BelAir Cantina expands restaurant at The Corners of Brookfield


BelAir Cantina, a local Mexican-fusion chain, opened its new 3,000-square-foot addition Friday in Brookfeld. 

The restaurant, located at The Corners of Brookfield, has added an 85-foot indoor/outdoor bar, and a private room that can be reserved for celebrations and banquets.

Expanded seating was brought to Market Square to reduce table wait times. The indoor seating limit is now 230, up from 160. The restaurant, 250 High St., also features new wall décor, including a mural and living garden.

“As construction wraps up on this significant expansion, we’re excited to be able to serve even more guests in a safe, socially distanced and enjoyable way,” said Robert Gould, CEO of Brookfield Corners.

The former restaurant space, meanwhile, is temporarily closing for additional renovations. The restaurant’s grand reopening is set for October.

BelAir Cantina was the first restaurant to open in 2017 at The Corners — a shopping and apartment complex at West Blue Mound and North Barker roads.

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Man blows up part of house while chasing fly

Stock photo of a fly

image copyrightGetty Images

image captionThe man had become irritated by a fly

A man has blown up part of his house in France while trying to swat a fly.

The man, who is in his 80s, was about to tuck into his dinner when he became irritated by a fly buzzing around him.

He picked up an electric racket designed to kill bugs and start swatting at it – but a gas canister was leaking in his Dordogne home.

A reaction between the racket and the gas caused an explosion, destroying the kitchen and partly damaging the roof of the home in Parcoul-Chenaud village.

According to local media, the unnamed man had a lucky escape, sustaining just a burn to the hand.


the fate of the fly is not known, news outlet Sud-Ouest notes.

He has since checked into a local campsite while his family repair the house.

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The Best Bathroom Scales for 2020

Is your bathroom scale out of date? Sure it is. This is the modern, quantified world, after all, and you’re swimming around in it like a dolphin. You don’t just want to know your weight — you want to know your body fat percentage and muscle composition, how your weight today compares to last week, and so on.

Modern smart scales do so much more than read your weight, after all. To help you pick the right product, we’ve spent hours scouring shopping sights and connecting with most major manufacturers to get a feel for their newest devices. We’ve reviewed the best bathroom scales for 2020, and we’re already doing jumping jacks about some of the newest features. With today’s scales, you can get reports about BMI, body fat percentage, muscle composition, and even body cardio reports for health. Even better, you can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and receive customized reports about your health.

Withings Body

withings body scale
The Withings Body Scale is a great choice if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of your own body. Within a sleek design, it measures weight, BMI, muscle mass, and fat percentage, for starters. But the Withings Body Scale has a couple of appealing features beyond that.

In addition to showing your daily weight, the Withings Body Scale also displays your last eight weigh-ins directly on the display, so you can see if your weight is trending up or down, information that other scales make you head to the app for. The display screen can also give you weather updates or display the number of steps you took the previous day — that is, if you’re using a Withings tracker. This smart scale also can last up to 18 months on four AAA batteries.

The Withings Health Mate App connects to more than 100 fitness apps, including Beeminder, Google Fit, Fitbit, and LoseIt.

If you’re looking for more metrics, Withings does offer a more advanced scale, the Body Cardio Scale, which measures pulse wave velocity. While this is probably a very important aspect of your health — it’s associated with hypertension and risks of cardiovascular incidents, after all — it may not be essential when choosing a bathroom scale.

Eufy Smart Scale C1 with Bluetooth

If you’re looking for an extremely affordable smart scale and a holistic approach to health, try Eufy’s C1, which you can buy for around $30. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and it’ll track a bunch of different measurements to help you meet your fitness goals: Body fat percentage, body mass index, water, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, lean body mass, bone mass, muscle mass, and, of course, weight.

Cheaper options like the C1 typically aren’t compatible with as many fitness apps as the more expensive competitors. The C1 works with the Eufy Life app, which currently connects with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Up to 16 users can be on one account, so your entire family can use the C1. Plus, features like an anti-slip

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Hundreds arrested during protests in Belarus, says Interior Ministry

Minsk [Belarus], September 7 (ANI/Sputnik): Hundreds of people have been detained throughout Belarus for participating in unauthorized protests on Sunday, Interior Ministry spokeswoman Olga Chemodanova told Sputnik, adding that the precise number will be available on Monday.
Earlier in the day, opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko organised protests in Minsk and other cities.
“Hundreds of citizens have been arrested across the country for taking part in unauthorized protests. We do not know the final number, we are planning to present it on Monday morning,” Chemodanova said.
Meanwhile, Belarusian telecommunication provider A1 announced restoring data transmission services in Minsk to full capacity.
A Sputnik correspondent has reported that law enforcement officers disassembled the roadblock outside of the Independence Palace, the residence of Lukashenko. Pedestrians are now being allowed through.
The Minsk subway has resumed its normal work as well, according to its Telegram channel, as several stations were previously closed during the day amid protests.
The Sunday protests were the latest in the series that started in the aftermath of the August 9 election, which saw Lukashenko re-elected for a sixth term.
The opposition insists that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is the real winner. (ANI/Sputnik)

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Son sells birthday whiskey collection worth over $53G to buy his first house

Saving up to a buy a house can feel like a daunting task, but one young man in England found a unique way to do it. It turns out, his father’s idea to invest in whiskey paid off, literally.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad, the BBC reports. Over 28 years, Robson’s father reportedly spent over $6,000 on the whiskey.


