The Best Kitchen & Cookware Deals During Wayfair’s Way Day Sale

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You know all about Amazon Prime Day—CNET just reported that it’s coming on Oct. 13—but before any of that, Wayfair’s Way Day is popping off to grab our attention with major deals on luxury cookware, kitchen gadgets, home decor, tabletop trappings, and much more. Way Day begins today with big discounts happening in all categories, but we’re zeroing in on the best Way Day kitchen and cookware deals.

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Those bargains include our favorite enameled cast-iron cookwareDutch ovenssmall kitchen appliances, along with modern dinnerwarechic storage containers, and more. Best of all, shipping is free on all of it so take a gander at our top kitchen and cookware deals from Wayfair’s Way Day sale, happening now.

Bayou Classic 3-piece Cast Iron Skillet Set, $29 (normally $46) on Wayfair

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Hedge fund manager Alexander Klabin to invest in auction house Sotheby’s

(Reuters) – Hedge fund manager Alexander Klabin will invest in international art auction house Sotheby’s and become the executive chairman of its art financing business, the company said on Wednesday.

A logo is pictured on Sotheby's before the resuming of live jewellery auctions in Geneva

A logo is pictured on Sotheby’s before the resuming of live jewellery auctions in Geneva

The company did not disclose terms of the Klabin’s investment but said he will lead a management team to help Sotheby’s modernize its underwriting process and improve its access to capital markets.


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Klabin is the founder of hedge fund Senator Investment Group, which he left in February. He will launch his newly-formed company named Ancient in early 2021.

Sotheby’s Financial Services offers financing against art collections of all types, including those of the late Duchess of Windsor, the personal collection of artist Andy Warhol and Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream”.

The 275-year-old auction house was the oldest company listed on the New York Stock Exchange before it was taken private in 2019 by Franco-Israeli cable magnate Patrick Drahi in a $3.7-billion deal.

(Reporting by Madhvi Pokhriyal in Bengaluru and Krystal Hu in New York; Editing by Arun Koyyur)

Video: Our competitors are still the banks, TransferWise co-founder says (CNBC)

Our competitors are still the banks, TransferWise co-founder says



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Garden House brings nature back to the city

As urban areas grow around the world, housing seems to get farther and farther from nature, turning cities into concrete jungles lacking in greenery. This is not only less than ideal for humans, but it is hard on the planet as well. The team at Christos Pavlou Architecture addressed this issue with the Garden House, a nearly 2,000-square-foot home complete with nature elements inside and out. Built in Nicosia, Cyprus, the home “brings nature back to the city” with inviting outdoor areas for gathering with friends and neighbors as well as balconies and rooftops for more indoor/outdoor living opportunities.

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plants covering ground floor and upper balcony of a white home

The designers put the focus on nature after realizing the development of Nicosia lacked greenery and public communal areas as part of its urban development. With this in mind, the team incorporated an abundance of potential for microclimates within the space. To achieve this goal, 60% of the ground floor incorporates garden space, which includes lush plants and wildflowers. Additionally, a green terrace on the first floor continues the garden theme. All areas within the home open up to the outdoors; the ground floor is connected via a centralized courtyard.

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white interior with wood floors and central indoor garden
person on white lounge chair near indoor garden

While creating all this green space is great for the residents of Garden House, it’s also beneficial to pollinators. The bee-friendly landscape includes 40 kinds of native wildflowers and encourages the return of local bird species that have mostly been driven out of the city. In addition to improving the air and visual appeal for humans and supporting wildlife, the design is a thoughtful gift to the planet with elements that work to slow global warming.

wood dining table near wall of bookshelves
long kitchen counter facing a central garden

Christos Pavlou Architecture is a small design studio that opened in 2003. With a focus on indoor/outdoor spaces and attention to solving problems related to customer needs and climate conditions, the firm has earned several recognitions, including a first-place Cyprus state architecture award in 2019 in the Outstanding Architecture category. Christos Pavlou Architecture is currently a nominee for the European Union Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2021, Barcelona. 

+ Christos Pavlou Architecture

Photography by Charis Solomou via v2com

person lounging on plant-covered balcony

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Suspects steal from Bevo Mill home while woman hid in the bathroom, police say | News Headlines

ST. LOUIS ( – Three suspects are on the run after stealing from two people in Bevo Mill Tuesday night.

Police said a 52-year-old man was approached by two men and a woman while he was walking into his home in the 4200 block of Bates Street around 10:40 p.m. The two men reportedly pointed a gun at the victim and robbed him.

After the robbery, one of the male suspects and the woman went into a 34-year-old woman’s home and stole her money and a cell phone. Police said the female victim was hiding in the bathroom at the time.

