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Bathroom Decor Options

Find everything you need for a stylish and functional bathroom at Crate and Barrel. Our thoughtful collection of bathroom decor and accessories includes bath towels, rugs, furniture, shower curtains and more.

Bath Linens

When it comes to bathroom decor, bath linens play a dual role. They must be beautiful and functional. Our bath sheets and towels, hand towels, and washcloths have a great gram weight for absorbency and drying. We use long staple cotton yarns woven using various techniques to create unique looks that add interest to the master bath or guest room. Our bath towels are available in select colors that range from neutral white and grey to soothing spa-inspired hues that change with the season.

Bath Rugs

Our bath rugs coordinate with our bath linens for a matching look. We also have standalone options designed to add interest in a subtle way. Whether you’re looking for soft, plush cotton or something more unique like wood, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Bath Accessories

Bath accessories are the final touch to a pulled together bathroom. We offer coordinated collections in a variety of styles and materials. We use ceramic, stainless steel, wood, rattan and glass to fashion options that stand up to a bathroom’s humidity. We sell a variety of canisters for cotton balls, cotton swabs and other bathroom necessities that need to be close at hand. We also have beautiful options for soaps, including liquid soap dispensers and soap dishes for the bar variety to ensure your favorite soap looks appealing and is ready to use. Toothbrush holders/razor cups keep these bathroom essentials neat, organized and dry when not in use. Tissue box covers update the store-bought cardboard box with a look that coordinates with your other bathroom decor and accessories. Crate and Barrel also offers a variety of hampers for laundry. When it comes to bathroom storage, we have multiple sizes of totes, wall-mounted and freestanding towel racks and bath towers. Keep your skincare and beauty products tucked away until it’s time for your daily routine. From traditional to modern to natural, you’ll find soap pumps and dishes, toothbrush and razor cups, tank trays, and canisters to suit your bath decor.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains make a fashion statement and are an easy way to update a bathroom with a fresh look. Crate and Barrel offers a sharply focused collection in a variety of styles that complement our bath linens and accessories. You’ll discover classic white matelasse, bold geometric patterns and fresh looks that give a master or guest bathroom character and style. Woven from 100% cotton, they are available in the standard 72″ length with a few patterns in the longer 84″ length. With reinforced “buttonholes” across the top, they are easy to hang with our shower curtain roller rings. Use with our polyester shower curtain liner with grommets to keep the soap and water where it belongs.

Bath Mirrors

From small to large, bath mirrors are an essential to bathroom decor.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas Is Being Criticized for Mid-Match Bathroom Breaks

It wasn’t his opponent’s dazzling foot speed or the velocity of his serve that Andy Murray was still dwelling on a day after his match. The statistic that stuck with Murray, the 2012 U.S. Open champion, was how long his opponent, Stefanos Tsitsipas, took during his off-court breaks.

“Fact of the day. It takes Stefanos Tsitipas twice as long to go the bathroom as it takes Jeff Bazos to fly into space. Interesting,” Murray posted to Twitter on Tuesday morning, misspelling both the name of his opponent and the Amazon billionaire, but adding emojis of a toilet and a rocket ship for clarity.

On Monday, the third-seeded Tsitsipas had defeated Murray 2-6, 7-6(7), 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 in a match that turned early in the fifth set following an off-court break by Tsitsipas. Though two off-court breaks are allowed by the rules during best-of-five-sets matches, Murray was incensed when he saw Tsitsipas leaving the court after the fourth set, which Tsitsipas had won.

“Why are they allowed to do this?” Murray asked chair umpire Nico Helwerth with exasperation. “Why?”

Murray, 34, sat on his bench in Arthur Ashe Stadium, changed his shirt, draped an ice towel over his neck and hydrated, repeatedly glancing toward the court entrance. After a few minutes of sitting and bouncing his legs, Murray rose and wandered behind the baseline, bouncing a ball and hitting it gently against the video wall behind the court.

“What’s your opinion on this?” Murray asked Helwerth. “You’re umpiring the match. Give me an opinion: you think it’s good?” Murray then asked Grand Slam supervisor Gerry Armstrong, “You think this is OK, what’s happening?”

When Tsitsipas finally returned more than seven minutes after the last point had been played, he went to his bench, then walked to a cooler to get a bottle of water. He then sat down on his bench, and Murray shouted “Get up! What’s going on, get up!”

