Democrats Close to Flipping Virginia House District Trump Won by 11 Points, Internal Poll Shows

One point.

That is how much Democrat Dr. Cameron Webb, is trailing Republican Bob Good, a self-described “biblical conservative,” for Virginia’s open 5th Congressional District, according to an internal Democratic poll provided to Newsweek.

The survey suggests that the district, currently held by Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was endorsed by President Donald Trump but was ousted by his party during a June nominating convention after he officiated a same-sex wedding, is becoming increasingly in play for Democrats. Despite Trump winning the district, which stretches from the North Carolina border nearly to Washington, D.C., by 11 points in 2016, Dr. Webb has continued to close his gap with Good.

Riggleman’s ouster for the more conservative Good, who is a former athletics official at Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University, weakened the chances that a Republican would maintain control of the district, according to election forecasters. However, analysts like Inside Elections, the Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball still rate the race as “leans Republican.”

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Dr. Webb is one of 34 candidates that House Democrats are looking to help them increase their majority in the lower chamber.

The internal poll was conducted by the Democratic firm Global Strategy Group for 314 Action, an organization that’s committed to electing scientists and STEM professionals to elected office. It showed 46 percent of likely voters backing Dr. Webb while 47 percent went for Good. The survey was conducted among 400 likely general election voters between September 10-14, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

Dr. Webb is now within one point of Good thanks to a five-point gain since August, per 314 Action’s internal polling. By comparison, Riggleman cruised to re-election in 2018, beating his Democratic opponent by seven points.

Cameron Webb
Democratic congressional candidate for Virginia’s 5th District, Dr. Cameron Webb, is seen here teaching in 2019. A new internal poll provided to Newsweek shows Dr. Webb trailing his GOP opponent, Bob Good, by a singular point.
Courtesy of the Webb Campaign

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“Cameron’s background, taken in its entirety, is very impactful to voters right now,” Mia Ehrenberg, Dr. Webb’s communications director, told Newsweek.

Dr. Webb, who practices general internal medicine in Charlottesville and teaches at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, held brief White House stints under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, dealing with health care policy and economic development. He worked on Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative during the final six months of Obama’s tenure, and on prescription drug prices for the first eight months of Trump’s presidency.

The Good campaign did not respond to Newsweek‘s request for comment as of the time of publication. This story will be updated if a response is received.

Both candidates’ familiarity among constituents has jumped in the last month. Sixty percent indicated in the poll that they’re now familiar with Dr. Webb while 63 percent are familiar with Good.

In terms of favorability, Good still trailed Dr. Webb.

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Gulf between White House’s words, Trump’s actions on masks

WASHINGTON (AP) — White House officials insist that President Donald Trump strongly supports face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus and always has. But the president’s own words and actions tell a very different — and sometimes puzzling — story.

That’s created a gulf between Trump and public health officials that keeps widening six months after the virus took root in the U.S., with the president undercutting medical experts who say consistent face covering is one of the best tools to fight the pandemic.

Trump initially dismissed mask wearing for himself, then allowed himself to be seen wearing one while visiting a military hospital. He has called it “patriotic” to wear a mask but seldom passes up an opportunity to mock Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for his routine mask wearing.

On Wednesday, after the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Congress that his mask might even be a better guarantee than a vaccine against the virus, Trump publicly undercut Dr. Robert Redfield.

“As far as the mask is concerned, he made a mistake,” said Trump.

Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said he’s “bewildered” by Trump’s ambiguity about masks. He said widespread use would also help restore economic vitality faster, a prime Trump goal.

“I don’t think that there’s any controversy about masks anywhere in the world,” Inglesby said. “Why we continue to have this debate about it is a mystery.”

Lawrence Gostin, a public health expert at Georgetown University’s law school, said Trump’s vacillation between portraying masks as an infringement on personal rights and touting them as crucial to stemming the virus has left Americans “absolutely dazed and confused.”

“One could forgive the American public for not trusting anyone,” Gostin said.

