10 Bathroom Laundry Room Ideas 2022 (the Two-in-One Model)

BATHROOM LAUNDRY ROOM IDEAS – Combining bathroom and laundry room benefits us in some ways. The concept saves a lot of space. This is especially helpful when you live in a minimalist apartment or house.

The other thing is that the model motivates you cleaning by yourself. Looking at a washing machine next to the bathroom tub or sink basin reminds you to stay clean. You may wish to wash dirty clothes right after taking a bath.

So, how to decorate a bathroom laundry room? We have 10 picks for you:

Vivid Bathroom Laundry Room

Vivid Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: home-designing.com

Applying a two-in-one room concept shouldn’t make the area too packed. The bathroom laundry room optimizes a limited area through simple basic style. The bathroom combines grey and white for making the area vivid and casual.

The showering area has glass coverage for making the bathroom a bit spacious. There are the floating closet and the sink basin for keeping the bathroom efficient. The washing machine is equipped by a chair.

The towel keeper is put next after the closet. The lamps are uniquely placed in the spot for spreading the bright rays.

Slim Bathroom Laundry Room

Slim Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: sortingwithstyle.com

This one occupies a tighter space as compared to the first sample. The bathroom sets up the wooden, vertical storage with plenty of boxes. The storage really optimizes the small space. It has a sliding door.

The storage keeps numerous items, including the washing machine. The glass door leads to the showering spot. The T-shaped bathroom laundry room still manages to sweeten the area by placing the cute, shaggy doormat.

The leaves are put in the floating sink basin. And we see the wooden bench next to the sink area. Such a brainy model!

Clever Bathroom Laundry Room

Clever Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: viendoraglass.com

The bathroom laundry room is blessed with the fair space. It looks familiar and comfortable for most of us. The large windows can entertain you while doing the laundry.

The bathroom divides the area into two segments that face one another. The laundry site is completed with the open storage for taking clean or dirty clothes. The sink area has the vanity that can take up tissues, towels, hand soaps and others.

The showering spot is once again spotted for the example. The bathroom chooses white and grey for a comfy feel.

Nice Bathroom Laundry Room

Nice Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: wearegroves.com

Decorating a bathroom laundry room challenges us for designing the area. This time around, the area creates the space into the U-sized format with the vacant space in the centre.

For the left side, we see the bathroom tub. Across the bathroom tub is the closet and the sink basin. The vanity beneath the sink basin can store plenty of items, from towels to make-ups. Whilst the laundry thingy is put next to the showering spot.

The bathroom modifies a bit through the wooden flooring, the blue-and-white tiles and white-painted wall.

Lovely Bathroom Laundry Room

Lovely Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: homespecially.com

Purchasing slim but strong materials play key role to make your small bathroom laundry room complete. The example selects the floating sink basin that contains the drawers. You can store plenty of items on the drawers.

You can display cute vase on top of the vanity or countertop. The bathroom provides a useful tip. There is a concrete wall that separates the showering area with the washing machine one.

We call this a lovely one because the bathroom laundry room manages to sweeten the space with the plants. Plus, the wooden basket brings the natural flavour.

Cool Bathroom Laundry Room

Cool Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: ntcinfotec.com

The example turns the narrow area into such a cool integrated one. The bathroom laundry room divides the room into the showering and washing segments. The white ceramics indicate the separate functions.

The washing machine becomes one unit with the sink area. The bathroom laundry room seems cool with the colour choice. For instance, the washing machine is in black, the same with the vanity.

The other cool thing is the wooden, floating storage with funny quotes.

Charming Bathroom Laundry Room

Charming Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: theintercourse.org

The bathroom laundry room attracts us with the space format. The L-shaped bathroom laundry room looks charming with the whole styling. The ceiling looks fashionable with the three different models.

The sink area, for instance, has the wooden board with the in-built lamps. We really admire the bathroom laundry room’s material choice. The area uses wood, blue tiles, striped wood and metal and grey concrete.

Reflective Bathroom Laundry Room

Reflective Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: artemis-office.org

Grey and glass make the bathroom laundry room reflective. The strategy creates a spacious hue for the area. The bathroom looks simple with the showering spot, the washing machine, the sink unit and the closet placed in the manner.

There is the glass floating storage above the washing machine for taking up clean towels, hand soap, detergents and other items. The small mirror colours the top of the washing machine. Such a clever tip!

Cute Bathroom Laundry Room

Cute Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: livingmarch.com

White, rectangular tiles contrast with grey, square tiles in the bathroom laundry room. That suffices for making the example not too plain. The contrast hue takes up the minimalist and multifunctional items.

The sink basin is equipped with the vanity that consists of the large drawers. The washing machine is put next to the vanity. The top of the washing machine displays purple flowers and blue fabrics.

The cute thing later comes from the wall lamps that brighten the sink area.

Appealing Bathroom Laundry Room

Appealing Bathroom Laundry Room
Source: diylightingpros.com

Appealing and homey. Unlike the previous examples, the bathroom laundry room is strong in wooden hue. That can be seen from the bathroom’s floor. Moreover, the bathroom laundry room picks the brownish ambience.

We especially love the washing machine area that is equipped with the door. Above it, there are drawers. The idea makes the area well-arranged. Furthermore, the bathroom hangs the chandelier lighting and decorates the wall section with the towel hanger.

The last of our 10 bathroom laundry room ideas end the article with the graceful touches.

BONUS: Scandi-inspired Bathroom Laundry Room

When interior designer Karin Bennett embarked on an extensive renovation of her basement, her “number one priority” was to include a cedar sauna.

Inspired by her Finnish roots, Bennett enlisted the help of her contractor brother-in-law to turn her childhood dream into reality.

The rest of the space — a functional laundry room and a bathroom with a walk-in shower — was simply an added bonus.

See how she transformed this bright white and warm wood multipurpose room in the video.

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