When the fans began to boo, Murray pumped his arms to encourage them.

Murray, still steamed, dropped his serve in the following game, and Tsitsipas held onto that break advantage the rest of the set. Murray said he had been prepared for Tsitsipas to take long breaks if the match wasn’t going his way, for which he believed Tsitsipas had a reputation.

“It’s just disappointing because I feel it influenced the outcome of the match,” Murray said. “I’m not saying I necessarily win that match, for sure, but it had influence on what was happening after those breaks. I rate him a lot. I think he’s a brilliant player. I think he’s great for the game. But I have zero time for that stuff at all, and I lost respect for him.”

Told of Murray’s comments, Tsitsipas, 23, said he hoped to speak to him directly.

“If there’s something that he has to tell me, we should speak, the two of us, to understand what went wrong,” Tsitsipas said. “I don’t think I broke any rules. I played by

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Bathroom Furniture : Target

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Refresh your bath space with elegant hardwood bathroom furniture that brings a timeless vibe to your bath decor. Organize your bath essentials by investing in bathroom furniture such as a vanity units that are not only space-saving, functional pieces but also look stylish. To bring in depth and dimension with the use of bathroom furniture, choose large bathroom mirrors and place them strategically with wall-mounted lights. You can opt for mirror cabinets to compactly store your lotions, medicines and more. Amp up your storage space with floor cabinets that serve as a classic piece of bathroom furniture. If you wish to create more storage space in a small bathroom, then bathroom furniture like corner floor cabinets are an excellent choice. To make use of empty space, go for tall units that maximize storage vertically. Hardwood floor cabinets with interior shelves offer a functional storage solution while blending in well with a variety of bathroom decor. For more functional additions to your bathroom, you can opt for over-the-toilet bathroom furniture. With adjustable shelves and stylish paneled doors, these storage cabinets can be a smart furniture choice for your bathroom. So what are you waiting for? Envision your dream bathroom, choose the right bathroom furniture and get started right away.

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Make Bathroom Renovation Easier with Bathroom Repair Tutor

Build beautiful bathrooms and get tough questions answered 

Are you tired of researching how to renovate bathrooms?

If you want one source for all your bathroom remodeling needs then we can help.

Our Video Library tutorials are unique because they

    1. Show you step-by-step instructions
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    3. And follow industry guidelines

Plus you can post questions and get answers inside our Private Facebook Group.


You’ll learn how to start and finish bathroom remodels.

And if you have unexpected problems we can help.

Our goal is to help you start and finish your project.

Basement Curbless Shower for BRT

Over 325 tutorials in our Video Library focus on every major facet of bathroom renovation.

In addition, Platinum Members get access to three Shower Courses:

  • Tub Shower Master Course
  • Curbed Shower Master Course
  • Curbless Shower Master Course

These online courses are sequential and step-by-step, meaning they show all the steps required for the specified showers. Each tutorial has written instructions, time stamps for easy reference, and detailed supply lists.

You can view the courses at any time and at your own pace. Plus you’ll have lifetime access to all the course content, meaning you can view it today, tomorrow, or next year.

Jeff Patterson and Steve White are remodelers in Pittsburgh, PA with over 30 years of combined experience with bathroom building. They’re trained to install Schluter, Wedi, Laticrete, KBRS, and tub shower combo shower systems. Steve is also a Certified Tile Installer through the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.

Jeff and Steve

“As I began my project, I had so many questions. I watched several videos on YouTube but when issues came up I didn’t know where to turn. That was when I joined Bathroom Repair Tutor. When I ran into problems they answered very quickly and I was able to continue working. Thank you Jeff and Steve!”

— Diane Fernandez

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6 Clever Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Not many people have a palace bathroom luxury. Fortunately, reveals that you can still use easy steps and smart tricks to create a relaxing and peaceful bathroom that is at least spacious. Any of the best design companies around you will help you make the right bathroom design choice. Meanwhile, here are some clever ideas to try.

