Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Parts

Bathroom Exhaust Fans and Lights

Clear the Air With the Right Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathrooms can get hot and humid, and an exhaust fan is an important
feature to improve air quality and prevent moisture damage. Find the best
bathroom exhaust fan for each bathroom in your home at Lowe’s.

What’s the Best Exhaust Fan for Your Space?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bathroom exhaust
fan is the size of your bathroom. A fan without enough power to handle your
bathroom’s square footage could leave moisture lingering in the air. Keep in
mind that if your toilet is in a separate room within your bathroom, that room
probably will need its own fan.

Other important factors for many people are how loud a particular
exhaust fan is and the amount of energy the fan uses. Filter fans by whether
they’re certified by ENERGY STAR® if you’re looking for an energy-conserving

Most bathroom exhaust fans mount on the ceiling and vent through the
attic or the roof. However, it’s not always possible to vent a bathroom this
way. If you need to mount your fan on the wall, you can filter your search on by mount location and choose “wall” or “wall or ceiling.”

You can also specify the look you want your fan to have and choose from
options with clear, alabaster, amber or frosted glass. If you’re unsure where
to start, take a look at the top-rated fans to learn what other shoppers have
found to be the best bathroom exhaust fans.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Features

You don’t have to settle for basic with your bathroom exhaust fan. With
lights and other extra features built in, a fan can do more than remove muggy
air. Consider options that’ll also emit warm air or soothing sounds into your

If you want a bathroom exhaust fan with lighting, you can filter a
search on by the type of bulb you prefer, such as LED or
incandescent. Some fans with lights offer only an overall room light, but
others add a night light to help you find your way in the dark. For even more
convenience, consider a fan that activates automatically, thanks to either a
motion sensor or a humidity sensor.

Hate feeling cold when you step out of a hot bath or shower? Look for
exhaust fans with integrated heaters that’ll keep you feeling cozy. If you love
to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while bathing or getting ready for
the day in your bathroom, consider fans equipped with Bluetooth speakers that
connect to your phone or computer.

Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts

If you already have a bathroom exhaust fan that you like, but it needs
to be fixed, you’re in luck. At Lowe’s, we offer bath fan switches, motors,
exhaust vents, grille covers and more from such well-known brands as Panasonic
and Broan.

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