24 Best Bathroom Plants – High Humidity Plants

Houseplants have become increasingly popular over the past few years, so much so that it’s safe to say they’re a decorating staple. And the trend has officially extended to every room of the house—including the bathroom. It may seem like a weird place to keep your plants and show off your green thumb, but not only does putting plants in your bathroom turn it into your own personal oasis (seriously, a plant-filled bathroom is like a vacation in your own home!), your bathroom is actually a great environment to keep many plants, even some of the most popular ones out there like snake plants and fiddle leaf figs. The higher humidity levels help plenty of plants live their best lives, and there are options for sunny, natural-light-filled bathrooms and darker, windowless ones alike.

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According to plant resources like The Sill, Bloomscape, Costa Farms, and Urban Sprouts, these are some of the best houseplants to place in your bathroom, with plenty of options for all different light levels. Just choose the right varieties for your space, and these humidity-loving plants will be content.

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Pilea Peperomioides

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The self-propagating Pilea Peperomioides thrives in tropical environments, making it the perfect bathroom plant candidate. However, it will do better in a bathroom that has a window with bright to indirect light. Also referred to as a pancake or a UFO plant, the plant has flat, round leaves that make for a cute, playful display—it would look especially nice against the backdrop of some polka dot-printed towels or wallpaper!


Golden Pothos

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If you can’t resist a good trailing plant, the golden pothos will make itself and all its vines at home in your bathroom, where it will thrive in a more humid environment (the tips of its leaves will turn brown if the air is too dry!). This plant can handle anywhere from low to bright sunlight, so long as the light is indirect.


Mini Preserved Living Wall

The Sill


Perhaps in your experience, the best bathroom plants are the ones that require zero effort… So if you’re looking for a decorative plant to liven up your bathroom wall that requires zero maintenance in order to thrive, opt for a “living wall.” The vibrant green moss has been preserved in its prime so you won’t have to do anything to keep it in tip-top shape. Simply hang it up. 


Aloe Plant

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The aloe plant is a super low-key succulent that’s perfect for a first houseplant owner or anyone with a super busy lifestyle. All it really needs to thrive is access to bright light (indirect is fine, though direct sunlight will be better and might even make your plant yield coral-hued flowers), so place it in a sunny spot in your bathroom. It’s great for soothing sunburns and skin irritations, too, so they’re particularly well-suited for a beach house bathroom.


Calathea Rattlesnake Lancifolia

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Keep the stunning calathea plant in medium indirect light and a moderate to a more humid environment, and it’s sure to do well. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship: Your bathroom’s environment will help it live a healthy life, and its beautiful foliage will give your bathroom new life, too.


Snake Plant

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Beloved by everyone from beginners to plant pros thanks to its stunning look and easy care requirements, the ever-popular snake plant is a great bathroom option because it can thrive in any humidity level and can tolerate low or bright indirect light.



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High humidity will keep this unique plant happy, as will bright, indirect light. They love regular misting, so they’re not for the forgetful plant parent. But if you want an eye-catching plant to liven up your bathroom, it’ll certainly get the job done.


English Ivy

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If you love the whimsical, secret garden vibes of ivy outside, why not bring that same aesthetic into your bathroom with English Ivy? With a classic British countryside charm, potted English Ivy is super resilient and grows pretty much wherever it can find room to do so. This plant likes medium light and humidity. Hang it from a basket for that vining effect.


Air Plant

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Don’t let the name fool you; these unique plants need more than just air to survive. In fact, air plants need water (you water them by soaking them!) and thrive in moderate to high humidity and bright indirect light—perfect if you want a smaller option and have a bathroom window to perch them near.



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The monstera plant with its iconic leaves is always a stunner, and it’s a great houseplant because it can thrive in a lot of different environments, including your bathroom. It can handle low light, though it will do better in brighter indirect light, and it can handle any level of humidity.


