How to Clean Grout | Cleaning Grout Stains

Even the best tile-cleaning routine in your shower can leave the grout begging for extra attention. Mildew and mold are commonly seen between shower tiles, breeding quickly in the perpetually wet and humid atmosphere. If you have light shower grout, you’ll see it – first spots, then bigger areas – and hopefully you can clean it before it gets out of control.

If you have dark grout, it can be much more easily disguised and become a bigger health concern. Make it a point to include grout cleaning as part of your ordinary shower routine and abate mold buildup on the grout easily before it becomes a big chore.

One of the best ways to clean shower grout doesn’t involve the use of harsh cleansers or chlorine bleach-based products. Harsh chemicals can be challenging to use in an enclosed bathroom environment where ventilation and air circulation are compromised. Oxygen-based bleach (hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate) and washing soda are safer alternatives to consider when you’re looking for a powerful indoor cleaning solution. They’re notably more eco-friendly and treat and prevent the growth of mold in a really effective way.

Next time you’re deep cleaning your bathroom tiles, pull this recipe from your memory bank:

Start by creating a paste-like mixture using one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts of an oxygenated powder product, such as OxiClean or generic washing soda. The thick combination of these powerful ingredients will adhere to the grout lines in your shower without dripping away and spot-treat areas affected by mildew and mold. It’s not too harsh to use as a defense against spores, either, so even if the grout doesn’t look dirty, consider applying it as an effective cleanser that will aid in preventing mold from blossoming. If you look at ingredients in many of the heavy-duty mold abatement products, you’ll spot that hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient, so it’s no surprise that this at-home solution works really, really well.

With the paste in a bowl, use an old toothbrush to apply it to the grout lines between the tiles in your shower.

Focus on the areas you can visibly see the mold but also aim to coat areas of the shower that may be more mold-prone and mold-affected than others. This might include any grout along shelves, corners and floor tiles, or the grout and tile that surrounds the shower drain. Allow the paste to set for a few minutes to work its magic and then give the grout lines one more agitating scrub for good measure. Next, rinse the area thoroughly and use a cloth to wipe the surfaces clean.

While you’re busy focused on the shower grout, consider the best ways to clean build-up from the surface of the shower tiles, too.

A simple white vinegar wash is a good solution for non-porous tile surfaces, while marble or other porous stone surfaces are more safely cleaned using plain water or cleaning products specifically formulated for stone to avoid

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15 Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Near Me

Whether you are looking to improve the resale value of your home or simply want to improve your own life, a bathroom remodel can help you accomplish your goals. That is, of course, as long as you find bathroom remodelers near you that are affordable, have a good reputation, and are willing to work with you to achieve your dreams of a beautiful, updated bathroom.

Finding the right bathroom remodeler for your needs on HomeAdvisor is easy. Enter your zip code and we’ll connect you with local, quality partners.

Bathroom Remodel Nearby

Getting Started in Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodeling project can be as simple as changing the tiling or as complex as gutting and replacing everything in the room. That range of possibilities means you have to know exactly what you want before getting started in estimating your cost and finding bathroom remodelers near you. Here are a few tips to help your project get off the ground:

  1. Know your goal. What about your bathroom do you want to change? Are you simply looking for an update, or an entirely new room? Will you need a new shower, tub, or both?
  2. Find your style. Modern, contemporary bathrooms can be beautiful, but so can more elegant, classic alternatives. Find the style that matches both your preferences and the rest of your home. The type of bathroom also impacts your choices here; a guest bathroom will probably need a more neutral style than a lavish master bath retreat.
  3. Choose a layout. You might be constrained by the existing proportions of your room. But even within these proportions, you can still lay out your bathroom in a way that maximizes its function. Make sure that you can fit everything you want and need, while still having enough room to comfortably maneuver in the space.

Of course, the right bathroom contractor can help you determine these steps, and provide you with some options to get started. But if you at least have a general idea about each of the above points, you can more easily find a remodeler that will help you build a beautiful, new bathroom retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The average bathroom remodel ranges between $6,000 and $15,000. Your budget may be as little as $3,500 for a small powder room or as large as $25,000 for a large master bathroom.

Labor alone is between $40 and $75 per hour, and accounts for about 50% of the entire project. In an area with a thriving real estate market, those prices could be up to 20% higher. The rest of the budget consists of materials and features.

