Moving office during coronavirus in the DMV area? Learn some tips from AP Pro Moving experts

At this point, the pandemic introduced by COVID-19 has affected every one of us, in various ways. It has decimated a growing global economy and has forced us to live farther from each other than ever before. Despite that, society has managed to valiantly move onward, facing down something unheard of in our generation with exceptional safety and care for each other. Entire industries are adapting to a new way of living overnight, and so are we. As one of the leading moving companies in the DMV area, we feel we have to share our insights of organizing successful moves during this period.

Now, moving an office is already difficult on its own – there’s a lot to do and often fixed periods to do it in. Throw a pandemic into the mix, and the logistics might get overbearing, especially if you’re in a significantly affected area with tons of new regulations, such as the DC area. The most straightforward answer, in that case, is to hire the services of professional Washington DC movers to handle everything. The right experts can precisely determine what needs to be done and in what order, according to your particular case, while conforming to various new legal stipulations. 

On the other hand, say you’re thinking of hiring movers in Northern VA, and your state is doing better when it comes to the pandemic. You may prefer to handle parts of the process yourself. In that case, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind and respect the CDC-recommended guidelines as much as you can and pay close attention to rules that may impact your ability to move
  • Limit the number of people handling the physical aspects of the move as much as you can – it’s a lot of work packing and preparing, but it’s your and other people’s health on the line
  • Try doing all the paperwork digitally and unpack things yourself to limit physical contact 

Another critical point is sanitization, make sure that the people arranging the move follow the practices of the best movers in the DMV area, with some of the key points being:

  • Respecting the social distancing rules whenever possible
  • Sanitizing trucks and moving equipment frequently
  • Equipping the moving trucks with hand sanitizers

Besides wearing masks and gloves to avoid spreading infection, these are a few of the main things for which to be on the lookout.

If your new office is far from where you’re at, and you’re planning to be moving long distance in the DMV area, here are some crucial things to take into consideration. Firstly, make sure all of your plans are cancellable at a moment’s notice. With the high risk of getting infected or infections rising at your destination, you never know when you’ll need to cancel. Secondly, see if you can organize remote estimations over the phone to minimize the necessity of physical interaction. Finally, if you or your workers are at risk, which among

Simple Maintenance Tips to Help Your Garden Thrive

Gardening is a relaxing and fulfilling pastime. However, it can take a lot of hard work to get your garden to looking great. Without proper maintenance, you may find your outdoor area overrun by bugs and weeds. Good gardening practices are the best way to keep this from happening. From lawn care and weed removal to getting a green waste skip bin hire in Perth, there are many great gardening tips that can help you keep your garden looking stunning all year round.

Maintain your lawn

Few things are as effective and transformative as keeping a well-maintained lawn. It creates a manicured look that can elevate the feel of your garden tremendously. There are some many things you can do to take care of your lawn and that doesn’t just include regular mowing. You need to keep an eye out for any fallen leaves or foliage and promptly take steps to remove them. Upon mowing, adding just a sprinkle of fertiliser will help rejuvenate the grass and keep it fresh and healthy. By regularly looking after your grass, you can keep your lawn looking fantastic continually and simply.

Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are a blight upon any garden so getting rid of them is a priority for many garden owners. However, there are many gardening tips and tricks you can use in order to make removing weeds a simple and effortless job. First, boiling water is a great way to get rid of weeds. It can sometimes take a few attempts, but it is definitely effective. If you’ve noticed weeds growing between the cracks of your path or in other places where you don’t want any plants, then you can use a little baking soda or salt to act like a makeshift herbicide. Depending on the size of weeds, you could try covering them in mulch effectively suffocating them. This has the added bonus of adding extra nutrients to your soil for the plants you actually want to keep around. 

Remove any diseased and damaged plants

Disease and damage are pretty much the opposite of attractive, so if you want to keep your garden looking its best, you should remove any plants that may be affected. This doesn’t have to be the entire plant, and often only certain parts may need to be pruned. By doing this, you can allow the rest of the plant to grow better.

Get skip bins to remove garden waste

By following these gardening tips, you may find yourself amassing a large pile of waste including clippings, prunings, dead leaves and foliage. The best way to get rid of this green waste is by using a skip bin hire. Ezyskips Online provides a wide range of options for anyone needing a waste bin in Perth. They have a range of sizes available and delivery and pick up is handled completely by the company. Plus, Ezyskips compares prices for the dates you select so you can be sure you are getting the cheapest skip

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners for Your House

Naturally, people love to have a clean environment. A clean home makes you healthy because it will be free from dust or molds, and you will feel proud of your home as well. However, cleaning and housekeeping tasks require time and effort.  Juggling work and other responsibilities can make it hard to create time and adequately clean your house. That’s why you need to hire professional cleaners to clean your house. 

