14 Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Bathroom Design Styles

Full bathrooms have a toilet, sink, shower/bathtub, or a combination and are common in low to mid-priced two bedrooms. The master bathroom/ ensuite bathroom is connected to the largest bedroom in the house. The door permits entry to the primary bedroom and a second door opens up to the bathroom. Sometimes, the second door is omitted but the toilet is enclosed in its own space for privacy.

Three-quarter of bathrooms have a toilet, sink, and either a separate shower or a bathtub. Half bathrooms’/powder rooms have a toilet and a sink. It allows more privacy to the homeowner as visitors can use the toilet and wash up without entering the bedroom areas. Quarter bathrooms contain either a shower or a toilet.

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Fixture Styles

Wall-mount showerheads are basic and highly functional, handheld showerhead is attached to a flexible hose and are suitable for hair washing and those hard-to-reach places. Rainshower heads are mounted on the ceiling while body sprayers are integrated into the shower walls and can be adjusted to massage the body or produce a relaxing mist. Three showerheads can accommodate two people at the same time while a drop-in sink is mounted above a counter.

The under-mount sink is installed beneath the countertop and is easy to clean. They work on stone-made and solid surface materials countertops. Vessel sinks are decorative bowls that sit on countertops. They are available in different materials like glass and stone. Pedestal sink saves space and offers timeless appeal and are available in oblong, rectangular, or traditional oval shapes. The taller toilet is comfortable for homeowners except for children and is accessible to individuals using wheelchairs.

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Storage Needs

Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, facial moisturizers, face wash, and contact solutions should be stored close to the sink or bathroom vanity. Extra supplies can be stored under the sink if there is space. Face cloths and hand towels can be stored in the drawers so that they don’t topple over.

Bath towels can be stored in the linen closet. Shower supplies like razors, shampoos, bar soaps, and shaving creams should be stored close at hand. Hairdryer, curler, and flat iron can be hanged for easier reach or can be stored in a drawer. Toilet paper can be stored in a basket on the floor or in the space under the sink. The first aid kit can be stored on the bottom drawer as it is less likely to be crowded out. Medicine cabinets can also be fixed and ensure that they are lockable.

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