Adding GFCI Outlets

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I would like to add a 110V GFCI outlets to rooms other than bathrooms. How can I do this?  


To accommodate code requirements in the United States, Chief Architect will add 110V GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in rooms that have the Bathroom Room Type specified. It will not, however, add this outlet type to other rooms. If you would like to use GFCI outlets in other rooms, you can place them manually from the library, or you can use the Replace From Library edit tool to replace existing outlets with GFCI’s.

To manually place outlets from the library

  1. Select View> Library Browser  if the Library Browser isn’t open, and browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing> Electrical> Outlets> Surface Mounted> 110V to find an outlet type that suits your needs and select it.

    Browsing to the Outlets folder in the Library Browser
  2. Select the GFCI outlet in the library, and now when you move your cursor, the Electrical icon will follow your cursor.
  3. Click in your plan where you would like to place GFCI outlets.

    GFCI outlet placed onto a wall

To replace existing outlets

You can use the Replace From Library tool to replace objects in a plan with different items from the Library Browser.

  1. Using the Select Objects  tool, click on an outlet that you’d like to replace.  
  2. With the outlet selected, click the Replace From Library  edit button.  
  3. In the Replace From Library dialog that displays:

    Replace From Library dialog

    • Choose the desired Replacement Option.
    • Click the Library button under the Replace with section, and in the Select Library Object dialog, browse the library for the outlet type you would like to use, select it, then click OK.
    • Click OK to replace the chosen outlets with the outlet selected from the library. 

Another way to add GFCI outlets to a room is to temporarily specify the room as a bathroom, use the Auto Place Outlets tool to place outlets in the room, then restore the correct room type.

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