Professional or commercial cleaners have the necessary equipment and tools to get the job done perfectly, and the results will be just exceptional. Here are some top benefits of hiring professional cleaners.

  • It saves you time

The luxury of having professional cleaners clean for you your entire house is comforting.  One of the incredible benefits of hiring professional cleaners is that it will save you time, that you can use on important things such as work or just bond with your family. Moreover, knowing that your house is in good hands can make you less stressed and worried about the cleaning process outcome.

  • It increases your productivity

Handling the cleaning job to professional cleaners gives you mental clarity and allows you to focus on other essential things. Increased productivity will enable you to focus your significant goals and the things you want to achieve in your life, instead of panicking about trivial tasks such as cleaning.

Getting rid of this destruction and handling it to experts gives you peace of mind, letting you focus your mind on more significant tasks.

  • Trained and skilled staff

A commercial cleaning company has a pool of highly trained and skilled staff. The staffs are professional and have been adequately trained. They can clean all commercial and residential environments and deliver exceptional results. In addition to that, all the employees have been security vetted, and their background checked. So you are confident that you are hiring the best people.  

  • You will get a cleaning plan tailored to your needs

Companies that offer janitorial services will always try to impress their clients and listen to their requirements carefully. They will work alongside their clients and ensure that they devise a cleaning plan that suits their needs. So whether your house needs dusting, mopping, or vacuuming, the company should be able to provide you with the service that you need.

  • Exceptional results

The most obvious benefit of hiring professional cleaners is the physical transformation your house will undergo. You will be surprised at how much of a difference the professional cleaners can make to your house. Your house will be sparkling clean and will be more welcoming. With their highly trained staff, you are guaranteed exceptional results. 

  • It saves you money

The products, tools, equipment you use when cleaning the house can be quite costly. To make it worse, some of these things may become useless for you afterward. But hiring professional cleaners can save you money since they have all the materials, tools, and equipment to get the job carefully done. This will save you

The top qualities to look for when choosing the right professional painter in Newton, MA

When you have noticed that the exterior of your home is already old and moldy or you have simply decided that it is time for a change of the house facade then it is time to look for an exterior painting contractor in Newton. Why? Because you want quality and professionalism from this kind of work. As a beneficiary of these services, we recommend you consider some qualities before hiring an exterior painting specialist.

Here’s what you need to pay close attention to:

1. Work experience and reviews of former clients

The first and most important thing to consider is the experience of the specialist you hire. You are certainly not willing to pay for services that will not fully satisfy you. Having a well-established budget for improving the house facade, you must pay maximum attention to the references for the painting company you want to call.

If you can find out details from former customers, then do it after the first discussion with the team. The testimonials of satisfied customers will certainly be a good sign of qualitative works. Besides, you can analyze the „before-after” photos of works. All of this will allow you to make an objective evaluation of a painting contractor.

2. The quality of the painting products the company uses

Some contractors save money on their products, considering that they only have to be paid for the service. But the reality is completely different. Choose a contractor who invests rationally in painting products and materials. Such a service provider will perform nice work and the house painting job won’t suffer from bad weather. To be sure of the best quality, you can talk to the specialist and ask him why he chose these products. A professional should be able to explain the reason for selecting certain products or materials for withstanding moisture or adhere a chalky surface.

  1. Ability to give professional advice about choosing colors

A professional should come up with some valuable tips. For example, he should give you information about the work process, to help you choose the right color for the house exterior. Also, you can ask him to come up with recommendations on maintaining the quality of the work done. All these tips provided by painting

contractors will help you to take care of your house facade.

4. Detailed warranty for the work performed

Most contractors already offer guarantees for their work. All you have to do is clarify what aspects are included in these guarantees. An agreement with a local painting contractor must contain a few points that will ease both parties of problems and risks. So, read carefully the contract for the provision of painting services and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the specialist.

5. The responsibility and approach of the specialist

Yes, it is the last, but not the least important aspect to focus on. The first discussions, questions, and answers help you find out if the specialist you hired is a professional,

Consider These Factors Before Turning to Solar Power

These days, sustainable living is a fast-rising trend. As more consumers choose to say yes to eco-friendly products, different brands are working hard to keep up with the demand. Innovations are developed each year, making it easy for consumers to turn their homes into a more sustainable living space.