Watermelon Peperomia

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Another humidity-loving plant, the watermelon peperomia likes warm temperatures and plenty of moisture, along with medium to bright indirect light. Mist this plant regularly and keep it in your bathroom, and it’ll be quite the happy camper.



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Typically speaking, bamboo grows in water and is a super low-maintenance pick that will also give your bathroom some serious spa vibes. It’s a great plant for low-light spaces, so if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of sun, don’t worry—bamboo will still grow successfully there.


Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Not only is this philodendron a great plant choice for beginners (it’s super easy to care for and can handle most conditions!), it’s also a great pick for your bathroom because it grows bigger in higher humidity. Plus, it’s a trailing plant—perfect if you want a little drama.


Tradescantia Zebrina

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This purple trailing plant isn’t just a stunner, it’s also a plant that’s pretty much guaranteed to thrive in your bathroom. Higher humidity levels will keep it happy and thriving, and you’ll know if it’s too dry if the leaves start to turn brown.


Ocean Spider Plant

Like snake plants, spider plants prefer bright light but will happily live in low light. They also can handle less humidity, but prefer a more moderately humid environment. Keep it on a shelf in your bathroom or hang it from the ceiling, and wait for it to product baby spider plants that you can use to grow your own collection or give to friends.


Costa Farms Blooming Anthurium Live Indoor Plant

One of the trendiest plants this spring and known for its gorgeous, waxy, heart-shaped flowers with a bold stem, the anthurium is another smart addition to your bathroom—so long as it’s well-lit. This plant will do well in a bright, indirect light location with higher humidity levels. You’ll be able to tell if its too humid or too dry based on its leaves—yellow tips mean it’s too wet, and brown tips mean it’s too dry.


Bird’s Nest Fern

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Ferns are a great option for your bathroom, especially varieties like the bird’s nest fern. This particular plant does better in lower light environments, so if you want to brighten up a dimmer bathroom with a little greenery, this should be your go-to. It’s also a little more forgiving and can also handle lower humidity levels, but will do much better in a warmer, more moist environment.



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There are several types of dracaena to choose from (the lemon lime variety is a fun, striped option!), and they make great bathroom plants as well. For this plant, high humidity is key, so your bathroom is basically the perfect location for it. They will also tolerate low light, but will do even better in a medium to bright indirect light location.


Peace Lily

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This beautiful flowering plant is a tropical plant, making it ideal for your humid bathroom. Give it plenty of sunshine to make sure it can bloom, keep the soil moist but not too wet, and you’ll have a happy peace lily on your hands. If it gets too dry, peace lilies will wilt quite noticeably, but give them a good drink and they’ll perk right back up.



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These unique, colorful plants (related to pineapples!) do best in medium to bright indirect light, so don’t put these in a bathroom without a window. But while they’re pretty tolerant to dryness and can bounce back if you forget to water them, they prefer to stay moist—meaning a humid bathroom is perfect for them.


Majesty Palm

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Majesty palms love humidity, so your bathroom is the perfect spot for it—so long as you have room for a bigger plant. They love the occasional misting, and while they can handle lower light, they do best in sunny locations.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

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For a big bathroom where you want to make a statement, a fiddle leaf fig tree will fare surprisingly well. They have a reputation for being harder to care for, but they’re easier to keep alive than you think—you just have to know what you’re doing. Fiddle leaf figs need consistent, bright light (and to not be moved from it, they hate that!) and they love warm, wet environments like the bathroom.



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Aglaonema will do well just about anywhere in your home, as they can tolerate low light and lower humidity levels, but where they really thrive is in bright, indirect sunlight and higher humidity levels, so it’s best kept on your bathroom windowsill.



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Orchids are a little fussy when it comes to watering, but even though they prefer their soil to be on the drier side, they also like humidity—they are tropical plants, after all. Orchids tolerate low light but will fare much better in brighter indirect light, so they’re better kept on your bathroom windowsill.

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