41 Bathroom Organization Ideas: For Counters, Cabinets and More

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A small bathroom is one of the most challenging places to get organized and keep ship-shape. You need to store so many kinds of things in a bathroom—many of them small and sometimes slippery. And because you use those things multiple times a day, it’s easy to end up with jumbled, messy spaces that don’t function well. It’s not a nice way to start or end your day.

The first step to bringing order to a disorganized bathroom (after decluttering!) is making sure that every single item has a designated spot. This is especially challenging, again, due to the lack of space, which affects everything from where to put your toothbrush and toothpaste to how to store the extra towels and toilet paper rolls.

That’s where creative vision comes in. Let go of the desire for sought-after storage spaces that you just don’t have, let go of any concepts about how things “should” be stored, and open yourself up to a slew of organizational problem-solvers.

These 41 hacks are often as fun as they are functional.

1. Use a lazy susan in your bathroom cabinets to more easily reach the areas in the back.

A spinning turntable is every organizer’s secret weapon, and it’s perfect for bringing order to your non-uniform collection of jars and bottles. Choose turntables with a bit of a lip (or even a lazy susan with a backstop) to ensure that small bottles and jars don’t slide off. Place taller bottles either in the center or at the edges so you’re able to see everything you have and get to what you need.

2. Assign drawer organizers to roommates or members of your family to keep things tidy and keep countertops uncluttered.

If more than one family member uses the same bathroom, keep their supplies corralled in long drawer organizers to minimize the transfer of germs and those shrieks of “So-and-so used my toothpaste and squeezed from the middle!” Label each divider with a name to remind everyone to put their things back exactly where they belong.

3. Stretch a long tension rod across your shower, then hang a shower caddy or other things from it.

Need more storage space in your shower? A sturdy tension rod and S-hooks give you an instant shower-length solution. Not only do you have room to place your shower tools and products, but the method allows for air circulation so your scrubbies and washcloths can dry.

4. Hang products from a tension rod or towel bar with clip-on shower curtain rings.

Use photo- or curtain-clip hooks to suspend the personal care products you use in the shower, so you have room to store them right where you use them. Hanging them means never having to clean in-shower shelves that get slimy from never fully drying.

5. Hang small plastic laundry baskets from waterproof adhesive hooks for kids’ toys or extra storage for products.

Tired of the messy look that comes from bath toys strewn in the bath or tub corners overflowing with shampoo and conditioner? Confine and contain in strategically placed, inexpensive storage baskets that allow for airflow. Water-resistant Command hooks will keep them out of the way without damage.

6. Roll up washcloths and store them in an upright file sorter.

No more trying to keep washcloths from getting lost in the jumble of hand and body towels in the linen closet. No more tiny towers of awkwardly folded washcloths that end up looking like rags. This storage method of using an upright magazine-and-file sorter is as cute as it is effective.

7. Decant shampoo and other shower staples to visually reduce clutter.

There’s actual clutter, and we know you work hard to eliminate that from your bathroom. But then there’s visual clutter, the “noise” of colorful labels and different sized containers. To infuse your shower with the spa feeling you crave, dry decanting into eye-pleasing, uniform containers.

Credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw

8. Use a free-standing wardrobe or hutch to instead of a linen closet—keep it in the bathroom or just outside in the hallway.

No linen closet? No problem. Add a cute hutch to your bathroom—or any area nearby—to store paper products, towels, etc. and you not only infuse personality into your space but create storage opportunities out of thin air.

Credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw

9. Install a “no tools,” “no drill” floating shelf for small extras (and style).

Drilling holes for a shelf feels permanent and, if you’re renting, might not be allowed. But this no-holes floating shelf gives you damage-free extra storage. It’s affixed with an adhesive strip and supports up to 15 pounds so you can set cosmetics, personal care products, or your favorite decor up and out of the way.

10. The walls beside the vanity are the perfect place for a shelf, if your counter space is lacking.

A shelf next to the vanity keeps things off the counters, which gives the entire bathroom a picked-up look but still leaves items you use daily within easy reach. And it’s deeper than the shelves of built-in medicine cabinets, so you can stop wishing you had one!