The size of your bathroom, quality of the features, and amount of plumbing required can all increase project costs.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

The average bathroom remodel takes about 3 to 4 weeks of full-time labor, including all plumbing. It can be as short as one week for a simple paint

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Bathroom Sinks – TheBathOutlet

Bathroom sinks aren’t just functional – with the right sink, they can actually be the focal point of your bathroom design. The first step in picking a sink is identifying how much space you want it to take up. If you want a showstopping bathroom sink, consider options like a vessel sink or trough sink. No matter the size of your bathroom, there are many different sink options that will fit perfectly, including recessed, corner, and pedestal sinks for tight spaces. More shopping tips

modern bathroom sink

I am interested in buying a modern bathroom sink. Where do I start?
If you are looking to buy modern and contemporary sinks, thinner, sleeker, and more rectangular bathroom sinks may be the way to go. Ceramics are becoming stronger even as they become more lightweight, so newer bathroom sink designs have thin, straight, and narrow edges. Most vessel sinks are round or oval shaped, but rectangular vessel sinks are more modern. If you shop for bathroom sinks online, you will have a larger set of modern and contemporary sinks to choose from.

vessel bathroom sink

What are some benefits of buying a vessel sink?
Because vessel sinks are bowls installed over the counter, they are not difficult to install, and also easy to replace with a different design or a new vessel sink. Also, most bathroom sinks are made of ceramic but vessel sinks have a variety of different choices for colors, styles, and materials like glass, stone, and wood.

small sink

What type of bathroom sink works best for a small bathroom or powder room?
For small spaces and small bathrooms, corner sinks may be ideal because they typically do not take up much room. Small corner sinks can be mounted on a vanity cabinet, which is a great idea if you want some extra storage space for towels or accessories. You could also mount the corner bathroom sink on the wall, saving some space in your mini bath for other fixtures. Ideally, you want a small size or narrow sink in the installation you need.

Bathroom sinks aren’t just functional – with the right sink, they can actually be the focal point of your bathroom design. The first step in picking a sink is identifying how much space you want it to take up. If you want a showstopping bathroom sink, consider options like a vessel sink or trough sink. No matter the size of your bathroom, there are many different sink options that will fit perfectly, including recessed, corner, and pedestal sinks for tight spaces. More shopping tips

modern bathroom sink

I am interested in buying a modern bathroom sink. Where do I start?

If you are looking to buy modern and contemporary sinks, thinner, sleeker, and more rectangular bathroom sinks may be the way to go. Ceramics are becoming stronger even as they become more lightweight, so newer bathroom sink designs have thin, straight, and narrow edges. Most vessel sinks are round or oval shaped, but rectangular vessel sinks are more modern. If you shop for bathroom sinks online,

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Big Bathroom Brands at Down to Earth Prices : Bathroom Planet

Bathroom Planet is at the forefront of the bathroom industry

Working alongside the top brands in the sector, we bring you the best products at down to earth prices. On top of all that, our customer support is second to none and our friendly team of experts are always happy to give advice on what’s best for your bathroom.

Burlington and Bayswater produce the highest quality traditional and Victorian style bathroom products. If you’re looking to recreate a period style bathroom with the reliability and functionality of modern technology and materials, you’ve come to the right place. These two outstanding brands produce stunning vanity units and basins with washstands which can really finish off the look of a Victorian bathroom.

For a sleek and minimalistic look, Roca and Vitra offer the best porcelain and brassware options for any modern bathroom. Roca is world-renowned for producing the best porcelain used in toilets and bathroom basins.

Here at Bathroom Planet, we can cater to your needs and requirements, whether you simply need a soap basket and toilet roll holder, or if you’re looking for an entirely new bathroom. Our team of experts has a vast range of knowledge in designing and fitting bathrooms, so you are in safe hands with us. Come to us for advice on the best walk in showers, bath and sink combinations, as well as shower fittings and how to get a stunning shower enclosure.

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18 Different Types of Bathroom Styles

Read on to learn about the most popular types of bathroom styles & the most common bathroom sizes. Included are pictures of each bathroom style, bar graphs.

A bathroom, especially a primary bathroom, is more than just a washroom. Rather, it is a place of renewal and refreshment. It is a sanctuary away from the stressors of everyday life, a haven situated far from the chaos of the daily grind, and a place to relax and reinvigorate oneself. A bathroom is where you truly unwind. It is the place where you are able to take hot bubble baths, soothing hot showers, and cleanse yourself of the dirt and grime of the everyday world.

Bathrooms are supremely important, and as your designated locale for relaxation, it should be tastefully decorated in materials, colors, textures, and ornaments that are reflective of your individual personalities and bring forth happy feelings from within.

