2021 VW Caddy California Is A Small Camper With Bed, Pull-Out Kitchen

a person in a blue car parked in a field: VW Caddy California Compact Camper Front

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VW Caddy California Compact Camper Front

A version with a longer wheelbase will follow next year.

By the end of July this year, Volkswagen teased a new Caddy-based mini camper that’s set to be added to its recreational vehicle range. As it turns out, it’s the VW Caddy California – the newest addition to the California range of campers populated by the T6.1 California and the Crafter-based Grand California.

Based on the fifth-generation Caddy, the smallest member of the California family offers similar living space as found in its bigger brothers. It’s pegged to be for a couple or a small family who wants to go on a quick getaway or weekend adventure, without having to bring a massive motorhome.

The VW Caddy California has many highlights – one of which is the pull-out kitchen that features a single hob gas cooker with windshield and shelf. Another thing to available is a 15.1 square-foot (1.4 square-meter) panoramic glass roof that serves as an infinite starlight ceiling at night.

For sleeping, the VW Caddy California comes with a fold-out bed that measures almost 2 meters (6.5 feet) long. It has cup springs and a high-quality mattress for better comfort.

Another notable feature is the new, modular tent system. It’s free-standing but can be connected to the Caddy California, extending the sleeping cabin. In combination with a camping table and two chairs (easily stowed at the rear), the tent extends the California’s living space, perfect for outdoor adventures.

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The all-new VW Caddy California has a wheelbase of 4,501 millimeters (177.2 inches), which will make its dealership debut in Europe by the end of this year. A longer wheelbase version – 4,853mm (191.1 in) – will follow by next year.

Despite the name, the Caddy California is one of the VW campers that aren’t available in the U.S. You might want to arrange import in you’re on that side of the world, but that’s another story.

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