DIY Ideas to Give your Home an Uplift

The advent of a global lockdown has likely opened your eyes to several improvements that your apartment or living space might need. Well, you don’t have to strain your pocket on having an artisan fix all these issues. Check out review sites like for souvenirs that would come handy in improving your home.

Your challenge is likely to be a cluttered closet, broken furniture, a clogged fireplace, or ripped off wall skirting. Check through our list of DIY ideas that will brighten up the home and make it a more habitable space.

1.  Carving out an office space

It is possible that having to work on your couch, or your dining table has not been as productive as you expected. The lack of the familiar ambiance peculiar to the office space has robbed you of the opportunity to meet up with work deadlines.

Creating a solid work niche in your apartment could be the perfect solution. Since most houses come with multiple closets, there is a high likelihood of having an empty or shabbily populated one. Such cabinets that merely serve non-essential purposes can be cleared out, and fitted with furniture and other work essentials.

2.  Wax up your tiles and sanitary porcelains

Getting stains on the bathroom tiles, toilet seat, bathtubs, or wash hand basins is inevitable. You could order a grout and tile cleaning kit online, following the instructions carefully; your tiles and basin would end up looking new.

3.  Improve your entryway

First impressions are long-lasting. Regardless of the attractiveness of your apartment, the entryway should not be left drab. And since your prolific excuse for leaving it that way has been lack of time, this would be an excellent time to put a touch to the entryway. Add a comfy rug, put up an alluring wallpaper, you could even draw graffiti that reflects your interest – if you possess artistic abilities, and the house is not rented.

4.  Introduce a new touch of paint

If your home has a fireplace that has enjoyed use in recent years, there are every likelihood flame stains mark the upper wall. Clean the chimney or vent, tidy the stove, and give the rim a fresh paint job. In cases where you have toddlers or pets in the home, rubbing against the wall could have caused stains in some parts of the house. Choose colors that fit the theme of the space, and do a retouch to the particular walls. Another part of the house that could need a touch of paint is kitchen cabinets.

5.  Attach thin Styrofoam layers to your exercise gear

It is a common sight in some homes to find fitness gears like dumbbells, heavyweight, or push up handles. Protective layers of rubber that wear off can be easily replaced with attractive Styrofoam to prevent blisters during exercise. You could equally upgrade your gear by ordering from an online store like Sparnet.

6.  Bring in the outdoors

Enjoy ‘friluftsliv’ during the times you …

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Solar Energy to Cuffing Season: Three FAQs When the Weather Gets Cold

Gloomy days are interesting because they initiate changes in behaviors as well as compromise some technology. An obvious effect is lessened solar energy. People, on the other hand, would much rather stay in and have a lazy day. For some, it means wanting to find a partner to appease the loneliness.

A curious person would stop and wonder: What causes these things to happen? How do things work when the sun is in hiding? Whether you choose to stay in or combat the symptoms of not getting enough sun, it’s important to stay safe. From solar power to short-term relationships, this article aims to comprehensively provide answers.

How do solar panels work when there’s no sun?

Establishments that use solar energy are still connected to the primary power source of the area. This explains the presence of electricity even without the sun. On a cloudy day, solar panels can still produce energy from little sunlight, generating 10 to 25 percent of power.

Others use a home battery to store excess energy from sunny days. This way, they still use renewable energy at night, on cloudy days, or when there’s a blackout. Depending on the capacity of the battery, this energy source can power lights, appliances, and air conditioning units.

When used efficiently, the stored energy can last for as long as 12 hours. Otherwise, it will shut down until heavy appliances are turned off.

Why do people get lazy on gloomy days?

Less sun means a disruption in the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for sleepiness, and it depends heavily on sunlight. “The amount of light you get each day—plus your own body clock—set how much [melatonin] your body makes,” according to WebMD. Melatonin levels begin to increase when the sun sets, and it decreases in the morning when a person is exposed to sunlight.

Sunlight also triggers the skin’s production of Vitamin D. One significant benefit of Vitamin D is mood regulation. This is why people tend to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that shows symptoms of depression. So, take time to go out and get some sun to regulate your sleep as well as your mood.

Is it just coldm, or am I so single?

Whatever you call it—’cuddle weather’ or ‘cuffing season’—people tend to crave warmth and affection when the weather gets cold. During cuddle weather, people look for ‘cuddle buddies’ to appease their cravings for warmth. This can also be called as ‘cuffing season’ which is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a period of time where single people begin looking for short term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year.”

According to Psychology Today, this is not entirely caused by the change in seasons but in society’s messaging during the holiday season. People are giving gifts to their partners. In family reunions, there’s the occasional “When are you getting married?” or “Where’s your significant other?”

It’s also often lonely during these times because it’s more difficult to go out

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House Updates that Make All the Difference

When you buy a house, you usually have to deal with what the previous owner did to it. This can be a problem if the house is several decades old, and the past residents did nothing to upgrade or change it. Moving into a home like that can be a bit of a nightmare. Here are some things that you can do to make the house much more comfortable:


Update Your Electrical System


The essential parts of the electrical system in your home should be fine. Still, you might want to call in an expert to check so that there are no wires chewed by rats or something similar. What you really should change are the outlets and switches. Past outlets only had the basic two prongs.


Nowadays, various devices have different requirements. Though you can get an adapter, it is much more convenient to be able to plug anything into a universal outlet.


Additionally, your switches might still be the old flip type. Change them to more modern versions. Both of them can also look yellowed with age, so an update can be worth it to look good.


Maintain the Right Temperature


The climate is much different than it was a few decades ago. Summers are much hotter, while winters are colder. A house meant to handle the temperatures of the past will find itself struggling today. Additionally, this can mean it can be more expensive.


Updating your heating and air-conditioning units is just one step. You should also install some insulation to help manage the temperatures in your home. Wall insulation should be simple enough, but you should also consider window insulation for maximum coverage. 


Don’t Ignore the Yard


If you bought an old house that has been unattended, then your yard might be a mess. Without anyone maintaining it, there might be an overgrowth of shrubbery and grass. Clean it up by cutting and mowing all of the excesses and ensuring it looks better maintained. You might even do some landscaping and add some flower beds or something similar. Install a walkway or update an old one so that it looks brand-new and approachable.


Change the Cabinets


Shelving and cabinets have changed over the years. What was once chic and stylish now looks worn and dated. It also doesn’t help that constant use wears them down. You don’t have to replace them. You can do some refinishing, and the results can be surprising. Changing out the handles to new versions can also help in freshening up the cabinets.


But if you have the budget, you can do a complete overhaul and bring in something new. Try to decide a unifying theme for your cabinets per room. For example, your kitchen might go for something more modern, while bathroom cabinets might be homier. The decision will be up to you.



Whether it is changing the light bulbs or giving the floor a makeover, updating an old house can keep it relevant and comfortable to modern residents. Though

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