Your bathrooms should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness. Whether it is sleek modern styling you love and adore or rustic farmhouse details, there is a bathroom decor style perfect for you and your needs. Read on to learn about the most popular bathroom styles and the most common bathroom sizes. Included are pictures of each bathroom style, bar graphs showing key design elements of each style, and informative charts showing the popularity rates of each style.

Most Popular Bathroom Styles

We analyzed 1,027,000 bathroom designs and from that data was able to set out in what percentage each style is used in bathrooms. In other words, this data presents the most popular bathroom styles. Below is a table and charts setting out the percentage each style is used in bathroom decor.

Bathroom Style Popularity Rate of Bathroom Style
Victorian  .30%
Traditional  26.97%
Tropical  .44%
Transitional  15.51%
Rustic  2.0%
Southwestern  .2%
Shabby-chic  .24%
Scandinavian  .49%
 Contemporary  29.51%
 Eclectic  2.32%
 Modern  12.43%
 Beach style  2.2%
 Craftsman  2.21%
 Farmhouse  1.48%
 Industrial  .45%
 Mediterranean  2.02%
 Midcentury .71%
 Total bathrooms surveyed 1,027,730

Bathroom Styles Chart

Bathroom Style Chart


Bathroom Styles Overview Chart

Below is a bathroom styles overview chart. The links take you to the photo gallery for that style of bathroom.

Bathroom Type Key Design Elements of Each Bathroom Style
Jewel tones, gold accents, ornate rugs, marble, porcelain, claw-foot tubs
Tropical Airy, plenty of light, green plants, white accents, jute, exotic woods, minimal ornamentation
Transitional Best of both worlds. Mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new. Traditional yet modern
Rustic Similar to farmhouse or country styling with a bit of Craftsman flair. An emphasis on natural woods, durable materials, and expert craftsmanship
Southwestern Native American and indigenous influences. Vividly printed and patterned tapestries. Handmade baskets, Mixed woods and finishes
Sweetly romantic. Pink, pastels, lace, flowers, lots of distressed white paint for a vintage effect
Scandinavian Practical and efficient styling with a nod to minimalism. Straight lines, simple aesthetic, lack of frills and ornamentation
Contemporary Open space, straight lines, clutter-free. Emphasis is on the beauty and quality of the
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vintage home love: Farmhouse Bathroom

It’s been a long time since I’ve given our master bathroom a facelift and since I was so happy with the Simply White paint I chose for the kitchen, I wanted to extend that color to our master bathroom, as well.  A cool find from hubby also played a part in giving this room a redo. 

I know there are lots of folks that don’t like radiators or that want to cover them up but not me.  I love the cast iron and view them as a piece of art.  There weren’t any old radiators in our 100 year old home when we moved in and I never really cared that much until I started seeing really cool versions of them. 

And as luck would have it, hubby was given several radiators a few weeks ago.  A couple of them were huge and so heavy that they maybe would have put a hole through our floor so I chose this small one. 

I cleaned it up, primed it and then painted it Simply White as well.  I really love it and actually wish it was a working radiator.  That inspired a redo, so I pulled things from around the house, picked up a few things and repainted Benjamin Moore’s Simply White to give it a new look.

As you can see, our master bath is small.  But that’s okay, I love it anyway. 

For the counter top, I wanted to add a few things to give it a masculine touch as well since my hubby also shares this bathroom.  So, I picked up a vintage shaving mug and brush, as well as a vintage wood leather straight edge sharpener.  It reminded me of a bread board so of course I had to use it.  🙂  For fun, I found an old photo of a barber shop price list online, printed it off and framed it.

I love the patina on the wood handle of the old shaving brush.

For the other side of the vanity, I attached an old photo I came across in a flea market to the inside of an old apothecary jar that I filled with soaps. 

I was drawn to the old photo because, if you look closely, and I did with a magnifying glass, it is a woman working in her garden, tending to her tomato plants.  And this was written on the back… makes me smile.

I pulled this very fragile vintage fruit basket from the dining room and filled it with white fluffy towels for beside the tub. 

I mentioned before in our previous master bath redo that we don’t have a shower in here.  Our only shower is upstairs. 

We use this bathroom for taking long soaks in the tub so I try to make it as peaceful and comfy in there as I can so that whoever takes a soak in there, will feel relaxed and special.

I also moved our Gray Farms sign from the kitchen to right above the

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What are the Basics about interior designing you should know?

