Barbie Bakes Cookbook For Kids

Budding bakers who are looking for a slew of sweet recipes to try are in luck because a brand-new cookbook, Barbie Bakes, is hitting shelves on Nov. 3. Created for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 years old, it includes 50 recipes for easy-to-make treats, like chewy granola bars, gluten-free meringues, and even a Barbie-themed birthday cake.

Although the recipes in Barbie Bakes include desserts, its mission is to educate kids on facilitating healthy eating habits and learning proper baking techniques. “Barbie Bakes fosters an intergenerational cooking experience while simultaneously educating kids on essential baking techniques and making healthy choices,” the Bookshop description says. “With 50 recipes presented alongside stylized, colorful images and inviting illustrations, Barbie creates an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for kids to learn, setting them up for a lifetime of rewarding experiences in the kitchen.”

Ahead, get a look at a selection of recipes from Barbie Bakes, and be sure to preorder a copy for your children ASAP.

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