Baileys’ Restaurants introduces Wing Ding Dong ghost-kitchen concept | Off the Menu

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wing ding dong

Smoked chicken wings are the featured item from Baileys’ Restaurants’ new Wing Ding Dong concept. Handout photo by Kara Bailey.

Baileys’ Restaurants has announced a new ghost-kitchen concept, Wing Ding Dong. The concept, which operates out of Baileys’ Range at 920 Olive Street downtown, features smoked chicken wings and fried-chicken sandwiches for takeout and delivery.

Owner Dave Bailey tells Off the Menu the restaurant has been testing the Wing Ding Dong menu through neighborhood delivery in recent months.

“So it’s all vetted,” he says. “We’re not just throwing something out there to see if it sticks. We’ve gotten really good feedback on it already.”

Wing Ding Dong’s wings are marinated, dry-rubbed, smoked and finished in the oven, but not deep-fried.

“They don’t need a deep-fry to be awesome,” Bailey says. “They just need a crisp-up on the skin and then they’re juicy and smoky and delicious.”

Wings are available in orders of 10, 20 or 30. Each order comes with an Alabama white-style dipping sauce. Bailey says the Alabama White’s hit of vinegar and horseradish goes especially well with poultry. Other available dipping sauces include buffalo, ranch, honey mustard, Caribbean jerk, pineapple teriyaki and peach habanero.

Wing Ding Dong’s fried-chicken sandwich features buttermilk-marinated whole breast with pickles, lettuce and Baileys’ Restaurant’s go-to Rooster mayo on a Civil Life Brewing Co. American Brown Ale beer bun.

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