As an individual, there are some basics about interior designing that you should know. When you know some of these basics, it will be easier for you to plan your interior decoration and even work with a professional if you are hiring one. This is considering interior designing covers various aspects including the need for canvas art. When this is the case, you might want to go through different wood canvas art shops in the US and also read reviews about every other interior design item you need to buy on Some of the basics about interior designing you should know are discussed subsequently.

The importance of colors

One of the basic things you should know about interior design is colors. Every item has its own colors and the same applies to every item you will need to achieve the interior decoration of your home. You can just take different items with their different colors carelessly without planning them. You should know about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. You should know about the colors that complement another color and the color that does not compliment another color. With such knowledge, it will be easier to have an idea of a color theme and what colors to limit other items you are buying too. This will go a long way to avoid buying items with colors, during or after your interior decoration, that will offset the color balance of your home. It will also avoid a case where you will suggest colors for certain items to a professional interior designer and they will be shocked at how wrong you could be about the color considering other colors you have chosen for other items.

Various aspects that make up interior designing

You should also know about the basic aspects that make up interior design. Some of the major aspects that make up interior designing include the paint on the wall mostly the color and texture, furniture, electronics, wall clocks, flowers, artworks, and every other item that you will be placed, especially within view, in every room in your house. Hence, you should be sure that every item you are buying that you will place where they will always be seen contributes to the beauty of the interior of your home in addition to other uses to which you want to put such item.

Knowing what to throw away and what to keep during renovation

During the renovation, you must not force yourself to do a complete overhaul where you throw out all your electronics, furniture, and every other item in your home to get new ones. If they are already old and/or you can comfortably afford new ones, then you might want to go ahead. However, if it will be difficult getting a new one or if it will stretch your finances, you can decide to leave some items that are still usable while leaving the ones that are completely bad. You might also decide to leave the ones …

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Top Bathroom Ideas for 2021

With every new year comes the urge to reboot—and we can guarantee that this feeling will only be magnified when 2020 officially comes to a close. There’s no doubt that the bathroom is the ideal space to begin your design refresh; after all, it’s where all of your self-care rituals take place, and it should be designed with tranquillity at top of mind. It should be a place where you love to spend time, whether you’re simply brushing your teeth or soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a favorite book. So if you’re in the mood to give your bathroom a face-lift, look no further and get inspired by these stylish bathroom design trends for 2021.


Statement Lighting

Sconces are so last season. Opt for pendants or even a grand chandelier, like the one shown here in French designer Jacques Grange’s Paris apartment.


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Kate Spade New York


Danes Two-Tier Chandelier


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Arteriors Home



Subway Tile Gets a Splash of Color

Subway is here to stay—but this time with color. Revamp your space like Robert Couturier did here with brightly hued tiles.


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Tile Bar


Bayou Marine Ceramic Tile


Flora and Fauna

This trend inspired by nature is having a serious moment. Take your cues from Sophie Sèguéla’s palm-bedecked bathroom in her former Parisian apartment.


Graphic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is what’s hot for 2021. Wrap your walls in a classic print, like this Ralph Lauren pin-striped paper seen in a bathroom designed by Achille Salvagni.


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Ralph Lauren Home


Navy Chalk Stripe Wallpaper


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Phillip Jeffries


Savile Suiting Pinstripe Wallpaper


Bringing in the Outdoors

Panoramic views like those in the TriBeCa duplex of Beth Bugdaycay are refreshingly beautiful in summer—while heated marble floors keep the space equally cozy come winter.


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Pella Sliding Glass Doors


All Marble Everything

More is more when it comes to marble—and not just basic black and white. This Amalfi Coast bathroom designed by Jacques Garcia makes a chic case for color, with ruby and deep green stone throughout.


Updated Classics

A black-and-white checked floor feels instantly fresh when it’s done in mosaic tile like it is in this Sonoma Valley home designed by Ken Fulk.


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Greek Key Marble Mosaic Tile Border


Softness in Your Space

Swap out your bath mat for a full-size rug like the vintage one shown here in this Hollywood Hills home.


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Natural Elements

A black stone soaking tub by Native Trails and an all-neutral palette creates a calming oasis in this Vanessa Alexander–designed bathroom in Venice, California.


Get the Look

Native Trails



Tubs Front and Center

Beautiful bathtubs will take center stage next season, like this circa-1850 freestanding marble tub in a Greenwich, Connecticut, home.


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Queen Elizabeth’s grandson-in-law Mike Tindall says wife Zara’s bathroom birth ‘wasn’t what we were expecting’

Mike Tindall welcomed a baby boy named Lucas on March 21st in the most unexpected way.