Which is probably money well spent, because Robson reportedly has a collection worth $53,000, which he plans on turning into a down payment on his first house.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad.

Matthew Robson would receive a bottle of Macallan single malt as a birthday gift from his dad.

Robson told the BBC, “Each year I received it as a birthday present. I thought it was quite a quirky little present as I was slightly too young to start drinking. But I was under strict instructions, never, never to open them and I tried my hardest and succeeded and they’re all intact.”


Robson’s father explained, “I thought it would be interesting if I bought one every year and he’d end up with 18 bottles of 18-year-old whiskey for his 18th birthday. It wasn’t the only present he got from us. It was just meant to be a unique present but it was a little bit of luck that we kept it going.”


The value of Macallan has reportedly risen over the last five to 10 years, making Robson’s collection significantly more valuable. He’s working with a whiskey broker to sell it and says that there’s already a lot of interest from buyers in New York and Asia.

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Carrie Underwood Says This Is Her Favorite Kitchen Tool

Carrie Underwood isn’t just a world-famous country music star.

She’s also a mother of two, and a fitness enthusiast who is serious about her health, and about setting a good example for her kids.

The Before He Cheats singer swears by one kitchen item that helps her do just that.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Carrie Underwood’s husband is coaching on her fit52 app

In a video posted to her Instagram account, Underwood announced that her husband, former professional ice hockey center Mike Fisher, is joining her fit52 app team.

“There’s a new #fit52 trainer in town and you just might know him.” Underwood said in the video, “Hey everybody, I am just leaving the set of our new fit52 shoot, adding new content, new pictures, and we have a very special announcement for all of you guys.”

Fisher, at one time with the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators, is serving as a trainer on the app. He’ll have his own path called, naturally, “Mike’s Path.”

“We have a new trainer in town! He is strong…handsome,” Underwood said with a wink, laughing. “…a former professional athlete. He is my husband! His name is Mike Fisher, and he’s gonna be working out with us now on fit52.”

“He’s gonna have his own path, Mike’s Path, and I can’t wait for you guys to try it,” she said. “He has been working out with me, basically since the beginning of fit52’s conception, and I was super excited and surprised at how much he loved doing the app with me.”

“So, here we go, you didn’t ask for it, but you got it!”

Carrie Underwood is serious about measuring food

RELATED: Why Carrie Underwood Decided 2020 is the Year for Her First Christmas Album

The country singing artist wrote in her 2020 fitness and lifestyle book, Find Your Path, about her habit of carefully managing her portion sizes. And she’s serious about it.

“I’ve seen so many diet programs that tell you to ‘Stop counting calories! Don’t track everything! You’ll never keep it up!’ I am living proof that this isn’t true – at least not for me,” she wrote. “I could eat just about anyone I know under the table and still not be full.”

The Love Wins singer went on to say, “Eyeballing just doesn’t work for me. If I try to eyeball portions, they creep up in size. If I put a cup of pasta on my plate but I don’t measure it, you can bet that what I think is a cup is actually closer to two cups. You’d be surprised at how inaccurate eyeballing it can be.”

The kitchen tool Carrie Underwood swears by

With her strict attention to portions in mind, it’s no surprise that the singer is very attached to her food scale.

“A cup of green beans, a cup of yogurt, and a cup of popcorn all have different weights, and measuring by cups or fractions of a cup

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Homeowner shocked after heavy rain reveals secret buried under backyard garden

You never know what you’re going to find when you start digging.

A homeowner in Texas reportedly made an amazing discovery in the backyard of a house he originally intended to fix up and flip. After realizing what he owned, however, he’s apparently changed his mind.

John Reynolds reportedly had no idea that there was a pool in the backyard of the house he bought in Texas for just under $20,000.

John Reynolds reportedly had no idea that there was a pool in the backyard of the house he bought in Texas for just under $20,000.

John Reynolds had no idea that there was a pool in the backyard of the house he bought for just under $20,000, The Sun reports. According to him, the backyard was a mess and the pool had been filled with dirt and other debris.


The house had reportedly been owned by a hoarder before Reynolds bought it. When he first took ownership of the house, it was full of junk, feral cats and the backyard appeared to contain an overgrown garden.

According to Reynolds, he didn’t know about the in-ground pool until a heavy downpour shifted the dirt and debris. Prior to that, he says the only thing he noticed was that one section of the backyard always seemed to be a bit “boggy.”