If you are among the eco-conscious buyers, you may be thinking about going solar. Not only can this kind of energy help increase your savings, but it can also allow you to enjoy income tax credit and federal tax discounts, making it a worthy investment. But before shopping for solar panels, there are things you need to learn first.

For one, it is necessary that you also buy a home battery for your home in Boise if you plan on turning to solar power. It is where the energy your solar panels generated throughout the day will be stored. The following are some other things you need to consider before you plan on changing to solar.

Home location

Is your home an ideal location for solar panels? In a nutshell, some areas are suitable for solar, while others are not. Your home needs to have access to direct sunlight for the solar panels to generate enough energy. If not, then it is not advisable to go solar as you won’t even have enough sunlight to make it work. You may be better off using ordinary electricity to find a more suitable home location before saying yes to solar power.

Type of housing

If you own your own home, you would not have a problem with getting solar panels installed. But if you are only renting or living in a multi-unit building or an apartment, it may not be a good idea to go solar. Your landlord may not allow it. If you get permission, you can opt for the portable type.

Roof shape, condition, and direction

You may choose to have solar panels installed as long as you have enough space to accommodate the solar panels. Another important thing is the condition of your roof. It needs to be in excellent condition so that it can better support the solar panels. But if the roof is due for repair or needs a replacement, it is best to skip the installation first until you address your roof issue. Also, the roof direction is a consideration as it will determine how much sunlight the panels can generate.


Of course, your budget will determine whether you can afford to pay for the solar panel installation. How much you will need to pay for the installation will depend on your company of choice, type of solar panels, and the system size. If you want bigger savings, buying your own system is the right choice. However, you can also consider a solar loan if you don’t have enough cash in hand. But if you can’t qualify for it, you can consider renting instead.

There are other considerations to take into account before finalizing your


In recent years, the number of people purchasing antique items has significantly risen. This rise can be attributed to the uniqueness, durability, cost-effectiveness, or environmental friendliness of the items.

As a first time buyer, purchasing antique items can be an overwhelming and complex affair. However, this could not be further from the truth. With a little information, buying vintage items can be as easy as ABC.

Understand what makes an item vintage

To purchase a genuine antique, buyers must have a clear understanding of what it takes for an item to be referred to as such.

Various factors allow for an item to be labeled a collectible.’ These factors include:

  • The age of the item
  • Its rarity
  • Its quality
  • The history behind it
  • Current trends

For beginners, understanding these factors can be overwhelming. However, experts advise that novice antique buyers put into emphasis the age of the item before anything else.

Do in-depth research

Whether you are in the market searching for an antique desk or something similar, doing in-depth research is imperative. 

First and foremost, research the different periods in time. Doing so allows you to have a rough idea of the cost of the item.

Secondly, talk to experts. If you are looking for an antique chest of drawers, walk into any antique furniture shop and ask them for general advice on how to know the legitimacy of such items.

Last but not least, go on the internet. The internet offers a lot of information on vintage items that come in handy when making purchases.

However, do not get so comfortable with the theory. The more stores you visit, the better your chances of grasping the more complex parts of purchasing antiques.

  • Where can you buy antiques?

To get genuine antiques, it is best to purchase them from specific places. These places include thrift shops, auctions, estate sales, and fairs. Apart from the above-named places, car boots, flea markets, charity shops, and online platforms are also viable places to purchase.

  • How to look for the perfect antique

As a beginner, always go for what tickles your fancy. As much as some antique sellers will convince you to pick an item because it has a background story, it is best to go with something you love.

Your preference should be a priority.

Once you have your eyes locked on a specific item, take a few moments to study it. Look at how well it is made, look for any signs of damage, and get to know if the item is fully functional.

If the item is study or repairable, go with it.

The most important thing is to trust your gut. Do not let your emotions get in the way of checking the authenticity of the antique. Have an open mind because it is rare to find an antique that resembles another. Going into an antique shop with something in mind may be frustrating when the visit proves futile.