But Gostin also faulted Redfield for asserting that masks are more important than an eventual vaccine, at least until one is approved. Suggesting that being vaccinated is less important as long as people are wearing masks has further clouded the public message, Gostin said.

Public health experts largely agree that COVID-19, the disease the virus causes, will be brought under control through a combination of social distancing, mask wearing and a vaccine.

“One of those three is not enough, you need all three,” Gostin said. “It’s such a simple message. It’s just befuddling that the White House doesn’t consistently state that message.”

Trump has very seldom worn a mask for the world to see, though he is regularly tested for COVID-19 and says he does wear one when he can’t practice social distancing. At one point, he suggested that the reason some people wear masks is to make a political statement against him.

The CDC recommended in April that people wear cloth face coverings in public when it’s difficult to be socially distant. But Trump immediately undercut the guidance, declaring he wouldn’t follow it and suggesting it would be unseemly to be masked in a meeting with a head

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House passes resolution to denounce Covid-19 racism toward Asian Americans

The House passed a resolution Thursday to denounce the racism toward Asian Americans that has risen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The measure demands the condemnation of all forms of racism and scapegoating and calls on public officials to denounce any anti-Asian sentiment. While the legislation won heavy Democratic support, it also got some Republican backing, passing 243-164. Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., the resolution’s main sponsor, said the vote showed that “the House said, ‘Enough.'”

“For months, Asian Americans in my home state of New York and in communities throughout the nation have been verbally and physically attacked, spat on and shunned,” Meng said. “Enough of the demeaning usages of ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus’ and ‘Kung-flu,’ especially from our nation’s leaders, such as President Trump, GOP leader McCarthy and others. Enough of the scapegoating. Enough of using the Asian American community to stoke people’s fears about Covid-19.”

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is the House minority leader.

Meng added: “The House made clear that we reject this xenophobia and violence, and I thank all who joined me in standing up to bigotry and ugliness against Asian Americans. Everybody deserves to feel safe in the country we call home.”

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The legislation, which was introduced in March, also calls for authorities to investigate and collect data about coronavirus-related hate crimes, which have continued to rise since the pandemic began. The reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate received 2,583 reports of anti-Asian discrimination nationwide over about five months. New York City alone reported more than 248 incidents of harassment and discrimination related to Covid-19 from February to April, with over 40 percent identified as anti-Asian incidents.

Rep. Judy Chu, D-Calif., chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, said it was important for the nation’s leaders to send a clear message rejecting bigotry. She said the legislation likely passed because of the “dire nature” of the anti-Asian sentiment across the country.

But the support for an Asian American-centered issue also, in part, speaks to the importance of representation among legislators, Chu said. She said there is a record number of Asian American and Pacific Islander members of Congress, about 20.

“It is significant that it was able to be passed on, but it is also a result of the fact that we do have more representation in Congress,” Chu said. “We were able to educate our fellow members of Congress about what was going on to the Asian community with regard to these Covid-19 hate crimes and incidents.”

Chu said the support the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus got from other congressional caucuses, including those representing Black, Latino and Native American lawmakers, was fundamental in pushing back against pandemic-related racism.

Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

Chu said she suspects that those who voted against the measure did not want to put blame on President Donald Trump for anti-Asian American racism.

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Watch Jennifer Garner Adorably Harvest Sunflower Seeds From Her Own Garden

a woman smiling for the camera: Actress Jennifer Garner is always effortlessly cute, but her latest Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds is next level adorable. Watch it here:

© Jennifer Garner / Instagram
Actress Jennifer Garner is always effortlessly cute, but her latest Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds is next level adorable. Watch it here:

  • Jennifer Garner just shared a new Instagram video harvesting sunflower seeds.
  • She got the seeds from all the huge sunflowers in her garden, but harvesting didn’t go exactly as planned.
  • Jen looks adorably throughout the whole video and glows with makeup-free skin.

Jennifer Garner isn’t just a talented actress, amateur dancer, and jump rope maven, she’s also completely crushing her gardening game. Evidence: An adorable new Instagram video, where she not only has a bunch of fully-grown sunflowers—she also harvests seeds from them.

