Create Your Own Garden Journal

The garden journal is an important component of the garden planning process. It allows the gardener to revisit last year successes and failures. This evaluation reduces the chances of repeating the same mistakes, helps create a healthier garden environment and helps reduce expensive gardening mistakes, especially for beginning gardeners.

A journal does not have to be anything fancy and can range from a simple school notebook all the way to an elaborate leather bound journal. Some gardeners even use technology to design a one of a kind garden journal that does everything for you accept plant the seed. The key to the journaling process is to pick one that works for you and one that you will really use.

Whether you are a beginning gardener or starting a new garden, the first step in this process is to draw out the garden space. Some individuals find it helpful to do the drawing to scale but that really is not necessary. The important component is that the dimensions of the garden are noted.

Do not limit yourself to the traditional idea of ​​what a garden is. All gardens need to be planned and this includes container, mulch, and straw bale gardens along with hanging baskets, and flower pouches. Keep in mind though; that the information described below is geared for land-based gardens and in doing so will need to be adapted for other types of gardens.

Once the garden space has been drawn out, the next step is to add environmental information. The north, south, east, and west directions need to be placed on the garden drawing. General wind direction and how the sun hits the garden space during the growing season also needs to be noted.

Weather conditions are another component that needs to be added during the growing season. This includes temperature, moisture level or rain amount and any natural disaster that may have affected the garden space. Including this information will help the gardener deal with microclimate issues and help them make a more precise determination of the success of the garden.

Another environmental feature that needs to be added to the garden journal is the health of the soil. This includes pH level, soil type and any nutrient problems. This information is easily obtained through a kit that can be picked up at any local extension office.

External features surrounding the garden space also need to be added to the drawing. This information is very important since shadows from buildings, vegetation, and fences can affect the garden space. Also, noting plant material that is around the garden can help reduce the chance of plant incompatibility. A prime example of plant incompatibility is that of the tomato and the black walnut tree.

Once the garden journal has been created, the next step is deciding how much you need.

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How to Create an Inviting Beer Garden for a Pub, Bar or Restaurant

It’s that time of year again where you need to start thinking about your Garden for the Summer. Here are a few useful ideas:


First and most importantly, a garden connected to a Pub, Bar or Restaurant should feel like a Garden and not in interior space. Many proprietors try to continue the interior finishes to outside which defeats the purpose of a Garden atmosphere. The Garden should have outdoor features like stone and brick and the furniture should look like outdoor furniture. On my travels I found many beer gardens with timber sheeting and fabric covered bar stools – these areas are trying to look like indoor spaces. Instead try to embrace the outdoor Garden atmosphere, work with the multitude of materials and finishes which are available to transform a bland space into an exciting alfresco experience.


Decide on your style or theme and then do some research.

Look at the building and its walls – are there any existing characteristics that may dictate a style or that can be embellished?

Keep the theme running from the interior through to the outside – for example, if you have an Art Deco interior then try to incorporate Art Deco statues, tiles or lamps outside rather than it being a generic garden. Similarly, if it is a traditional Pub with lots of Bric-a-Brac then carry outdoor Bric-a-Brac through.


Weather considerations

The glare/heat factor: use canopies, planting or coloured glass to diffuse.

Wind: Use wind breakers. Anything can be designed to reduce the wind factor – Willow fencing, metal or timber frameworks with glass or canvas wind breakers. I recently designed a trellis planter and because it was on wheels, it was movable which worked really well for my client.

When deciding on the position for your seating consider which direction the wind comes from.

Rain: Provide adequate coverage for smokers in bad weather. In particularly wet climates, a permanent fixed solution like glass in a timber or glass framework will be much more maintainable than a canvas canopy. Glass means that daylight/sunlight can come through which is important on those warm summer days. If it gets too hot or bright then outdoor blinds can be fitted.


Before building anything it is important to know what your local regulations are. In Ireland the guideline for covering areas is described like a bus shelter where the roof covers an area that has walls that are 50% open and 50% closed.


Divide smokers from non smokers if you have the space.

Opening windows may not be an option as the smoke can be pulled into the interior and customers do not like this.

Provide ashtrays on tables and a few sand buckets about the place from which cigarette butts can be taken from at cleaning time.