1.Make most materials white

It is hardly surprising that white or neutral tone produces a lighter space, and the same is true for the concept of the bathroom. But white does not need to be bland. Make a white palette layer by combining color textures and materials. Raise the modest white carvings with a trendy archetypal pattern, remain contemporary, or whitewash any darker wood features for a distinctly airy Scandi look with a sleek white system gloss unit. Create the illusion of space and light through a combination of textures in a white or neutral palette. All units in gloss white and flexible neutral design are available.

2.Floating units

A wall-mounted or floating unit is a perfect way to render the smaller bathroom spacious by opening up the floor space and creating a continuous impression. Choosing a double drawer unit, like in a range of scheme furniture, with convenient in-dividers, will maximize your room.Wall-hung vanity units make a room feel light and spacious and give a clean, contemporary look.

3.Minimize things

Make a room look larger by having your floor and shower box in line, which will prevent your bathroom from looking uncomfortable and busy. If you miss the whim of a varying room, you choose a single accent color.

4.Make use of a glass shower box

Expand your bathroom feeling with a glass shower box that gives you a more space illusion. A contemporary walk-in douche with a frame is the perfect solution to a smaller bathroom with a pentagon or rectangular cut that makes use of uncomfortable corner spaces. Make sure that your wash glass is covered by clean lines in order to avoid harsh water deposits. An enclosed shower system like Storm produces an elegant look, which is easy to clean and not just space saving. Walking in or in floor showers with transparent glass panels and minimal framing are an easy way to open up bathrooms in small areas.

5.Glazed cabinets and mirrors

Draw the look up and save on precious floor space with floating devices like a vertical radiator and a towel rail or a mirrored column mounted on the pursuit wall. The mirrored columns around your bathroom furniture often add light automatically and optimize even minimal spaces. Representing your style, reflecting your mirrored surfaces is not only easy, but also catchy and projects light in dark corners to make your living space accessible.

6.Clean up

It will take you only 20 minutes to put up a number of simple shelves and corner baskets to maximize the corners and wasted spaces on the wall. Our halo collections, made by a concealed fixing unit and by a …

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Great tips for decorating with vintage items

Decorating the home with vintage items adds charm and character to the interior of the house. Filling the home with vintage goodies may seem hard but is not far from impossible. Some simple tips can be followed to create a fresh and new look in the home. One way to go is to look for interior decorators online.

There are a plethora of them and visiting review sites like can keep you abreast with the correct information which will enable you to choose the right interior decorator.

Aside that, these tips for decorating the home with vintage items can come in handy:

Let go of traditional ideas

It’s imperative not to be afraid of designing your home the traditional way. Vintage is great and unique. It’s not the type of design that is common. In order to use this style, then one cannot follow the normal path, the normal, the common way of decorating. Viewing this type of decoration with a different eye is the first step in knowing how magical vintage is.

Don’t start big

If you are not experienced in decoration, it’s better to start small. A trip to the local antique shop, thrift shop or the best design stores would be a wise decision. You can buy the item you want or love for example you can decide to let go of the typical base on your coffee table and replace it with an old vintage gas. This step can increase the character and charm in your room.

Pair vintage and neutral colour

There is a huge energy in choosing neutral colours and mixing it with Vintage colours. Using red and dark colours gives a busy character. Using cream tones, gray and light blues is much more appealing and soothing.

Collect old items from your grandmother

Any old goodies that your mum and grandmother left lying around can be used to design the home. Those items have a personal story and they are also vintage. If some amazing treasures can be gotten from your grandmother, then it’s a plus.

Decorating with old books

Old books are very important when decorating your home with vintage items . Using old books is not as hard as it seems. Using twine to wrap them or burlap to protect the covers can go a long way in protecting the books. The books can also be stacked on top of one another. To put the neutral touch, lacing the book with a white material and ribbon can do the magic.

Use unconventional items

This is a very important step. It’s also an extreme tip. It’s wonderful and can add charm to your home. You can put a porch railing in your home. This may seem crazy but it can work magic. It also seems bizarre and strange to put a vintage crib spring in the house. This creates an impeccable backdrop for any item that the homeowner might want to display.

Be Knowledgeable

Some people believe that using vintage items to …

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Find more shapes and stencils

If you use the subscription version of Visio, new stencils and templates are regularly being added and automatically to your app.

Find shapes and stencils in Visio Plan 2

You can search for shapes and stencils that are local to your device. You can also find other stencils online that are created by third parties or Microsoft.