“Sunflower seeds come from sunflowers,” Jen wrote in the caption. “I know—🤯🤯🤯. Emboldened by the success of the nice man on YouTube I gave it a try and so here you go.


In true Jennifer Garner style, the video is pretty much everything. “Today’s not your day,” she tells one droopy sunflower, before getting ready to totally chop its head off. “How you doin’?” she says to another one. At one point, she accidentally walks through a spider’s web and hilariously says, “Pardon me, Charlotte. Go ahead and rebuild.”

Then, she says what everyone thinks whenever they even touch a pile of dirt: “I’m living off the land!”

On to the harvesting! Jennifer starts out by trying to pop out her sunflower seeds by hand, before deciding she needs to “innovate” and use a spoon to scrape them out. “I’m getting every one of you! I will not waste you!” she says at one point, as she tries to get out every. last. seed. “My professional opinion is, this might be a waste of time,” she adds later, with a smile.

She eventually soaks her seeds overnight in a bucket with water and salt. Aaand then Jennifer comes back and admits she actually left the seeds in the bucket for a few days—and there’s some gunk in there. “It’s only a few of them,” she says.

Jennifer eventually spreads the seeds out on paper towels and says she can “identify many problems,” like the fact that she picked them too early and they soaked for too long.

Later, she spreads them on a pan, puts them in a 300 degree oven for 40 minutes with a little salt and olive oil. The best part: When she goes to eat them, she can’t find the seeds. “Somebody stole the seeds,” she says.

“The moral of this story is that sometimes it’s nice to make a lovely snack for your chickens. And that is what I’ve done,” Jen says. In the final shot, you see a bag full of Jennifer’s sunflower seeds, marked, “chicken feed.”

The whole thing is hilarious and so, so relatable. And, in between cracking up, you might notice the fact that Jennifer’s skin is super glowy without makeup on. Btw, she goes makeup-free pretty much all the time. “If I’m shooting a video or posting

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Trump says Caesar Rodney statue will be inside National Garden of American Heroes

A statue of Caesar Rodney will be added to the still-to-be-built National Garden of American Heroes, President Donald Trump said Thursday during a speech at the National Archives in Washington.

Curses, cheers as Caesar Rodney removed (obscenity warning)



The announcement came more than three months after the Rodney statue was removed from Wilmington’s Rodney Square.

That statue, however, will not be going to Washington. It is owned by the city.

“Today I am announcing a new name for inclusion,” Trump said. “One of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence was a patriot from Delaware… Caesar Rodney was called upon to break the tie even though he was suffering from very advanced cancer. He was deathly ill. Rodney rode 80 miles through the night, through a severe  thunderstorm from Dover to Philadelphia to cast his vote for independence.”

a person riding a horse: The statue of Caesar Rodney is hoisted from its pedestal on Rodney Square in Wilmington early Friday evening.

The statue of Caesar Rodney is hoisted from its pedestal on Rodney Square in Wilmington early Friday evening.

Rodney was likely not deathly ill during that trip, though he did suffer from a facial cancer. He died in 1784, eight years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

“For nearly a century a statue of one of Delaware’s most beloved citizens stood in Rodney Square, right in the heart of Wilmington,” Trump said. “But this past June, Caesar Rodney’s statue was ordered removed by the mayor and local politicians as part of a radical purge of America’s founding generation.”

The Rodney statue was removed on June 12 during a time when activists targeted historical statues of Confederate figures and American colonists for what they say are celebrations of slavery and racism. Statues came down either by protesters’ hands or government officials’ agreement.

Mayor Mike Purzycki said in June that the Rodney statue in Wilmington was “removed and stored so there can be an overdue discussion about the public display of historical figures and events.”

‘LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION’: Donald Trump rails against modern teaching of U.S. history

In a statement provided to Delaware Online/The News Journal Thursday, Purzycki said: “The City did not remove the Caesar Rodney statue to discredit it, but to protect it. It is not damaged, but is in safekeeping. We will have a community discussion about public statues in our City in the near future and at some point, we will reach a consensus. It is unimaginable, with the challenges facing our country today, that the President of the United States is worried about how we choose to tell our story and preserve our history.”

