4 Steps To An Easy Kitchen Renovation In Pennsylvania

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Take the time to get your home ready before your contractor arrives.
Take the time to get your home ready before your contractor arrives. (Shutterstock)

Homeowners take a lot of pride in their spaces in Pennsylvania. So, if you’re having work done, don’t let your contractors arrive to chaos.

You’ll want to clear all of your dishes out of your cabinetry. Have a spare bedroom no one is using? This is a great place to stack and lay dishes right out on the bed. You can also enlist a basement or other lightly trafficked space. Stack them someplace out of mind.

For dishes and other items, you’ll want to start packing things you don’t need or use regularly a full week before your project is set to begin. The night before, you should have moved the very last dish out of your cabinetry. Since you’ve probably stacked them in odd places with exposure to dust, be sure to wash everything before putting them back after the project is done.

2. Protect Your Floors

If floors aren’t part of your remodel, you want to make sure to protect your existing floors. For tile or hardwood, lay carpet scraps (you can buy these from a carpet store) over the flooring. Tape them down with duct tape so they won’t slide, but be careful not to damage hardwood.

For tile, you may consider taking the extra step of including padding underneath. Contractors will be moving heavy objects that could potentially crack or damage your floor.