Make sure the views are good and not facing bin/garbage areas or car-parks. Use screening with plants or timber fencing to …

Create a Sense of Calm With Architecture and Interior Design Tips

We all like our own space; somewhere we can sit and relax after a hard day at the office or looking after the kids. So if you are looking for architecture and interior design ideas, why not go about creating a sense of calm and peace by introducing some simple Feng Shui into your home and life?

What Is Feng Shui?

Basically Feng Shui is a concept that can be used for architecture and interior design and it means having a better understanding of how to use space and use it to bring about a feeling of calm.

This is done by getting the correct balance. In interior design this could be the placing of furniture and items in the room and it can be as simple or as complex as you want. When you put items in the room in certain locations you can change the energy flow of the room. So here are some simple ideas to make your home calmer.

Introduce Water into Your Home

One of the main principles of Feng Shui focuses on water used in the home and by this we don't mean you have to leave your taps running. One of the easiest ways of bringing water into the home through interior design is with an interior desktop fountain. The flowing water is said to help in regards to the energy flow and its soft tinkling is relaxing to listen to.

Let Plenty of Natural Light and Air into the Home

Allowing plenty of natural light and air to flow around the building and rooms is a great way of ensuring that energy in the rooms does not go stale. Therefore during the interior design process you should take windows into account.

Don't put heavy curtains up to them, instead why not consider blinds that can be pulled up or opened during the day and closed at night. Other options include having light weight curtains or netting up to the windows, which again should remain open as much as possible. Sheer voile panels are also a great option. It goes without saying that windows should be left open whenever possible to allow fresh air to circulate the room.

Get Rid Of the Clutter in Your Home

You can't expect a home or room to be peaceful if there is lots of clutter in it. By leaving clutter around the home you are going to restrict the energy from flowing correctly. When this happens you may find that you cannot concentrate. If you want peace and calm declutter as much as possible.

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Interior Design Color Management – How To Use Color And Create A Beautiful Home

The human eye can distinguish about 7 million different colors — how to find just the right color scheme for your home?

The objective of any interior design coloring project is to create a layered look that gives a sense of harmony, completeness and personality to a room. Understanding how colors work together and how colors make you and your guests feel, is paramount for creating a successful room.

There are 8 components to color management:

1. Apply The Classic Interior Design Color Palette.

Every designer learns the classic rule of applying a 60-30-10 color palette: 60%: your main color, 30%: a secondary color, and 10%: an accent color. Pick your favorite color to be either the main, secondary or accent color.

2. Use Accessories for Color Accentuation. This tip saves time, saves money and offers unlimited variety. Accessories are easily changed, resulting in an instantly updated look over the seasons.

3. Match Color Values. Pay attention to the relative lightness and darkness (color value) of the colors on your palette. Stick to similar color values, if you have three colors.

4. Match Colors to Room Goals. First ask yourself ‘What kind of feeling do I want to create?’. Then choose your color values in line with room objectives. Values determine moods. Neutrals create a quiet elegance. Pastels are peaceful and relaxed. Vibrant colors give energy and spice to another wise dull space. Take your pick, meaning: choose one mood; don’t combine them within a room.

5. Create Color Oneness. If you are so besotted about one color that you wish for an all-one-color room, you can. You’ll achieve a wonderful layered look by varying the color intensity in your monochromatic room color scheme.

6. Combine Opposites. Opposite colors look great together. One color can be the dominant color, the other either the secondary or the accent color. In your planning, try out what works for you: mix and match till you get it right, and then apply your coloring formula to your room.

7. Choose Calm Color Analogies. Create an analogous color range, by adding both colors that are adjacent to your favorite color on the color wheel. This usually gives a calming effect.

8. Include B/W. Don’t forget to include a tat of black and white. Just as you would in a painting to make your colors ‘pop’, include some black and include some white in the overall color scheme.

Where to Begin

Nature is a good source of color picks and combinations. So are the successful artworks that you love and already own. Look for ideas elsewhere too. You might also like to browse through a latest designer magazine to learn what colors are trendy and for unique ideas. Experiment in your plans.