Trump established the statue garden in a July 3 executive order. The garden is not expected to open until 2026 and is intended to be “a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live,” Trump said

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What to Expect From This Year’s Black Friday Sales on Furniture and Decor

Black Friday and Cyber Week may be a great time to shop for holiday gifts, but thanks to all that price-slashing, it’s also one of the best times to buy furniture (and decor for your home, too!). Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re just bored with your old sofa, waiting for this year’s deals to start up to make those major purchases is a smart move.

a man and a woman sitting in a box: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the best times to buy furniture (and decor for your home, too!), so if you're in need of a new sofa or dining set, these are the stores to shop—from Home Depot and Wayfair to Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and more.

© kupicoo – Getty Images
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the best times to buy furniture (and decor for your home, too!), so if you’re in need of a new sofa or dining set, these are the stores to shop—from Home Depot and Wayfair to Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and more.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for 2020 have yet to be announced, we can glean a lot about what this year’s furniture and discounts will be like based on what offerings looked like last year. For starters, some of your favorite go-to stores held sales in 2019, from big box retailers like Wayfair to furniture-focused brands like Ashley Furniture. If you’re ready to get started on your wishlist, here’s a list of stores that had furniture and decor sales last year, so you know where to watch for savings:

And you likely won’t have to wait until Black Friday actually rolls around to start shopping, either. Historically, many of these sales start in the days or even weeks leading up, so you can expect to find deals at various stores throughout the entire month of November and beyond.

We’ll be updating this page as new sales are announced, so keep checking back here for new deals on furniture and home goods.

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White House backs $25B airline relief extension amid coronavirus aid talks

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows urged Congress on Thursday to extend payroll grants for airline employees through next March, in order to avoid sweeping furloughs throughout the industry.

He said $25 billion was necessary to provide sufficient relief for six more months, mirroring the amount approved in March that expires Sept. 30. Meadows said he thought it was a small price to pay given the trillion-dollar-plus proposals under discussion, though broader coronavirus relief talks continue to stall.

“Compared to $1.5 trillion, it’s a rather small amount of additional assistance that could potentially keep 30 to 50,000 workers on the payroll,” Meadows said after a meeting with airline executives, who warned of imminent furloughs.

That’s the price tag on a compromise plan floated by the 50-member bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus in the House earlier this week. Democratic committee leaders shot it down as too skimpy, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded at least $2.2 trillion in relief. Earlier this week she said she’d be open to additional airline assistance as part of a broader relief package, but didn’t offer a dollar figure.

Senate Republicans didn’t include airline aid in their “skinny” $300 billion plan that couldn’t muster the 60 votes needed for cloture last week.

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Contractor who spied on girls in school bathroom kept videos on his tablet, police find

A former contractor accused of installing mirrors inside bathroom stalls to spy on young girls at a Camden County school was facing new charges this week after investigators found more videos on his tablet, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and Gloucester Township Police announced Thursday.

Gregory Mahley, 51, of West Deptford, was originally charged with one count each of endangering the welfare of a child by manufacturing and possessing child pornography, and invasion of privacy, but now faced seven counts of second degree and third degree endangering the welfare of a child and eight counts of invasion of privacy, the office said.

Mahley worked for eight years for Multi-Temp Mechanical, Inc., located in Westville, which had been contracted to do work on the HVAC system of Glen Landing Middle School, authorities said.

Police said he installed mirrors onto the back of bathroom stall doors that allowed him to secretly record girls using the restroom through an air conditioning vent.

Once the mirrors were discovered, school officials found Mahley inside the utility closet where he recorded the videos, the office said. During the investigation, multiple devices were seized from his home and his work vehicle.

While performing a search of a tablet he owned, detectives located videos of six minor female students and one adult which lead to the additional charges, authorities said. Investigators were still searching other devices seized from Mahley as the investigation into his alleged crimes continued.

