make use of otherwise wasted areas in a room. If you want a modern look teamed with simple maintenance and plenty of storage, consider fitted bathroom furniture.

Consider your layout, the direction of opening doors and drawers, and the suitability of wall areas for fixing fitted units.

Manufacturers such as Britton and Burlington offer fantastic fitted bathroom furniture. 


Slimline & Small Bathroom Furniture

image example of small bathroom furniture

When you need to use space wisely, slimline bathroom furniture is essential. This can be particularly relevant when a new bathroom is being created such as an en suite or downstairs cloakroom where every inch is required to fit in all the elements. Corner storage can be a good option here, as well as high wall cabinets and slimline toilet units.

Whilst slimline furniture saves on space, it shouldn’t lose out on function – so ensure that your choices are still usable for all members of the family. A neutral colour scheme for the furniture, floors and walls gives the illusion of more space.

Keuco, Vitra, Crosswater, Geberit and Roper Rhodes all have good options for small bathroom furniture.

Popular Styles 

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

image example of modern contemporary bathroom furniture

Colour and texture take the lead in modern contemporary bathroom furniture styling. Expect storage cupboards and vanity units with tactile curves or crisp square lines and featuring coloured gloss finishes and matt wood veneers. Handles tend to be discreetly hidden or minimalist. When combined these elements produce a very chic, bang up-to-date look. Browse the beautiful bathroom furniture from Crosswater, Keuco, Villeroy & Boch and Laufen.

Traditional Bathroom Furniture

image example of traditional bathroom furniture

Introduce enduring elegance to any bathroom by using traditionally styled bathroom furniture which echoes classic shapes from the past to suit today’s homes. Hide the modern paraphernalia of daily life in storage units featuring enhanced detailing, gentle curves and lustrous textures. Furniture with traditional styling such as vanity units, cabinets and toilet units add a timeless quality to a bathroom and work well in any age of building. A market leader in this style is Burlington who produce a comprehensive range ; also look at Vitra, Imperial and Bayswater. 

See our traditional bathroom furniture page.

Luxury Bathroom Furniture

image example of luxury bathroom furniture

For style without compromise, the luxury manufacturers offer customers pure indulgence. Using the best materials, often in neutral natural tones, superior technological advances, bespoke options and hand-finishing, a luxury bathroom is a sensual delight, often emulating the look achieved by high end hotels, boutique spas and modern property developers. Brands such as Keuco and Schneider take the quality of bathroom furniture design to the next level.


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