If you are considering a major room overhaul, first plan your colors on paper. Make swatches and paste them up on a board, so you can see what your room will look like when finished. Then, when you’ve applied these 8 color rules to …

Create A Synergistic Vegetable Garden In 10 Easy Steps

Vegetable gardening shouldn't be hard work. Look at all of the abundance that mother nature grows, do you see her out digging, weeding, pruning, fertilizing? No, of course not! Natural systems do all of the work and synergistic vegetable gardening puts those systems to work in your garden, producing a bountiful harvest the natural way.

So how do you get started building a synergistic vegetable garden?

# 1. Build raised beds. You don't need to build wooden frameworks and fill them with soil. Just create long mounds of soil about 4 feet wide and 10 – 30 inches high. Flatten the top of the mound.

# 2. Cover the mound with mulch. This can be a mixture of materials – straw, shredded cardboard, sheeps wool, leaves, sawdust, shredded branches, newspaper etc.

# 3. A few days before you are ready to start planting open the mulch on top of the bed to allow the soil to warm up.

# 4. Plant seedlings in the bed and close the mulch back up around the plants. Seeds are planted in the same way.

# 5. Place beneficial plants – called companion plants – through out your garden. You can plant them into the sides of the beds. Marigolds, will for example protect your plants from nematodes.

# 6. Do not use compost on your garden or add fertilizer. It is not necessary and causes harm to the soil.

# 7. When it is time to harvest from your garden, cut plants off just above the soil and leave the roots in place. All of the vegetation that is not used should be placed on top of the mulch right where that plant was growing.

# 8. Never walk on your beds, till them or dig them.

# 9. Weeding is still necessary at first, but due to the mulch the amount of weeds will be greatly reduced. Over time as the mulch builds up, less weed seeds will find there way to the soil.

# 10. Water the beds during dry spells. The mulch prevents a hard surface developing on your soil which leads to water run off. The mulch also reduces evaporation. A hummus rich soil holds onto water, making it available to the plants for longer.

So there you have the basics in a nutshell. The idea of ​​synergistic gardening is to mimic a system which builds the soil naturally. It is the bacteria and earthworms in our soil that create this fertility through their life processes. We do not need to interfere with a process that nature has perfected. When we do, we just create more work for ourselves along with reduced soil fertility.

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How To Create A Zen Bathroom (3)

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures – A far cry from dangling crystals and guild-ed scroll work. The only important thing to keep in mind whereas planning to renovate the bathroom is to contact essentially the most trustworthy supplier of bathroom accessories in Perth, who gives the service of bathroom ideas. Unique of the ideas is to have rustic bathroom vanities with its pure picket finish without any MDF or laminate materials.

Great bathroom decorating concepts don”t essentially have to be expensive, they simply want to offer a bathroom that is warm, inviting and comfy to be in. A nicely designed bathroom helps us prepare for the day forward. Help section the place the designer will find a button saying ‘Local Bathroom Supplier’, a click on away to the nearest stockist that may provide the products selected. The use of the CAD bathroom design software program ensures that the absolute best use may be made of the available bathroom house that you may have. There are an awesome many products available to assist you in creating the proper look for your spa bathroom. To make your choice of this piece of bathroom furnishings easier, do a fast survey of the bathroom and depending on the area choose between wall or free-standing bathroom furnishings.

This can be a practically alternative because it means that you can organize your bathroom items while offering an area for you sink. They may seem stylish and within the now”, however the enchantment of gray bathroom vanities has already been sturdy for a number of a long time.

It is less complicated than each to create the kind of serene and enjoyable area that you really want in your bathroom. Moreover, only limited merchandise like oil, soap and tooth brush were stored in bathroom. It takes about half an hour or thereabouts, to provide a simple design using a bathroom design software program program.

And for bathroom fitters and installers, purchasing bathroom design software program could also be among the best issues they’ll ever do for his or her businesses. As it seems , by 4am most everyone was of their room and I may sneak out of my room to the bathroom we all shared. From shelved cabinets to wall hung cabinets, cabinets are most likely the primary piece of bathroom furniture that anyone provides to their bathroom.…

How To Create A Zen Bathroom (2)

A ventless bathroom fan is the answer to your humidity downside if putting in a wall or ceiling ducted mannequin isn’t a practical choice. If you don’t wish to combine and match your bathroom furniture and are taking a look at one thing that takes care of all your bathroom furniture wants in one go, we recommend taking a look at our vast offering of self-importance items. Bathroom vanities have many other useful features too above and past being capable to assist in distinctive model to all obtainable area. Like other bathroom furnishings, self-importance models too can be found in numerous mediums and finishes, be at liberty to flick thru our large collection of vanity units to get a feel of this new age bathroom furnishings merchandise.

