Bathroom Cabinets

Common Questions about Bathroom Cabinets

What should I look for when buying a bathroom vanity?

Before making a decision on which bathroom vanity to buy, make sure you:

Measure your space
What height should the vanity be? Many consider 33″ to be a good standard, but make sure the height is chosen with you and your family members in mind. If you have little ones in the family but don’t want to get a vanity that might be too low for adults, a step stool for the children just might do the trick. Once you have decided on height, you can also consider if you have enough space for a double vanity with two sinks, but sticking to a nice single sink vanity could also just be a matter of preference.

Consider different vanity styles
We often see images that inspire us and stick to an idea immediately, but it might pay off to consider your options. Some people go for a modern solution in shaker style bathroom vanities, but shopping for traditional styles with raised panels is also a popular choice. Make sure you get a free room design before you shop to see your top picks in context.

Set the tone with color
The traditional choice when shopping for a bathroom vanity is to pick something white. There are antique whites, off whites, dove whites, and the list goes on. To add to the possibilities, more contrasting colors have gained popularity in recent years. Take a look below to see how the term “blue vanity” has been trending on Google over the past 5 years: Google Trends graph displaying search popularity for the term "Blue Vanity" in the US No need to panic though, you can either go for a safe choice that always works by picking a white vanity, or consult an expert to learn more about what would look best in your specific bathroom.

What material is best for bathroom cabinets?

The answer to this question is directly tied to your budget. The priciest alternative is solid wood cabinets, or more specifically solid hardwood (made from maple, birch, and other wood types), this choice is also the most reliable since it does not crack or permanently warp easily.

Plywood is a very strong candidate as well, it is a durable yet more affordable option than solid wood bathroom vanities.

As a third and even less expensive option, MDF and HDF features in your vanity could be a great alternative. MDF and HDF have historically not been as reliable in humid spaces as the two previously mentioned materials, but with proper sealing and good ventilation you could end up making a great deal when shopping for these types of vanities.

Should my bathroom cabinets match my kitchen cabinets?

The short answer here is that it comes down to your preferences. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets don’t need to match. With that being said, there are still factors that are worth considering. Is the rest of your home experimental and forward-thinking? If so, go wild! There is no need to conform to any advice from “experts” or opinionators unless you feel obliged to. If, on the other hand, your home has a certain mood already set, e.g. pale tones throughout and cabinets only appearing in a classic, raised panel style it might throw the whole balance off if one bathroom suddenly has navy blue shaker cabinets in it, which is considered a lot more modern approach.

Also keep in mind the distance between your kitchen and bathroom. If they are in different parts, or even floors of the home there is a greater possibility to create separate moods and atmospheres. If the two rooms are in close proximity, the typical approach is to not let either stand out too much from one another. Again, this is a matter of preference and whatever you decide feels right for you most likely will.

How to paint bathroom cabinets?

Painting bathroom cabinets is just like painting any other kind of cabinet, with just a couple of minor changes. For starters, make sure that your cabinet has been stripped of any paint, primer, or varnish. Once this is done, rough up the surface slightly with 220 grit sandpaper and apply several fresh coats of primer, referencing the manufactures instructions. Next, apply a few coats of your choice of paint until the cabinet is your desired color and uniformity. We recommend using a satin or semi-gloss paint, as it will stand up best to the moist and humid conditions of a bathroom.

What is the cabinet in the bathroom called?

There are a variety of different kinds of bathroom cabinets. Bathroom linen closets, vanity cabinets, and medicine cabinets are a few common types. Bathroom cabinets is a great blanket term because it essentially describes any storage facilities within the bathroom. However, vanity cabinets are usually what people are referring to when they talk about bathroom cabinets. It is believed that vanity cabinets got their name because they are often the center of attention within a bathroom. Architects and designers do whatever they can to distract from the toilet or other less attractive features of a restroom. Another theory suggests that the name stems from the effect that vanity cabinets have on humans. Vanity cabinets are often accompanied by mirrors, whose intended purpose is to reflect images at the viewer. A person who spends too much time looking at themselves in the mirror, could be thought of as being vain.

Where to buy bathroom vanities?

Bathroom vanities are arguably one of the most important components of a functional restroom. They house the sink and usually provide additional storage for commodities like toilet paper and towels. Every style we offer here at Wholesale Cabinets is available in vanity cabinets and can often be modified to accommodate different spaces. We have vanity cabinets available for RTA and pre-assembled to allow you the flexibility to choose what works best for you!

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