ADream of a Bar: Bellavista Collection Offers a Range of Excellent Bar Units

There is nothing extraordinary about having a bar cabinet at homenowadays.On the other hand, many people still perceive a bar in a living room as a whim. Well, itsurely isn’t an article of daily necessity. It’s more like a luxury item, because an average person can easily do without it.

But why be an average one? If youenjoy throwing parties, why not get a furniture piece, which will automatically become a center of a party? Or, if yousay, have a collection of elite beverages, why not keep them in a place they deserve?

Bar cabinets are gaining popularity with people from all walks of life. Many high-end furniture manufacturers include bar units into theirproduct lists. No wonder that sucha renowned producer of Italian luxury furniture, as Bellavista Collection, offers a number of gorgeous bar units.

Bar cabinets from Bellavista Collection look grand and offer plenty of storage space. Also, they are indispensable if you want to keep alcohol and fragile glass away from children.

You will easily find bar units on Bellavista’s website. From the homepage, move to Products section, then to Casegoods category – and here you are: you will see a separate sub-category named Bar Units.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

TUDOR: Attendeesof iSaloni 2019Were Impressed

The first one is TUDOR – an amazingly luxurious bar cabinet, which was first shown to the public just recently. From 9th to 14th of April, this grand-lookingbar unit turned visitors’ heads at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019.It was hard to ignore this item: its surface, lavishly decorated with glittering brass studs, was really impressive.

In fact, there were two TUDORs showcased at iSaloni. Their names – TUDOR Barand TUDOR Cabinet – are pretty self-explanatory. As it is easy to guess, one is of them a bar unit, and the other one is designed for keeping valuables. These TUDORs predictably differ in their interior structure, but both are outwardly chic.

TUDOR Bar looks like embodiment of wealth. The backlit inner back made of natural onyx, the drawers’ fronts, wrapped in top quality leather of blue color, glittering brass details – everything indicates impeccable quality of the piece. This bar will make everyone feel like a Royal.

ZEUS: Created Last Year and Already Popular

This bar, named after Ancient Greek supreme god ZEUS, was designed in 2018 andpresented at the last year’s edition of Salone del Mobile. Visitors of iSaloni 2018 enjoyed the looks of this really beautiful bar unit.

A backlit onyx inner back panel in ZEUS is similar to the TUDOR’s.Besides, the combination of white onyx and a bronzed mirror chosen for the inner and back of ZEUS, looks extremely elegant. After having served as a showpiece, ZEUS became available to Bellavista’s customers and quickly became popular.

Bellavista Collection’s approach to its showpieces is pretty sensible. A furniture item is designed to serve people, rather than to be shown once at a trade event. Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and extremely talented all-round designer, creates every piece with people’s needs and wants in mind. They are never intended to be just showpieces.

So, after a trade exhibition (such as iSaloni or Maison et Objet, which Bellavista never misses since 2010), a former display item replenishes Bellavista’s assortment. In fact, almost every item there once was a showpiece at iSaloni or Maison&Objet.

That’s just the case with ZEUS – as well as a great share of Bellavista’s items you can see at the company’s website.

What is more, people who pick ZEUS now, have a great advantage: a much wider choice of options.

For example, you will be welcome to choose among six kinds of wood: American walnut, ebony, rosewood, dark stained walnut, moka stained walnut, and grey sukupira. Among other options are touch activated LED lights, which are very handy, and a drawer unit with its front padded in top-quality durable saddleleather.

HIM: Nice-Looking and Spacious

This bar cabinet is pretty roomy, which makes it a good choice for any room. It’s 196 centimeters (76.8 inches) high,116 centimeters(45.7in.)wide, and 56 centimeters(22 in.)deep.

Its inner side panels are wrapped in copper sheet, and its inner back panel is made of natural Calacatta marble. On request, the panel will be backlit with touch-activated LED lights.

Brass handles and baseperfectly harmonize withextra clear glass of the shelf and prime quality belting leather of the details.

As for wood options, they include: American walnut, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, ebony, andgrey sukupira.

If you wish, this bar will be equipped with afridge.

I BAR: A Modest ZEUS

The barunit named I BAR can well be called a simplified version of ZEUS. Both cabinets are pretty similar. The difference in particular is that IBAR’s inner back doesn’t havenatural stonedecoration.


BELLAVISTA bar unit is pretty tall, slim, and extremely elegant. 180 centimeters (70.9 inches) high, 80 cm. (31.5 in.) wide and 45 cm. (17.7 in.) deep, it will fit into even a relatively small living-room.

Antique bronze of its base, handles, and decorative details go well with natural solid wood of the exterior. The choice of woods is rich: Ebony and grey sukupira, (both could be either regular orglossy); American walnut, moka stained and dark stained walnut;natural oak, champagne stained, grey stained, moka stained, and smoke stained oak. A dozen of options in total!

The inner back of the unit is decorated with rectangular pieces of bevelled mirror. Closely fit together, they form kind of a mosaic. The rack holder for the glasses is made of prime quality thick leather. If you wish, the bar will have touch-activated LED lights.

Each bar cabinet from Bellavista Collection is unique in its own way. Whatever one you choose, it will serve you for decades to come. Bellavista’s furniture is made to last long, so it’s pretty likely that one of these bar units will come in handy to your grown-up grandchildren when they give their parties.