If you do not imagine in redesigning your bathroom then you’ll be able to at-least check the fascinating portfolio of the distinguished companies providing premium service of renovating laundry and bathroom. You can design your bathroom yourself utilizing a bathroom design software, if you are familiar with using easy residence improvement design instruments. Having a successful bathroom undertaking is about making informed choices whereas planning and while constructing. If the purchasers select the most reliable suppliers of bathroom hardware they can have the benefits of successfully installing the trendy washroom equipment at nominalcharges. Remember – paint them the identical color as the bathroom partitions, and use slim cabinets.

The most mutual styles right here remain because the conventional, contemporary or antique vanities These days, in addition these it’s more likely to get heart designed, transitional type or even classic bathroom vanities. So, don’t wait go forward and consult the service provider of bathroom renovation and be a wise particular person in life.

It is less complicated than each to create the form of serene and stress-free space that you really want in your bathroom. Moreover, solely restricted merchandise like oil, soap and tooth brush have been stored in bathroom. It takes about half an hour or thereabouts, to supply a simple design using a bathroom design software program program.

Daring to be something greater than standard, the fantasy bathroom design allows you to be really progressive with your fantasies and tastes. While black bathroom vanities are seen in many dealings cupboards are nonetheless slowly being added to tub.…

How To Create A Zen Bathroom

One matter that will get a whole lot of consideration is how to build a basement bathroom. While naturally utilized in contemporary and transitional bathroom vanities designs, basic kinds like bathtub cabinets at the moment are being used in different categories as effectively. From a bathroom sink, to drugs cupboard, tub hardware and floating vanities; listvanities is the web internet-store to go for all of your bathroom requirements, irrespective of economic plan. All of the lighting should be considered very fastidiously if you end up designing your bathroom. Vanities : With vanities the storage downside within the bathroom will no extra a problem. If we examine the extraordinary bathroom with the trendy bathroom of today, we are able to point out a number of drastic changes. Many Australians have upgraded their bathroom with latest trend of bathroom concepts and are pretty proud of the results. Today, the bathroom is way more than only a room for grooming and a spot to read.

According to the latest bathroom concepts the modular equipment akin to spas, tub tubs, shower screens, storage cupboards, bogs and vanities are installed in bathroom. Installing ½ cement fiber panels on top of a strong ¾ inch plywood subfloor will present a wonderful floor to put in your bathroom tile. There are totally different room shapes supplied the place you possibly can select the shape closest to the shape of your bathroom.

While, bathroom fitters are the highly trusted for offering service of renovation and fitting bathroom provides in Perth. Usually people who want to buy a single bathroom furnishings merchandise, desire vainness units. This is really not nice to have in your bathroom so it’s time to sort these bath toys out. The trusty rubber duck, loved by all but even your bathroom rubber duck will get soiled. A new display display of the bathroom design software program shows your bathroom flooring plan.

Bathroom furniture shouldn’t be restricted to only the three categories above, relying on what you’re searching for in your bathroom furnishings, there are some fairly impressive pieces you’ll be able to pick up. Our bathroom furniture section is dedicated to cataloguing and maintaining an inventory of just about all main bathroom furnishings producers.

In addition, folks store broad record of beauty merchandise, devices, clothings and bathroom merchandise of their bathroom for their consolation. Eyeball lights in the ceiling will provide ample mild with out taking on any bathroom area in any respect. I think making the most of a modeling architectural software program to design your bathroom is a superb thought. If there are water works occurring in your bathroom meaning children who splash around throughout tub time, then you most undoubtedly wish to think about using sturdy supplies akin to acrylics and ceramics. Being a keep at home mom, I found that was busy all the time and did not take the time to go to the bathroom in the course of the day when my husband was at work.…