Following both crimes, the suspect left the area.

No injuries were reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

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White House pushes for pre-election SCOTUS vote

Good morning, NBC News readers.

President Donald Trump appears to have secured enough Senate support to push a vote on his Supreme Court nominee. “Zombie” storm Paulette has come back to life and Covid-19 claims another victim: Halloween.

Here’s what we’re watching this Wednesday morning.

White House gets behind idea of pushing Supreme Court nominee vote before the election

A consensus has formed within the West Wing to push for a vote on President Donald Trump’s coming Supreme Court nominee before the election, with aides and advisers saying they are increasingly optimistic that they will be able to pull off the speedy confirmation, three NBC News White House correspondents report.

Some outside advisers had initially argued that waiting to hold a vote until after Election Day could be the most politically advantageous strategy, said a person familiar with the thinking. Having the seat vacant could motivate conservatives to turn out for Trump to ensure that it got filled and save senators in tight races from having to make a controversial vote so close to the election.

But the momentum in the past 48 hours has swung toward getting a vote done as soon as possible, with those inside and outside the White House arguing that the quicker the process, the more likely they are to fill the seat, senior administration officials said.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, added to GOP confidence Tuesday when he threw his support behind Trump’s push to fill the seat vacated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg quickly.

All eyes had been on Romney, often a Trump critic who voted to convict the president during the Senate impeachment trial earlier this year, as someone who could join Democrats to block the confirmation vote.

Trump even expressed appreciation toward his frequent foe during a rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday, saying: “Thank you, Mitt.”

To date, only two Republican senators have said it is too close to the presidential election to consider a court nomination, not enough to block it.

The president promised to “reveal” his nominee at the White House at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Meantime, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden punted on the hypothetical question of how Democrats should retaliate if Republicans manage to secure their nominee. Asked if he’d be open to expanding on the number of Supreme Court seats if given the opportunity, he demurred.

“It’s a legitimate question. But let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question. Because it will shift the focus,” Biden said.

The former vice president also won an interesting endorsement Tuesday: Cindy McCain threw her support behind Biden in a stinging rebuke of Trump by the widow of the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee.

Trump has had a fraught relationship with members of John McCain’s family since he disparaged the Arizona senator during his 2016 campaign. But the McCains have stopped short of endorsing Trump’s rivals until now.

Cindy McCain’s backing could help Biden appeal to Republicans disaffected with Trump and give him a boost the crucial

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Gardening expert reveals his top tips on growing veg at home

Gardening is an easy and enjoyable pastime that you can do alone or with members of your household, and growing your own fruits and vegetables also lets you avoid those busy supermarkets at the same time. 

Instead of sitting in front of the TV, why not get out in the fresh air, learn a new skill and improve your mental and physical health, all while growing food for your friends or family!

YouTuber Tony Smith recently shared some of his green fingered wisdom with Yahoo UK, telling us everything we need to know on how to get started in the garden.  

Tony Smith’s YouTube channel teaches you all the gardening hacks you need to get growing.

Tony covered a range of topics including how to plant potatoes in a no-dig garden, grow black tomatoes, and why something as simple as a piece of copper can keep those pesky slugs from devouring your cabbages. 

Tony says: “We are living in really strange times, this pandemic has affected us all in so many different ways and gardening has seen a resurgence.”

“There are a lot of people who can’t go to work but can get in their gardens, they can put food on the table when it’s scarce because of COVID.” 

“Planting food from seeds to put on your plate, there’s nothing better than that.”

Tony shows us around his breathtaking allotment in the North East of England by the coast, and explains how following a few simple steps can help you get the garden of your dreams. 

He explains how five years ago he started making videos to show his mother how things were getting along in the allotment. 

His mother is too old to work in the garden so he wanted to make sure she was up to date on its progress, and turns out so did his viewers, thus his YouTube channel was born. 

Each episode focuses on a different kind of growing in the allotment, using no-dig raised beds, a polytunnel and protecting your plants from weeds and insects. 

Tony says: “It makes you feel a lot better than when you came. You leave feeling like you’ve achieved something. All the pressures, the worries of the day are just lifted.”

As if Tony wasn’t giving us enough garden envy, he gives us a guided tour of his three bee hives.

Bees are a massively important part of a garden’s ecosystem, they naturally pollinate your flowers and vegetable plants, and best of all they produce delicious honey – another reason not to go to crowded supermarkets. 

Tony explains how to grow potatoes in a no-dig garden using plastic tubs of compost topped with a bit of straw to prevent weeds getting in. 

He says: “There’s nothing better than coming up to a greenhouse or polytunnel or a garden and cutting vegetables that you can take home and say you grew that. It’s just a fantastic feeling.”