“I am very disturbed to learn of criminal charges filed today against an employee of an outside contractor who was performing HVAC work at Glen Landing Middle School,” Superintendent John Bilodeau told NJ Advance Media last week.

Police inspected all schools and facilities Mahley had access to, and did not find any additional suspicious activities and were investigating other buildings he might have worked in, the office said.

Anyone with information about Mahley’s alleged activities was asked to call Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Det. Briana Hagan at 609-508-3333 or Gloucester Township Police Det. Brian Farrell at 856-228-4500.

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Chris Sheldon may be reached at [email protected].

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Military Police Considered Using Heat Ray on White House Protesters, Whistle-Blower Says

Top administration officials have defended the response to the protests, arguing that law enforcement officers in the square in the days leading up to the clash had been met with violence from bad actors. Testifying before Congress in July, Gregory T. Monahan, the Park Police’s acting chief, said that his officers acted with “tremendous restraint.”

Top Republican lawmakers, as well as Attorney General William P. Barr, have previously sought to discredit Major DeMarco, noting that he ran as a Democratic House candidate in 2018.

Major DeMarco, who also testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources as part of the panel’s investigation into the clash, offered a starkly different picture, telling lawmakers that the police used “excessive” force on protesters.

The heat ray that officials had sought was developed with the intent of repelling individuals without injury. But military news releases describe the technology as causing an “unbearable heating sensation,” and a system deployed to Afghanistan with the Air Force in 2010 ultimately was never used and was withdrawn, in part, some speculated, because of public opposition.

In a meeting days before the 2018 midterm elections, Customs and Border Protection officials suggested using the device on migrants at the southwestern border, but the idea shocked attendees, and Kirstjen Nielsen, then the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, angrily dismissed the idea outright.

Major DeMarco, in his written testimony, also told lawmakers that military officials had sought out powerful sound cannons known as Long Range Acoustic Devices, which can be used to loudly issue commands to crowds but can also serve as a deterrent. A federal judge in New York ruled in 2017 that the sound the cannons emit could be considered a form of force, after the police used such a device to emit a series of piercing beeps directed at protesters who later said they had developed ringing in their ears and dizziness because of the noise.

Zolan Kanno-Youngs and John Ismay contributed reporting.

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North and interior parts of the State to experience thunderstorms for two days

Rainfall activity may remain largely subdued over the State except for pockets in north and interior parts of the Tamil Nadu till the weekend.

The east-west shear zone over the Andhra Pradesh region and convective activity will bring only isolated rainfall for the next two or three days, noted meteorologists. Besides northern districts, one or two places such as Salem, Erode, Nilgiris and Ariyalur would get light to moderate rainfall.

Officials of the Meteorological department said light rains are likely in some districts such as Theni, Dindigul, Sivagangai, Pudukottai and Ramanathapuram till Saturday.

S.Balachandran, Deputy Director General of Meteorology, Chennai, said there may not be much intense rainfall over the State for the next few days. The east west shear zone would be the main weather phenomenon to influence thunderstorms over the State.

Thunderstorms may continue in some places of Chennai too particularly during evening or night hours, which is typical in September, he said.

On the low pressure likely to develop over the Bay of Bengal around September 20, he said the system is being monitored and it may not have much impact on the State.

During the past 24 hours ending 8.30 a.m. on Thursday, nine rain gauges in various districts, including Pandalur taluk office (Nilgiris district), Namakkal district, Alandur, Meenambakkam and Chembarambakkam near Chennai received the day’s highest quantity of 2 cm of rainfall.

While the other reservoirs except the one in Chembarambakkam did not receive any rainfall, officials of the Water Resources Department noted that Krishna water from Kandaleru reservoir in Andhra Pradesh would be released on Friday for Chennai’s requirement.

The Meteorological Department forecasts a generally cloudy sky and light rains in some areas till Saturday in Chennai. The city is likely to record a maximum temperature of 33 degree Celsius for two days.

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