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Estimating Bathroom Remodel Costs

Bathroom remodel costs run anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. Large master baths in luxury homes might even hit or exceed $50,000. The typical homeowner will spend between $6,000 and $15,000 for a complete tear out and replacement of all walls, fixtures and appliances.

Labor will run you anywhere from 40% to 65% of your total project. Ranges depend on your location. While material pricing doesn’t change much from place to place, a higher cost of living means higher wages.

Determining your bathroom makeover budget can be tricky. Consider the following:

  • Room size
  • Regional pricing differences: Expect to pay up to 20% more if you live in an area with high real estate prices
  • Quality of materials: A fiberglass shower surround might run only $300 Custom tile work can easily hit $3,000 or more
  • Changing the floor plan: Making your bath larger, like converting a half bath to a full bath costs an additional $5,000 or more
  • Type of fixtures, appliances, counters and finishes you choose: Make a plan that includes both design and budget before choosing what to buy for your bath remodel
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Bathroom Remodel Material Prices

Materials for the average bathroom remodel run anywhere from $2,100 to $9,000. Understanding how those prices break down individually helps determine where best to invest your money and time.

“This is where hiring an interior designer is worth their weight in gold,” says Bob Tschudi, Angi Expert Review Board member and general contractor in Raleigh, NC. “With the right advice, you can often achieve a high-end look without paying for high-end materials. Your designer will know how to do this.”

Bathroom Remodel Material Price List
Line Item Typical Range* Percent of Total Budget
Fixtures (toilets, sinks) $200 – $1,800 10% – 20%
Showers $300 – $3,000 5% – 25%
Bathroom vanity $300 – $3,800 10% – 30%
Countertops cost $200 – $1,000 5% – 10%
Lighting $100 – $400 5% – 7%
Bathroom fan costs $50 – $300 2% – $5%
Flooring $200 – $1,350 10% – 15%
Entry doors and windows cost $200 – $1,800 8% – 10%
Painting costs $150 – $550 5% – 6%
Faucets and plumbing $250 – $1,450 12% – 16%

* Labor not included

Bathroom Remodel Labor Costs

labor cost to remodel a bathroom is $50 to $75 per hour

Bathroom remodeling costs include labor at $50 to $75 per hour. Labor accounts for 40% to 65% of your total budget. Always ask for a detailed bid and invoice that breaks out all materials and labor, including demolition and disposal fees.

You’ll probably need a plumber, a general contractor who specializes in bathrooms and kitchens, and possibly other specialists (suck as a licensed electrician). Those prices break down further:

Price of Custom-Built vs. Store-Bought Fixtures & Accessories

Fixtures Economy or Off-The-Shelf High-End or Custom-Built
Toilet $100 – $600 $1,000 – $6,000
Sink $100 – $450 $700 – $4,000
Tub $200 – $900 $1,000 – $6,000
Vanity Cabinet $200 – $800 $1,000 – $6,000

Determine your total budget for fixtures and plan accordingly:

  • Economy and off-the-shelf: $500-$2,000
  • Mid-grade: $1,500-$3,000
  • Luxury and custom: $4,000-$22,000 or more

Rebath Cost vs. Bath Planet & Other Top Companies

Brand Typical Prices (materials + labor) Services
Re-Bath $5,000+ Complete bath remodel services
Bath Fitter $5,000+ Tub & shower surrounds
Bath Planet $5,000 – $15,000 Tub & shower surrounds
Home Depot $5,000 – $25,000+ Full bath remodels
Lowes $5,000 – $25,000+ Full bath remodels
Luxury Bath $5,500 – $9,000 Tub & Shower systems
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Average Bathroom Remodel Costs
Bathroom size (square feet) Total Price
3×5 (15) $1,500 – $2,250
6×4 (24) $2,400 – $3,600
4×8 (32) $3,200 – $4,800
6×6 (36) $3,600 – $5,400
5×8 (40) $4,000 – $6,000
5×9 (45) $4,500 – $6,750
7×9 (63) $6,300 – $9,450
8×10 (80) $8,000 – $12,000
9×10 (90) $9,000 – $13,500

Cost to Expand a Bathroom

It might cost $1,000 to $15,000 or more just to expand the size of your bathroom. The variables involved in each unique space can make each project budget different. You’ll need to consider rerouting electrical and plumbing, adding structural headers and adding insulation.

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Installation (materials + labor) Low Range Mid-Range High Range
Install bathtub $400 – $1,500 $2,600 – $4,100 $6,000 – $8,000
Install cabinets $1,200 – $3,500 $4,700 – $7,000 $8,000 – $13,000
Install countertops $900 – $2,000 $2,800 – $4,100 $5,000 – $6,500
Install flooring $800 – $2,000 $2,500 – $3,600 $5,000 – $7,000
Install lighting fixture $120 – $900 $1,100 – $1,700 $2,500 – $4,000
Install shower $450 – $2,000 $3,000 – $4,800 $6,000 – $10,000
Install sink $190 – $900 $1,400 – $2,300 $3,500 – $6,500
Install toilet $130 – $250 $340 – $480 $550 – $780
  • Low range: economy grade or basic fixtures from home improvement stores
  • Mid-range: higher end home improvement offerings and specialty stores
  • High-range: custom made, one-of-a-kind or specialty order items

Bathroom Cabinet Costs

Bathroom cabinets cost $250 to $3,000 or more. Consider matching your kitchen and bath cabinetry when remodeling one or both. For a budget-friendly method, try refinishing them instead of buying new. Not only is it a fraction of the price, but most pros can match new installs with existing boxes.