Tony built raised beds in his allotment himself.

Tony gives us

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House passes stopgap funding bill, avoids shutdown

Sept. 22 (UPI) — The House on Tuesday passed a a bipartisan agreement to fund the government through the end of the year, averting an Oct. 1 shutdown.

The vote came shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she and Republican negotiators had reached a deal on the continuing resolution, which includes $8 billion to fund nutrition assistance and and greater oversight to make sure farm assistance doesn’t go to oil companies.

“To help the millions of families struggling to keep food on the table during the pandemic, Democrats have renewed the vital, expiring lifeline of pandemic [Electronic Benefit Transfer] for a full year and enabled our fellow Americans in the territories to receive this critical nutrition assistance,” she said.

“Democrats secured urgently needed assistance for schoolchildren to receive meals despite the coronavirus’s disruption of their usual schedules, whether virtual or in-person, and expanded Pandemic EBT access for young children in child care. We also extended key flexibility for states to lower administrative requirements on [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] for families in the middle of this crisis.”

The Senate must agree to the same legislation before President Donald Trump can sign it.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who’s been negotiating the spending deal with Pelosi, didn’t comment on her announcement.

The deal funds the U.S. government through Dec. 11, avoiding a potential shutdown amid election season, a pandemic and an economic crisis. The new fiscal year is set to begin Oct. 1.

House Democrats’ original continuing resolution proposal eliminated about $30 billion supported by Trump for a bailout for farmers through the Commodity Credit Corp. Further negotiations restored at least some of the funding after Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell promised a fight from his party.

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People are going mad for Stacey Solomon’s favourite Lazy Susans to organise everything from make-up to kitchen cupboards

WHETHER you follow Stacey Solomon for her relatable parenting methods or ingenious organising tips, one thing’s for certain, you too would have fallen in love with the Lazy Susan for all your storage needs.

We first saw the star, 30, show how she uses the turntable to perfectly contain canned goods in her pantry, but she isn’t the only one praising the cheap and irresistible hack.

Stacey Solomon, 30, is a fan of the Lazy Susan and uses it to store her canned goods


Stacey Solomon, 30, is a fan of the Lazy Susan and uses it to store her canned goodsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
She showed off her clever hack earlier this year and admitted to loving it


She showed off her clever hack earlier this year and admitted to loving itCredit: Instagram

Popular organising duo from The Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, are also fans of the the rotating tray – which was originally designed to serve or store food.

In their hit Netflix show Get Organised With The Home Edit, the pair transform the houses of everyone from the regular working mum to Hollywood stars, and regularly use the clever storage system to restore order in panties, fridges, wardrobes and cabinets

Since it’s inception, the typically wooden item has increased in popularity, and now with cheap and versatile acrylic versions in various sizes and styles, it’s not hard to see why us regular folk have become obsessed.

One woman followed the likes of organising Queen Stacy and picked up a couple of Lazy Susans from Ikea.

The popular duo from The Home Edit also use them to store pantry items and admit it saves space and keeps things organised


The popular duo from The Home Edit also use them to store pantry items and admit it saves space and keeps things organisedCredit: The Home Edit
Joanna Teplin (L) and Clea Shearer (R) share their organised wizardry on the popular Netflix show Get Organised With The Home Edit
Joanna Teplin (L) and Clea Shearer (R) share their organised wizardry on the popular Netflix show Get Organised With The Home Edit
They also use the acrylic rotating stands in bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the home


They also use the acrylic rotating stands in bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the homeCredit: The Home Edit

Detailing on Facebook how she keeps her pantry organised, she wrote: “Recently did my quarterly pantry stocktake and did a bit of organising.”

Adding: “I find Lady Susans/Turntables are great to keep pantry stock on to utilise space and make it easy to reach for things at the back – an alternative to pullout drawers.”

But it’s not just pantries where they save on space, as one woman, named Lorenza Stewart-Young, 33, uses a three-tier number to keep her collection of skincare in order.

One woman raved about how much she loves using her Ikea Lazy Susan in her pantry


One woman raved about how much she loves using her Ikea Lazy Susan in her pantryCredit: Mums Who Organise
She used one to store her canned goods and admits they're a good way to utilise space


She used one to store her canned goods and admits they’re a good way to utilise spaceCredit: Mums Who Organise
She also keep containers on them which allows her to easily grab and go with ease


She also keep containers on them which allows her to easily grab and go with easeCredit: Mums Who Organise

Sharing a snap of her enviable dresser in the Caroline Hirons Skincare Freaks Facebook group, she wrote: “Can someone please explain to me how I functioned as a human being and skincare freak before this organiser….?”