  1. In the search box at the top of the Shapes pane, enter a keyword or phrase (e.g. “triangle”).

    Note: If you don’t see the search box, you might need to activate it. Click the View tab, then select Task Panes > Shapes. Still don’t see the search box? Click the > symbol at the top of your ruler on the left hand side of your screen.

    • Under Local, the search results are displayed and categorized by their Visio stencil title.

    • Under Online, (which is available when you’re connected to the internet), you’ll see shapes on the web by other companies, including Microsoft. To access those shapes, do the following:

      a. Click the stencil to see a preview.

      b. To put the stencil in your My Shapes folder, click Download.

      c. After it has downloaded, click Open to display the stencil in the Shapes pane.

    Searching for shapes and stencils

  2. To reset the search in the Shapes pane, delete the search string in the search box so that it displays the prompt, Search shapes.

Note: If you can’t see the Search Shapes text box in the Shapes panel above More Shapes, then you need to check the Show Shape Search pane option in File > Options > Advanced > Shape Search.

Visio Options  Advanced  Shape Search settings

The default option for search is to search for text that matches All of the words (AND). Although the search is not case-sensitive, it does match on whole words. For example, “Air Cond” will not find the “Air Conditioner” shape when this is the selected option.

However, if the option is changed to Any of the words (OR), then the “Air Conditioner” shape will be matched because its name contains the word “Air”.

When you select one of the found master shapes in the Local results, and drag it onto the page, a copy of the master shape is first added to the Document Stencil. You can drag and drop this master shape from there subsequently, rather than searching for it again.

Check Shapes > More Shapes > Show Document Stencil to view the master shapes currently used in the document.

The search also checks the Keywords of the shapes. For example, searching for the word “Tile” appears to mistakenly match with “Square stone”, however, an examination of the Keywords of the master shape reveals that it does contain the word “tile”. 

Editions of Microsoft Visio that have an online subscription also have the ability to

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Change your status in Teams

If you want to make sure people know when you’re busy or away from your desk, set your status in Teams. The little dot on your profile indicates if you’re available or not.

Teams will automatically set the status in some cases, like when you’re in a call. To explicitly set it yourself, go to your profile at the top of Teams and select one from the list.

Status menu

You can also update your status from the command box. Type /available, /busy, /dnd, /brb, /away, or /offline to set your status as Available, Busy, Do not disturb, Be right back, Away, or Offline.

Here’s more detail about each kind of status that you change:

  • Available is when you’re active in Teams and don’t have anything in your calendar (no meetings or calls, for example). Note that Teams will automatically set your status from Available to Away when you lock your computer or when it enters idle or sleep mode. On mobile, this will happen when the Teams app is in the background.

  • Busy is when you want to focus on something, and you do want notifications to pop up.  If you’re in a meeting or call, Teams will automatically change your status to In a meeting or In a call (Busy) when not set to Do not disturb.

  • Do not disturb is when you want to focus or present your screen and don’t want notifications to pop up.

  • Be right back is when you want to say you’re temporarily away. It’s never set automatically.

  • Appear away is when you need to work without responding right away.

  • Appear offline is when you want to indicate that you’re not signed in to Teams, so will not be responding until you’re back online. You’ll still receive notifications if anyone messages you.

Note: If you’re a MyAnalytics customer, use the MyAnalytics Outlook add-in to book focus time in your calendar. When you’re in your focus time, your Teams status will change to Focusing and all notifications will be silenced until your focus time ends.

To change your status, tap Menu 
More button
. Then, tap your status to view your options.

Here’s more detail about each kind of status that you change:

  • Available is when you’re active in Teams and don’t have anything in your calendar (no meetings or calls, for example). Note that Teams will automatically set your status from Available to Away when the Teams app is in the background. On desktop and web, this will happen when you lock your computer or when it enters idle or sleep mode. 

  • Busy is when you want to focus on something, and you do want notifications to pop up.  If you’re in a meeting or call,

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Create a floor plan – Visio

Start a new floor plan

  1. In the Categories list, click the Maps and Floor Plans category.

  2. Click Floor Plan, and then click Create.

Turn on gridlines to help with scale and precision

You may want to have gridlines visible on your drawing canvas to help you lay out and scale objects carefully:

A fixed grid can be useful in floor plans and maps, where you always want grid lines to show the same measurement. To make the grid fixed:

  1. On the toolbar ribbon, select View.

  2. In right corner of the Show group, select the “More” arrow
    Dialog Box Launcher button in Word 2010

  3. In the dialog box, enter the minimum spacing required between lines for each axis, and the grid will retain a fixed perspective throughout your design process, regardless of zoom level.