Credit: Charles Dundas-Shaw

11. Incorporate a tray to unify small essentials.

Another organizing classic, putting small objects on trays makes your left-out essentials look purposefully placed. Small products and tools are conveniently on-hand but look like a curated collection that’s meant to be there.

12. Bring cabinet organizers onto the counters, if you have space and need mega storage.

Sometimes you need to store bulkier items on the surface of your counter. For an eye-pleasing yet utilitarian solution, bring your cabinet organizers out so you can use in-cabinet space for things you’d rather keep behind closed doors, like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

13. If you have a pedestal sink, add a curved shelving unit.

Pedestal sinks are pretty but sorely lacking in storage potential. This curved shelving unit fits seamlessly into the space beneath your sink and makes it possible to store necessities where they’ll be used.

14. Use a suction-cup sponge holder on your backsplash or mirror to keep small items close by.

Again, kitchen organization products solve bathroom storage conundrums. This unobtrusive sponge holder keeps easily lost, small items like toiletries handy so you can use them up before they expire.

15. Hang plastic baskets on the inside of cabinet doors.

The insides of your cabinet doors are rife with storage possibilities. Hanging dollar store baskets from them means you can keep small items like essential oil bottles, razors, and feminine products from junking up drawers or getting lost in cavernous cabinets.

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh/Kitchn

16. Use an under-sink organizer that adjusts to accommodate your plumbing and maximize space.

Under-sink organizers are specifically made to make the most of the space beneath your sink. By going vertical, this expandable under-sink organizer allows you to stack cleaning supplies or bulkier bathroom items, no digging or shuffling things around necessary.

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh/Kitchn

17. Hang a tension rod inside a cabinet to drape towels, hang spray bottles, or hang virtually anything with S-hooks.

A tension rod spanning the cabinet under the sink means a place to hang your makeup removing cloth! That’s what I’ll be using mine for. The magic of this hack is its versatility as it makes use of vertical “airspace.”

18. Hang a shower organizer from the same hooks as your shower curtain.

You can hang more than just the shower curtain from the shower curtain rod. Make the very same hooks do double duty by adding a small shower pocket organizer on the inside of the curtain to get your necessities off the tub ledges or shower floor discretely.

19. Store hair tools in a countertop organizer if you don’t have cabinet or drawer space.

Hair tools strewn on the counter look messy. Hair tools standing at attention in a countertop appliance holder make you feel like your life is together, and it is, at least in the straightener/curler/blower dryer department (you gotta start somewhere!).

20. Hang a caddy over the showerhead to make space out of thin air.

This shower caddy is definitely more structurally interesting and appealing than your standard hanging shower unit. Set product bottles and bars of soap on the shelves and hang loofahs, scrubbers, and razors from hooks.

21. Or get a shower caddy that can mount on glass, if you have glass shower walls.

If you’d rather leave your shower faucet area free and you have a glass shower door, this shower caddy provides discrete and ample storage space for your shower necessities. With a combination of hooks and shelves, it’s versatile enough to meet your specific personal needs.

22. Mount organizers directly on your mirror, if you have no wall space.

Make use of a routinely overlooked storage-mounting surface with this toiletry organizer that grips onto your mirror glass without adhesive! You’ll get that tidy look of having nothing on the counter even if you have no wall space to speak of.

23. Or try a suction-cup organizer on your tile.

Create your own in-shower storage cubbies for next-level organization. Say goodbye to rusty bobby pins on the side of the tub or soggy hair ties strewn about the shower. The TISKEN line from IKEA offers “quick and easy no-drill bathroom updates,” making the place for everything philosophy a reality in your bathing zone.

24. Use ladder-style shelving that is deeper at the bottom and shallower at the top.

A tapered shelf feels less bulky than a standard shelving unit. This is important in a small space that you don’t want to overcrowd with furniture, yet a piece like this still offers significant storage opportunities.