All in all, purchasing an antique is fun. Not

Three Steps to Self-sustainable Living

Self-sufficient living and housing have been growing trends over the years. Building an eco-friendly house brings about several benefits. You’ll reduce the cost of your utility bills. You’ll minimize the size of your carbon footprint. It will also improve your house’s selling points and resale value. A study commissioned by the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment found that home buyers are willing to pay from $10,000 to $53,000 for green features. Check out these five steps that you can take for a more self-reliant home:

Solar Is the Way

Install a Tesla Powerwall in your Salt Lake City home to save on your electricity bills. After collecting and using solar energy in the day, it stores the rest until your house needs the power. It’s especially helpful if your area is prone to a lot of power outages or if you work from home. You can also have solar-powered outdoor lights, power banks, and phone cases. Think of going solar as an investment: once you pay for the item, you’ll reduce your electric bills forever.

Another benefit is that you can help the environment. A study by University of California, Berkeley found that a home can cut its carbon emissions by 80% using solar energy.

Get Plants

Channel your inner green thumb and start planting. It’s a great way to maximize your yard space and encourage more greens in your family’s diet. If it’s your first time to tend plants, start small with herbs such as basil and parsley. When you’re comfortable with your yield, you can move on to vegetables. Doing so will ensure that the greens in your meals are fresh and without pesticides. 

The act of gardening itself is beneficial for the physical health of people with high blood pressure, coronary diseases, and more. It requires moderate level of exercise and exposure to sunlight. Aside from the physical health benefits, it can improve your mental health as well. An article by the National Center for Biotechnology Information says that gardening can also help with mental conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder and dementia.

Start Beekeeping

If you have a garden, beekeeping is a great way to improve your plants’ yield. Vegetables and fruits, such as broccoli, apples, and melons, rely on bees for pollination. Obviously, another benefit to having bees is the authentic honey. It’s estimated to be the third most forged food in the world. It’s also been proven to kill bacteria, soothe sore throats, and improve endurance.

If you decide to tend beehives, make sure that you consider all factors. Check if there are local policies against it in your area. Make sure that you have enough space so that you don’t disturb your neighbors. Consider that the bee population is in decline and that beekeeping is a serious venture. You don’t want to contribute to the trend that could lead to higher food prices.

Leading an informed and eco-friendly lifestyle has many fulfilling benefits. You feel good while reaping the rewards

Shopping for Home Furniture: Which is the best material for your couch? 

Getting the best sofa for your living room can be a bit daunting if you have not purchased one in the past. Apart from price, there are other factors that you want to check before buying a sofa. The material of the sofa is very fundamental in determining its longevity and outward appearance. You want to ensure you pick the best material that’s suitable for your home.

In this article, we highlight some of the best materials you should look forward to when you shop for your modern sofa. Read through for some hacks on choosing a material for your sofa.


Leather is one of the most popular materials you can have on a quality sofa. There are different types of leather that you should beware of before you decide to buy a leather sofa. Most manufacturers tend to coat the leather with polythene and other products to make them last longer and appealing.

You may have to choose between unprotected and protected leather. Sometimes it takes an eagle-eye to spot the difference between a fake and original leather material. You may want to confirm the grain and texture of the material to ensure you are buying real leather material.

Acrylic and Polyester 

Polyester is the most affordable material you can get for a contemporary couch. It may not have the softness and breathability like most of the traditional and natural materials, but they actually give a perfect look on a couch. Acrylic and polyester last longer than most natural materials because their threads do not break down easily.

Another advantage of synthetic materials is that they are easy to clean. Most manufacturers may combine synthetic polyester with natural materials like leather to make the couch more appealing. If you are lucky to find a sofa with a polyester pigment, then you can be confident it will last longer than you expect it.


The type of weaving on your sofa is also very crucial in establishing its durability. Every fabric is made by combining threads. If the weaving on the material is tight, then it is more likely to last longer than a material with loose threading.  

When buying a sofa, you must ensure the weaving on the fabric is tighter and thick. With a thick and tight weaving, the material will last longer. It is also easy to clean fabric with tight weaving because the threads do not loosen faster. You can always shop for a sofa with linen and velvet material. They may be a bit expensive but worth your money. Avoid material with dyed fabric because they are more vulnerable to bleaching when exposed to sunlight.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the material used in producing the sofa plays a significant role in ensuring you achieve the desired finish in your living room. When you go for any of the materials we have listed here, ensure it meets all your requirements. Adventures in Furniture have an unrivalled selection of fabric options so you can be confident

Simple Changes to Make That Will Improve Your Posture


Poor posture is caused by the inefficient use of your muscles, which weakens over time and results in neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sleep issues, and fatigue. Besides the physical pain, it can also negatively influence your attitude, self-image, and confidence. Here are some easy changes you can incorporate into your daily routine to help correct your posture: 

Invest in a good mattress

An uncomfortable and low-quality mattress will not only leave you sleep-deprived, but it will also do a number on your body. You’re most likely to wake up feeling stiff and achy from sleeping on one. The best mattress for posture health should keep your body in a neutral and relaxed position. Your spine should hold its natural slight curve, and your shoulders, head, and back should be aligned. A memory foam mattress is ideal for posture correcting since it’s able to distribute your weight evenly and offer a high level of support. There are plenty of mattress options for you in American Fork. Memory foam or not, just make sure that it’s made of excellent quality and that you feel comfortable using it.