Create the exterior wall structure

Using room shapes

  1. From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag one of the room shapes onto the drawing page.

  2. Resize the room shape by dragging the control and selection handles on individual walls.

Using wall shapes

  1. From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag Exterior wall shapes onto the drawing page.

  2. Continue to draw the exterior by using these options:

    • Resize walls by dragging an endpoint.

    • Right-click wall shapes to set options.

    • Drag an endpoint of one wall to another wall.

    The endpoints are highlighted when the walls are glued. Intersections between two walls are cleaned up automatically.

Create the interior wall structure

  1. From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag wall shapes onto the drawing page, positioning them inside the exterior structure.

  2. Continue to draw the interior by using these options:

    • Resize walls by dragging an endpoint.

    • Right-click a wall to set options.

    • Drag an endpoint of one wall to another wall.

Add doors and windows

Doors and windows automatically rotate to align with and glue to the wall. They also acquire the wall’s thickness and move with walls when you reposition them.

Add other structural elements

  • From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag structural shapes, such as columns, onto the drawing page.

  • From the Building Core stencil, drag building core shapes, such as stairs, onto the drawing page.

Add electrical symbols and dimension lines

Electrical symbols

  1. From the Electrical and Telecom stencil, drag wall switches, outlets, and other wall fixtures onto wall shapes. Release the

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Global Bathroom Cabinets Market (2021 to 2029)

Dublin, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Bathroom Cabinets Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2021 to 2029” report has been added to’s offering.

Bathroom cabinets have undergone substantial design and technological advancement over the past few decades resulting in impressive styling and remodeling demand. It was over a decade ago when trend watchers started noticing the first stirrings of the inclusion of furniture in the bathroom. Today, this is a standard practice, with a wide variety of beautiful and durable furniture in the market, made specifically for bathroom applications.

Custom Requirement in Upcoming Projects Coercing Demand

The global bathroom cabinets market is experiencing a moderate growth due to rising housing development projects, which demands high end household amenities. Surge in demand for customized countertop materials such as engineered stone, lava stone, granite, marble, etc. owing to wide range of pattern, price affordability and accountability of these products in bathroom application is expected to spur market growth through the forecast period. However, premium pricing of high quality products, high design cost and is expected to hinder bathroom vanities market growth over the forecast period. This report covers all such qualitative and quantitative aspects of the bathroom cabinet market and also analyzes the impact of key drivers, restraints, challenges, opportunities on the market growth.

Residential Applications & Wooden Cabinets Dominating Market Revenues

On the basis of material type, the global bathroom cabinets market is segmented into wood, ceramics, metal, glass and stone material. In terms of revenue contribution, wood segment accounted for major share of bathroom cabinet market. It accounted for 41.95% market share in 2020. There are various types of woods such as MDF, plywood, or chipboard, etc. used for construction of bathroom cabinet. Availability of improved quality MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) is expected to boost the demand for wooden cabinets in near future. In terms of revenue contribution among applicaton areas, residential application accounted for major share of bathroom cabinet market.

Developing Economies Remain As Key Destination

In 2020, Asia Pacific was observed as the largest market for bathroom cabinet. This growth is attributed to the growing demand from developing economies such as China and India due to surging real-estate industry and developing infrastructure facilities in these countries. Asia Pacific region contributed to 36.22% revenue share in 2020. The region is anticipated to witness highest growth rate of 6.4% over the forecast period. North America was the second largest region in global bathroom cabinets market accounting for revenue share of 26.06% in 2020.

Government Initiatives to Set Off Covid Impact

Direct commercial real estate market fell by 29 percent globally to approximately US $ 320 billion in the first half on 2020. The key reason of the fall included travel lockdown that influenced cross border investments. Therefore, short term capital deployment plans have been postponed or cancelled. However, in countries such as Japan, Germany and South Korea the situation remained positive. Japan registered a growth of 7% in

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