20 Best Kids Bathroom Ideas

Ready to redo your kid’s bathroom? There are so many creative bathroom decor ideas for making a space not only look cute, but function well for your family for baths, toothbrushing, hair styling, and so much more. When you embark on your kid’s bathroom makeover, you’ll first want to figure out your budget, which will help you decide the scope of your project. Is this going to be a complete renovation, a simple redo with a few new accessories or somewhere in between? Then, you can make firm plans on cabinetry, layout, tile, bathroom paint colors, and more.

A fun theme can make the bathroom extra appealing for kids. Incorporate the theme into a bath mat, shower curtain, wall decor, and more. A step stool, toothbrush holder, faucet extender, and other accessories can make things easier for little ones and give them more independence. And never forget what every kid’s bathroom needs plenty of: storage! Little ones have bath products, toys, colorful towels, and more. Adding extra shelving, baskets, towel bars, and hooks is always a good idea.

These best kid’s bathroom ideas range from sophisticated and stylish to whimsical and fun. But there’s one thing they all have in common: They help make things more orderly, organized, and functional for busy families.

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