The 42-year-old, who is married to Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter Zara Tindall, previously revealed on his “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby” podcast that his son was born at home on the bathroom floor.

“A little baby boy arrived at my house,” he told the outlet. “So, it was run into the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, get a mat on the floor, towels down, ‘brace-brace-brace.’”

On Friday, the former rugby player clarified to “Good Morning Britain” that he didn’t personally deliver Princess Anne’s fifth grandchild.


“Fortunately the midwife got there in time so I didn’t have to go down to the area… the downside… the wrong end. I got to stay at the top end and be supportive,” said Tindall.

“Sorry, the ‘business end’ would have been a far better way of describing it!” he shared. “It wasn’t what we were expecting, but Zara’s best friend Dolly, who is a maternity nurse, was there and had the situation in control. And then the midwife arrived, which made me breathe a sigh of relief that I could just be chatting to Zara and trying to get her through it.”

Lucas is the couple’s only son. They share two daughters, 7-year-old Mia and 2-year-old Lena.


“It’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster of emotions in terms of highs and lows, but he’s been brilliant to be fair,” Tindall told the outlet. “It’s nice to have a boy around to keep me company. The girls are outnumbering me by quite a number so it’s nice to have Lucas around.”

“So far – touch wood – he’s been great in terms of his sleeping and eating and doing everything that a five-week-old does,” Tindall added.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall tied the knot in 2011. They are now parents to three children.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall tied the knot in 2011. They are now parents to three children.

The baby’s full name is Lucas Philip Tindall. His middle name is in honor of both Tindall’s father, as well as Zara’s grandfather, Prince Philip. He is 22nd in line to the throne, but won’t take the title of His Royal Highness.

Tindall previously joked on his podcast that now may be the right time for him to have a vasectomy.


“I literally was like ‘Yep, snip, snip, snip.’ I’ve got a boy. I’m out. I’m out of here,” he said. “The best thing about being at home, the best thing was, as soon he’s wrapped up, he’s skin on skin, straight downstairs. TV room. Golf on. This is what we’re doing.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Builder-Grade Bathroom Redo Inspiration – Blue and White Bathroom Redo

Builder-grade homes can sometimes get a lot of flack for being boring. But one great thing about a builder-grade home? It provides the perfect canvas for custom updates.

Take it from Katelyn Herman, who bought her home in 2019. While it was built in 1947, updates lacked charm. “Everything is builders grade and basic, including this guest bathroom,” Katelyn says. “It was fine, but nothing special and didn’t have much personality.”

That was ok for a while, but spending more time at home in the past year made her itch for something with a little more pop. “The longer I was at home during quarantine, the more the blandness of it started to bother me,” Katelyn says.

Katelyn’s boyfriend, Gabe, moved in with her last summer, and this proved to be the perfect first project for the couple to do together. On the walls, they installed beadboard paneling that went about halfway up the wall, then painted the area above a bright blue with a stenciled white pattern that gives the look of wallpaper. “We were surprised, but really shouldn’t have been, at how bowed some of our walls are,” Katelyn says. “The house was built in 1947, so it is to be expected, but I never noticed until trying to align the beadboard panels. Thankfully my partner is a patient man and great at math.”

Katelyn installed the faucet herself, but hit a bit of a snag when she couldn’t fix a small but persistent leak. The couple hired a plumber to make the fix, and Katelyn was able to pocket some knowledge for her next DIY. “Now I know I have to seal the drain inside the sink and under the gasket on the bottom side,” Katelyn says.

Something similar happened when the couple tried to swap out the light fixture. When they pulled the old one off the wall, they saw that there was actually no electrical box beneath it. That meant the easy swap became a little more complicated. “Electrical work is outside of both of our comfort zones, so we opted to have a professional install and center the new fixture,” Katelyn says.

Finally, they added new pulls to the vanity, a new towel ring, and a fresh shower curtain. The total cost for the project — including the labor of the plumber and electrician — was $850.

The new bathroom strikes just the note Katelyn was going for. “I love how it feels simple but pronounced simultaneously,” she says. “It’s the first project Gabe and I have done together since deciding to live with one another, so it’s a little extra special.”

In fact, working together made the project easier in a lot of ways. “I am not math savvy, so the accurate measurements and fractions for the boards wouldn’t have been possible without him; he hates painting and has never stenciled anything before, so the pattern wouldn’t have been possible without me,” Katelyn says. “I think we did a good job of deciding

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