Wear supportive footwear

High-heeled shoes and flip flops can affect your gait pattern and arch support which creates stress on your back, legs, and feet, thus negatively affecting your posture. Avoid wearing these types of shoes on a regular basis and opt for shoes that offer more support such as running shoes or specialized orthotic shoes. You may also choose to wear specially designed inserts, also called insoles, which can provide cushioning for your arch.

Exercise regularly

Since poor posture is usually a result of weak muscles, you should work on engaging and strengthening them. Simple exercises like walking, biking, jogging, and swimming can help you stay fit and will further develop your muscles to prevent injury. Your core and back muscles, in particular, need the most conditioning since they’re responsible for the upper body which is what maintains good posture. Simply be sure not to overexert yourself and only do exercises that you can manage. 

Move your body often

When your muscles get tired, you become more likely to slouch or slump, putting pressure on your neck and back. Always be aware of your body position, and change positions frequently when you’ve been stuck in one place for too long in order to maintain a more relaxed posture. If your job entails sitting in an office chair for long periods of time, it’s recommended that you take a two-minute break to stand, stretch, and walk around a bit every half hour. 

Use ergonomic and posture-friendly props

Supportive and ergonomic aids can be used to lessen the strain on your spine. These props include ergonomic office chairs with adjustable backrests and footrests if you’re required to sit for long periods of time. If you’re a student or someone who carries a heavy backpack, there are plenty of bags that are specifically designed to minimize back strain and try to lessen the

Garden Patch Soup Recipe

Every year as summer draws to a close I find myself looking ahead to heating up the kitchen and filling the house with the wonderful aromas of hearty soups and stews.

It is enjoyable to change our meal planning from lighter summer menus to traditional autumn foods. Eating seasonally means enjoying certain foods when they are at their ripest and freshest. Autumn is the height of harvest time for many fruits and vegetables.

At the end of summer, the gardens are loaded with ingredients for creating tasty, one-pot meals such as Garden Patch Soup.

This soup is full of nutritious and flavorful vegetables. It has been a restaurant customer favorite soup for well over twenty years. That’s right. For over 20 years my restaurant customers have counted on this soup being featured every fall. The restaurant never quits serving customers favorite recipes.

The soup recipe calls for beef, but you can use chicken or pork or you can leave out the meat altogether, adding more beans and veggies. Left-over chili can be substituted for the beans.

So as you can see, this soup recipe is wonderfully flexible. The recipe has as many variations as there are cooks but regardless of how you choose to tweak the recipe, it will be delicious.

The soup you make from this successful restaurant recipe will keep you and your family warm, healthy, full, happy and thankful for the Fall bounty as the weather turns cool.

Enjoy your restaurant soup recipe and the company of those you share it with!

Garden Patch Soup

Preparation time: 30 minutes. Serves 8-10.


1 pound lean ground beef

1 onion, chopped

2 quarts water

2 1/2 tablespoons Au jus seasoning mix (or to taste)

2 1/2 tablespoons taco seasoning mix

2 1/4 teaspoons chili powder

14 ounce can of tomatoes, chopped

7 ounce can tomato sauce

8 ounces whole kernel corn or 8 ounce can with liquid 3 cups of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, peppers, celery or whatever you like and have available)

1/3 head cabbage (1 1/2 cups), coarsely chopped

8 ounce can kidney beans, drained and rinsed (or left-over chili)


Heat water to boiling in a soup pot

While water is heating, brown the ground beef and onion in a skillet

When water comes to a boil, add all the seasonings, tomato, tomato sauce, corn with liquid, beans and your vegetable choice

Drain meat mixture and add the meat to the soup pot

Bring back to a boil and simmer until vegetables are crisp tender

Add the cabbage and remove the soup from the heat

Let sit for a few minutes to cook the cabbage

Correct the seasoning

Enjoy your soup and the great fall season.

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