41 Bathroom Organization Ideas: For Counters, Cabinets and More

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A small bathroom is one of the most challenging places to get organized and keep ship-shape. You need to store so many kinds of things in a bathroom—many of them small and sometimes slippery. And because you use those things multiple times a day, it’s easy to end up with jumbled, messy spaces that don’t function well. It’s not a nice way to start or end your day.

The first step to bringing order to a disorganized bathroom (after decluttering!) is making sure that every single item has a designated spot. This is especially challenging, again, due to the lack of space, which affects everything from where to put your toothbrush and toothpaste to how to store the extra towels and toilet paper rolls.

That’s where creative vision comes in. Let go of the desire for sought-after storage spaces that you just don’t have, let go of any concepts about how things “should” be stored, and open yourself up to a slew of organizational problem-solvers.

These 41 hacks are often as fun as they are functional.

1. Use a lazy susan in your bathroom cabinets to more easily reach the areas in the back.

A spinning turntable is every organizer’s secret weapon, and it’s perfect for bringing order to your non-uniform collection of jars and bottles. Choose turntables with a bit of a lip (or even a lazy susan with a backstop) to ensure that small bottles and jars don’t slide off. Place taller bottles either in the center or at the edges so you’re able to see everything you have and get to what you need.

2. Assign drawer organizers to roommates or members of your family to keep things tidy and keep countertops uncluttered.

If more than one family member uses the same bathroom, keep their supplies corralled in long drawer organizers to minimize the transfer of germs and those shrieks of “So-and-so used my toothpaste and squeezed from the middle!” Label each divider with a name to remind everyone to put their things back exactly where they belong.

3. Stretch a long tension rod across your shower, then hang a shower caddy or other things from it.

Need more storage space in your shower? A sturdy tension rod and S-hooks give you an instant shower-length solution. Not only do you have room to place your shower tools and products, but the method allows for air circulation so your scrubbies and washcloths can dry.

4. Hang products from a tension rod or towel bar with clip-on shower curtain rings.

Use photo- or curtain-clip hooks to suspend the personal care products you use in the shower, so you have room to store them right where you use them. Hanging them means never having to clean in-shower shelves that get slimy from never fully drying.

5. Hang small plastic laundry baskets from waterproof adhesive hooks for kids’ toys or extra storage for products.

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Ex-janitor sentenced for filming students in school bathroom

An ex-janitor at a Florida high school has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for filming a dozen students in a girls’ bathroom, federal prosecutors said.

Derremy Jerrell Walker — a former contracted custodian at Oviedo High School — was found guilty in June after two 15-year-old girls found an “actively recording cellphone” hidden beneath a sink in a student bathroom stall in November 2019, the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida said Wednesday.

“Mr. Walker did more than just produce horror, he stole the innocence and trust of these young victims,” FBI Tampa Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson said.

The girls snatched the phone and took the device to school administrators, who alerted Oviedo police. Walker was later arrested in February 2020, and immediately trespassed from the school while being relieved of his duties, WFLA reported.

Cops at the time said the revolting footage also showed Walker “propping” the phone up under a sink in a stall designed for people with disabilities.

Prosecutors said an analysis of the cellphone found that Walker, 31, of Sanford, had hidden the device in the same location on two occasions earlier in November 2019, creating a one-hour video of students in the stall.

Oviedo High School.
Derremy Walker was working as a contracted custodian at Oviedo High School at the time of the crime.
Google Earth

The cellphone had been recording for about 15 minutes before the girls found it. In all three instances, Walker positioned the device’s camera to capture the genitalia of anyone using the restroom, prosecutors said.

Investigators ultimately identified eight of the 12 students who were unwittingly recorded while in the stall. Walker had also set up a hidden cellphone camera in a faculty bathroom earlier that month.

In addition to 60 years in federal prison, a judge ordered Walker to serve a lifetime of supervised release and to register as a sex offender after completing his sentence. A federal jury found him guilty in June of two counts of using or attempting to use children to produce sexually explicit videos, authorities said.

“We are pleased with the sentence handed down in this case and will continue efforts to protect the children in our communities from sexual exploitation and abuse,” McPherson said.

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