5 Tips on Setting up a Traditional British Kitchen

Are you thinking of setting up a traditional British kitchen? Are you wondering what essential tips you need to know to help you achieve the perfect kitchen you want? Well, you are in good hands. Traditional British Kitchens are not just elegant and classy; the indigenous taste they come with sets them apart from other types of kitchens. The reason being that they have the attribute of standing the test of time.

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1.  Understand the traditional British kitchen designs

One of the practical tips you need to note is that you need to understand the traditional kitchen designs. This is because the conventional British kitchen needs the designer to pay attention to small details and the user’s personality. Therefore, you need to set up a design that suits your personality and a typically traditional British kitchen. One of which is the use of natural materials like woods.

Another design added to the traditional British kitchen that you need to take note of is crown moulding. Crown moulding helps to add a touch of sophistication and depth to the style of the traditional cabinet. You also need to use primary and conventional materials like marbles, stones, amongst others, to achieve the classic look and quality.

2.  Simple colours

Another tip you need to note while setting up a traditional British kitchen is the inclusion of simple and plain colours. Do not overdo the paints on the wall or the cabinets – go for a simple colour that adds class and elegance.

3.  A boot room

Although this may not be necessary, it is nice to add a boot room. Otherwise called the mudroom. It is a lovely inclusion to the traditional British kitchen.

4.  Add a larder

These function as pantry storage for goods that needs to get cool but are not put in the fridge. Examples of such food items include eggs and cheese. The larders were built then in a time when the use of fridges was not expected. Adding it to your kitchen will take you to the classy period when everyday food items were displayed. However, this does not mean you cannot set up a fridge in the kitchen.

5.  Purchase an AGA

What is a traditional British kitchen without a traditional British stove? The AGA is a typically traditional British stove used in UK country homes. Therefore, to achieve that perfect traditional British kitchen, you may consider adding the traditional British stove to your kitchen. These stoves are available in different colours. They also keep the kitchen warm and homely since you can leave them on all the time.


Now that you know some of the essential tips that will help you set up a traditional British kitchen in your home, get on with it and enjoy the lovely feeling, class, and elegance that comes with a classic British kitchen.