And added: “I don’t think anything costing 20 squids has brought

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House Dems seek to curb presidential power with new bill targeting potential abuses

House Democrats unveiled a sweeping package of government reforms Monday aimed at curbing future abuses of power by a president and strengthening congressional oversight powers, in response to the conflicts they’ve had with the Trump administration in the last three years. 

The legislation, called the “Protecting Our Democracy Act,” wouldn’t pass the Republican-controlled Senate even if it were to pass the House before the end of the current Congress, but it is among the bills Democrats have prepared, should they recapture the Senate and White House this November. It would complement H.R.1, another reform package targeting voting rights, campaign finance and government ethics House Democrats passed in 2019. 

The committee chairs who authored the legislation say it will prevent future abuses and restore the balance of power between Congress and the White House, and they argue that the foundation of democracy is “deeply at risk” without changes.  

“Since taking office, President Trump has placed his own personal and political interests above the national interest by protecting and enriching himself, targeting his political opponents, seeking foreign interference in our elections, eroding transparency, seeking to end accountability, and otherwise abusing the power of his office,” the chairs said in a statement. “It is time for Congress to strengthen the bedrock of our democracy and ensure our laws are strong enough to withstand a lawless president.” 

The latest legislation tries to claw back more power for Congress and to curb the president’s power under the Constitution, an area where Democrats have struggled, despite hundreds of hours spent on investigations of the current administration and impeachment proceedings that ended with the president’s acquittal in the Senate. 

It would speed up the process by which Congress can turn to the courts to enforce a subpoena and empower the courts to fine government officials who fail to comply. Democrats have used the contempt process to try to compel Attorney General William Barr, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and former White House Counsel Don McGahn to comply with subpoenas, only to see those efforts stall in court or fail to produce documents they sought. 

There are also provisions aimed at limiting the administration’s ability to govern through emergency declarations or to divert federal funds away from the use intended by Congress. 

The bill would also try to curb potential political interference by the Justice Department, and even allow fines against White House officials who violate the Hatch Act by engaging in partisan political activity while acting in an official capacity. An ethics watchdog for the White House recommended that one of President Trump’s key advisers, Kellyanne Conway, be fired for violating the act, but she faced no consequences from the White House. 

Other measures would strengthen protections for whistleblowers in the federal government and try to give further support to the inspectors general who independently investigate federal agencies.  

The president himself would face increased scrutiny and limits on his ability to issue pardons or commutations to relatives or officials who were found to have obstructed Congress. Self-pardons would

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Zephyr Shares How to Design a Delectable Kitchen for Entertaining at Home

Take Advantage of Fun Technology

Kitchen appliances can prompt a party state of mind just as easily as a cheese board and a favorite playlist. The new Roma Groove Wall by Zephyr is a kitchen ventilation hood with built-in Bluetooth® speakers that streams music from any Bluetooth®-compatible device. It offers functionality such as playing/pausing music, skipping tracks, or changing the volume directly from the hood itself using the built-in Bluetooth® controls. With its quality sound, powerful performance, and striking contemporary design, Roma Groove turns the kitchen into the ultimate listening lounge.

Embrace a Convivial Layout

Opening the kitchen to adjoining spaces and opting for a kitchen island helps spark connection. An island range hood, such as the Lift Downdraft by Zephyr, is a space-efficient solution that rises to the occasion with a touch of a button. It discreetly hides behind the cooktop, range top, or range and once powered on, Lift elevates to an 18-inch rise. When the home chef is finished cooking and the air is ventilated, Lift retracts out of sight with a push of a button.

Bring the Bar to You

No need to venture out for a perfectly chilled chardonnay or a refreshing Pilsner. If there is limited space in the kitchen, consider carving out a bar in an underutilized area such as an island end, a built-in kitchen desk, or an underused closet. Presrv™ Panel Ready Wine & Beverage Coolers are another option that blend seamlessly into existing under-counter cabinetry. Oenophiles should look for a wine cooler with precise temperature control, air filtration, protective glass and dual zones for whites and reds.

Take the Party Outside

Extend your kitchen into the backyard for a staycation-style vibe. From elaborate outdoor kitchens to intimate patios, the 24″ Presrv™ Outdoor Beverage Cooler transforms any size space into an outdoor entertaining center. A Full-Extension Wire Rack can hold wine bottles, craft beers, prepped veggies for the grill, and fruit garnishes for drinks. If the outdoor grill is located under a covered structure, a powerful outdoor range hood is necessary. The outdoor hood extracts unnecessary components and keeps the outdoor kitchen — and your guests! — clean and grease free. The Cypress, Spruce, and Willow outdoor range hoods feature increased depth and more power to withstand extreme heat and moisture.

To learn more about the Zephyr range hoods and wine and beverage coolers, visit


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