25. Put a magnetic knife strip inside your drawers or cabinets to keep small, metal items organized.

Using an unexpected plane of a surface for storage is cool. Mounting a magnetic knife strip on it to keep tiny metal bathroom items visible and accessible is enough to make you want to pat yourself on the back each time you use it.

26. Use a hanging closet organizer to store linens or other bathroom staples.

Hanging closet organizers supply instant shelves with zero tools or assembly. Store towels, linens, or toilet paper in them to keep essentials close without overloading cabinets or closets (if you even have them).

27. Hang an organizer over the back of the door.

28. Create extra “counter” space with a bathtub caddy.

If you’re taking a bath, this bathtub caddy is the perfect place to drop your book and bath oils. But even if you’re not a bath person, a caddy like this can offer extra surface space in a small bathroom. Use it to store your skincare, toothbrush, or anything else you don’t have room for on the vanity.

29. Don’t waste the space over your toilet.

The space over your toilet is just waiting to become useful. Set baskets on the tank to hold washcloths and turn a shelf on the wall into a perch for perfume, hairspray, or a canister holding hairbrushes. And don’t forget a humidity-loving trailing plant.

30. And P.S. you can hang shelves high (super high!) above the toilet.

If you’d rather keep a bit of empty space over the toilet or you get the sensation that you’re going to hit your head on a too-low shelf, go higher. If you have a sturdy toilet seat, it can serve as a built-in step stool so you can reach what’s on it.

31. Consider every inch and nook of wall space as a place to hang shelves.

Get creative and view any bit of empty wall as a potential spot for hanging shelves and adding coveted storage space. Once they’re in, we promise, they’ll look like they’re supposed to be there.

32. Don’t overlook any space when you’re looking for room for a shelving unit.

You can probably find something to fit any area, like the space between the sink and the tub. Don’t be afraid to turn it in an unexpected way, either. Pro tip: Open shelving feels less heavy.

33. Fit a thin rolling shelf in the space next to the toilet.

A narrow rolling shelf keeps reading material exactly where it’s needed. Wheels mean you don’t have to get cozy with the toilet to get what’s stored on the shelves; just pull it out, grab what you need, and slide it back in place.

34. If you don’t like the look of shelves crowding the toilet, consider a basket with a lid.

Open shelves near the toilet might not be your thing. In that case, consider a basket with a lid. It’s perfect for holding extra towels or even your toilet paper refills.

35. Corral things on a tray or basket on top of the toilet.

A tray or basket is always the answer when it comes to making small items look pulled together. The space on the back of the toilet is yet another perfect example of this trick’s appeal.

36. Hang shelves above the door.

For fixed extra bathroom storage of items that aren’t daily necessities, consider mounting shelves above the door. It’s a completely unobtrusive spot, allowing you to keep your bathroom airy while still alleviating the woes of limited bathroom storage.

37. Double up your shower curtain with a tension rod.

A tension rod spread just below your shower rod opens a whole new world of bathroom storage possibilities. Hang towels or wet bathing suits to dry, or keep your bathing tools suspended from hooks.

38. Add a tiered tray to your counter or floor.

A tiered tray is the perfect marriage of a small shelving unit and the tray effect. It uses vertical space and keeps small bathroom items contained and close at hand.

39. Keep a rolling cart near the bathroom, which you can wheel in/out and around to wherever you’re at.

Opt for a rolling utility cart and you won’t have to think too hard about the optimal placement for extra storage. Roll the cart and its contents to wherever you need to go, whether it’s to the mirror to do your hair or to the tub to have a soak.

 40. If you don’t need your towel bars, hang baskets from them instead.

You didn’t know it, but extra towel bar space is an already-there basket holder. This towel-bar bathroom storage caddy takes advantage of this unused portion of hardware, and is perfect for holding shampoo, conditioner, or lotion.

41. Use a vase with marbles/vase filler for makeup brushes.

The thing about adding glass bead filler to a vase is not only that it turns makeup brush storage into a bouquet, but that they make a satisfying sound when you poke your brushes back into them. You know you want to.

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