Bathtub Remodel Prices

Installing a bathtub costs $1,000 to $5,500 or more. There are many options from cast iron to fiberglass. You can also refinish a tub using a service or a DIY kit, including the following:

  • Miracle method services costs $500–$650 for the tub or $1,000–$2,000 for the tub and surround. The price includes all materials and labor.
  • Rust-Oleum kits run as little as $25. These kits mimic the miracle method for DIYers.
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Cost to Redo Bathroom Floor

You’ll spend anywhere from $100 to $3,500 redoing a bathroom floor. Custom luxury installations can reach $7,000. Floor installation pricing ranges depending on what materials you use.

  • Tile: $500–$3,500
  • Linoleum: $100–$500
  • Vinyl Plank: $150–$800
  • Wood plank: $200–$1,700

Electric & Plumbing Costs

You’ll spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more redoing or installing new plumbing or electrical fixtures. Any issues with your plumbing or electricity during the renovation raises the bill. Check both electrical and plumbing before starting. However, you can’t plan for all issues that might arise during a renovation.

Including both labor and materials, expect to spend the following on electrical or plumbing upgrades:

Vanities, Countertops & Cabinets

Bathroom vanities cost $300 to $3,800. However, luxury and custom work in large rooms can quickly exceed $10,000. For most projects, a vanity, which includes both the counter and cabinet, is used.

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Average Bathroom Remodel Cost by Location

City or State Average Cost Range
New Jersey $8,000 – $18,750
Los Angeles $12,000 – $25,600
Atlanta $7,000 – $18,000
San Francisco $11,000 – $25,500
Florida $5,000 – $12,000
Minnesota $5,500 – $12,600
Las Vegas $7,300 – $16,000
Massachusetts $5,600 – $12,600
San Diego $10,000 – $23,500
Chicago $5,600 – $13,600
Seattle $6,400 – $15,300
Northern Virginia $5,500 – $14,000
Boston $6,800 – $15,600

Cost data is based on actual project costs reported by HomeAdvisor members.

Bathroom makeovers cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000. Typically, updating entails simple and economical changes to gain dramatic results. Common upgrades include:

  • A fresh coat of paint
  • New faucets
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Addition of a new sink
  • New counters
  • Added wall shelves or artwork
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Bathroom Remodel Contractor’s Work

Bathroom remodels provide 60% to 70% resale returns as a home improvement project. However, this project isn’t cheap. It is essential to plan your remodeling ideas ahead of time. Then, hire a remodeling contractor for the job. Ask questions, set realistic expectations, get accurate cost estimates and budgeting from the start. Also spend time learning how to work with a bathroom contractor.

“The most cost-efficient bathroom remodel is to keep the existing infrastructure,” Tschudi says. “If you can keep the toilet, bath/shower, and sink/lavatory in the same locations, you will get the result you want at a fraction of the cost of a complete remodel.”

A remodel involves various areas of expertise: construction, plumbing, electrical and lighting. Get value for your money. Avoid additional repairs and maintenance from their mistakes. Talk to your contractor at the start of the project about:

  • How they deal with mistakes, damage and repairs
  • If they offer an expressed warranty or guarantee
  • If they have any previous reference work that demonstrates their skill
  • How they bid the project: by the hour, square foot or as a total
  • Other fees that might get tacked on, such as mold removal inside of walls
  • See our full list of bathroom contractor questions to ask

Remodeling Quote & Schedule Agreement

As part of a quote and schedule agreement, experienced contractors give you:

  • A written schedule
  • An itemized list of all materials, labor, permits and any other costs
  • A list of the construction tasks they’ll perform and prices for each
  • Deadlines for each task
  • Agreements for penalties if deadlines aren’t met

This helps prevent disagreements along the way. It also gives you clear expectations about how long the project should take to complete.

A few other points to remember:

  • Get everything in writing. This includes a payment schedule, contract with total amounts, guarantees and warranties.
  • Typically, don’t pay anything up front. Only pay for work completed. Often, you’ll pay at milestones, such as the halfway point of work.
  • Always check licenses and previous work. Don’t just take the contractor’s word. Look at reviews and talk to previous clients. HomeAdvisor prescreens all contractors.
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Find Local Bathroom Remodeling Pros

Modern Bathrooms

modern bathroom remodel by Planet Home Remodeling Corp. in Berkeley, CA
by Planet Home Remodeling Corp., a Bathroom Remodeler in Berkeley, CA. The average cost of a bathroom remodel in Berkeley is approximately $11,000 to $26,000.

traditional bathroom in Milwaukee, WI
by Luxury for the Home, a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Milwaukee, WI. The average reported cost of a bathroom remodel in Milwaukee is $7,000 to $15,500.

Small Bathroom

traditional bathroom in Brooklyn, NY
by Beyond Designs and Remodeling, Inc., a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Brooklyn, NY. For most homeowners in Brooklyn, the average cost for a bathroom remodel is approximately $7,000 to $16,000.

Traditional Bathroom Remodel

modern bathroom with shutters in Dallas, TX
by Luxury for the Home, a Bathroom Remodeler in Dallas, TX. The average cost to remodel a bathroom in Dallas is approximately $5,000 to $14,000.

Eclectic Bathroom Remodel

eclectic bathroom in Aurora, CO
by Luxe Interiors, a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Denver, CO. The average cost of a remodeled bathroom in Denver ranges from $4,500 to $12,000.

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

contemporary bathroom remodel design from Ideas and Solutions in New York
by Ideas and Solutions, a New York Bathroom Remodeling Contractor. And the average cost of a bathroom remodel in New York City is roughly $9,000 to $16,000.

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