An Open Feeling in 125 Square Feet

Bad space planning can have a tremendously negative effect on how a room functions. That was the case for Stephen and Linda Bruner’s 125-square-foot bathroom in Edmond, Oklahoma. A large, rarely used jetted tub took up one corner, forcing an awkward angle that carried over to a narrow shower stall and L-shaped vanity. A separate tiny vanity was crammed into another corner and butted up against the entrance to the bathroom. The difficult layout wasted space and created dysfunctional circulation.

The Bruners wanted a more comfortable space and to update the 1990s-era finishes, which included 25-year-old striped wallpaper. They hired designer Kirby Foster Hurd and builder Eric Stewart, and gathered inspiration ideas on Houzz. Foster Hurd streamlined the layout by eliminating the tub, expanding the shower and adding a custom double vanity on one wall. A slim built-in linen cabinet replaced the former small corner vanity. And sandy walls, creamy shower tiles and a taupe vanity base deliver a warm, embracing style.

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