“It feels like I have stumbled across a winning lottery ticket,” he told The Sun. “Never in a million years when I bought the property did I think I would be swimming in my own pool. I bought it as a bit of an investment with the intention to do it up and sell it on, but it has yielded so many surprises I don’t know if I can let it go.”

Reynolds reportedly bought the house two years ago but didn’t discover the pool until a few months later. He spent over a year cleaning out the garbage, fixing leaks, and making other repairs to the pool. While it cost him about $10,000 to fix it up, installing an in-ground pool would have been significantly more expensive.


“My friends and I are in it every day for hours on end now,” says the now proud homeowner. “You couldn’t wish to find a bigger reward in your back garden.”

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Armed man who locked himself in bathroom at University Hospital arrested on tentative drug charges

Jessie Cavins

MADISON, Wis. — Police arrested an armed man Saturday night after he barricaded himself in a bathroom at the University Hospital.

Jessie L. Cavins, 39, was recently discharged from the hospital after being treated for a drug overdose, according to the UW-Madison Police Department. Cavins was armed after reclaiming his belongings from security, which included a knife.

When police arrived at 10 p.m., they heard Cavins making thrashing noises from inside the bathroom. UW-Madison police said after several unsuccessful attempts to communicate with Cavins, they decided he was unsafe and broke down the door.

Once inside the bathroom, police found Cavins unresponsive, and nearby hospital staff treated him with Narcan. After he was treated, Cavins was transported to the Dane County Jail and booked on tentative charges of felony possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation hold.

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There’s Music in the Kitchen! (The tenth of many to come!)

Issued on:

This week on The Sound Kitchen, a special treat: The Sound Kitchen’s producing engineer Erwan Rome – who is a Cuban percussion player when he’s not at RFI – shares his music-making with us. Just click on the “Audio” arrow above and enjoy!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Sound Kitchen weekly podcast, published every Saturday – here on our website, or wherever you get your podcasts. You’ll hear the winner’s names announced and the week’s quiz question, along with all the other ingredients you’ve grown accustomed to: your letters and essays, “On This Day”, quirky facts and news, interviews, and great music … so be sure and listen every week.

Send me your music requests! I’ll make programs of your favourite music when I can’t be in the kitchen to cook up something new for you … write to me at  [email protected]

To listen to our features from your PC, go to our website and click on the three horizontal bars on the top right, choose Listen to RFI / Podcasts, and you’ve got ‘em ! You can either listen directly or subscribe and receive them directly on your mobile phone.

To listen to our features from your mobile phone, the three horizontal bars are on the top left. Click and choose “Features”.

Teachers, take note! I save postcards and stamps from all over the world to send to you for your students. If you would like stamps and postcards for your students, just write and let me know. The address is [email protected]

RFI Clubs: Be sure to always include Audrey Iattoni ([email protected])  from our Listener Relations department on all your RFI Club correspondence. Remember to copy me ([email protected]) when you write them so that I know what is going on, too. N.B. You do not need to send her your quiz answers! Email overload!

And don’t forget, there is a Facebook page just for you, the RFI English Clubs. It is a closed group, so when you apply to join, be sure you include the name of your RFI Club and your membership number. Everyone can look at it, but only members of the group can post on it. If you haven’t yet asked to join the group, and you are a member of an independent, officially recognised RFI English Club, go to the Facebook link above and fill out the questionnaire!!!!! (if you do not answer the questions, I click “decline”).

There’s a new Facebook page for members of the general RFI Listeners Club. Just click on the link and fill out the questionnaire, and you can connect with your fellow Club members around the world. Be sure you include your RFI Listeners Club membership number (most of them begin with an A, followed by a number) in the questionnaire, or I will have to click “Decline”, which I don’t like to do!

To join the RFI Listeners Club, just write to me at [email protected] and tell me

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Wayne police hunting for Willowbrook Mall bathroom peeper


WAYNE — Police are searching for a man who allegedly took a flash photo of a woman in a bathroom at Willowbrook Mall.

The victim told police that the suspect reached his arm under the partition between their stalls in a ladies’ room on the second floor of the Macy’s department store and snapped the photo with his cellphone.

As the woman quickly got dressed, police say, the man darted out of the bathroom. She gave chase until he ran the wrong way down an escalator. He fled to the parking lot, where according to an eyewitness, he got in a white car and sped off.

Wayne police are looking for this man. (Photo: Courtesy of Wayne Police Department)

A surveillance camera captured an image of the suspect. He is Black, about 6-foot-2, with black hair in dreadlocks. He wore a black baseball cap, a black face mask, a gray T-shirt, bluejeans and navy blue — possibly Puma — sneakers.

Anyone with information about the incident should call police at 973-633-3541.

Philip DeVencentis is a local reporter for For unlimited access to the most important news from your local community, please subscribe or activate your digital account today.

Email: [email protected]

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